26 November 2011

kanon×kanon : 18112011

Live review: kanon×kanon

Anyone who happens to follow my twitter/facebook quite possibly got a months stream of obsessive aggressive crap from me. But, it was worth it. It was one hell of an expensive concert, in a nut shell. The tickets (+VIP) ripped my purse of almost £90, lets not forget purchasing 2 extra VIP tickets.  

Arriving early to the venue was pretty much amusing (considering the fact I was so ill too), the queue consisted of less than 10 people up until around 5pm, when a few people started to show up. So the flag looked practically empty, I should have left the flag outside with Peter since he was one of the non-VIP to show up rather early. Oh well.

Inside the VIP party, it was pretty romantic and sweet. The table had candles and candy, chocolates and biscuits, we were offered the choice of, green tea, earl grey and fruit tea. I have a huge sweet tooth, knowing earl grey would be black, no sugar - I would have died. So I chose the healthy alternative.
We were allowed to help ourselves to the snacks - oh the joys of being sick, I decided not to eat, knowing nerves + sickness would end up a nice little disaster. 
Eventually both of them arrived, to which an awkward silence filled the room. We had to introduce ourselves, and since I was sat near Kanon, I had to go first, awkward. (I have waited 8 years to meet Kanon, alright?) After we did, kanon×kanon introduced themselves. I forgot what Wakeshima said, but Kanon was just as nerdy as I recalled. 'I am Kanon, from Japan, forever 17' how sweet? (●´ω`●)ゞ
It was then that kanon×kanon gave us gifts. Kanon had come with rice crackers - apparently there were two kinds, a sweet kind and salt. I had salt, which was yummy. Being nervous, I didn't want to eat it loudly, however Kanon told us we had to eat loudly! Noo. After we were given signed candles from Wakeshima, which smell lovely. Kanon rubbed mine though. Idiot. Finally, we were allowed to give them gifts, and we got the chance to have our name written in Kanji and signed by them both before we went to have photos with kanon×kanon. After that we were able to purchase merchandise and wait for the show.

There are plenty actual live reviews which are a thousand times better than anything I could come up with! 
Here is one, with pictures. It was a very fun live! Kanon Wakeshima was very intimate with all of her fans, (that I was worried about, considering Kanon had been pulled off the stage in past shows) which involved holding our hands, singing directly to you which was rather captivating, she has such stunning eyes which stare right into your soul, seriously. She is a very beautiful woman. ( ´艸`)
The set was very unlike most Japanese Lives I have been to. Wakeshima sang first, then we had Kanon's 'Otaku Dj' set of Anime openings and the An Cafe PV for DARKER THAN BLACK -黒の契約者-. Finally Kanon left the stage and we were given a short 2D version of kanon×kanon who introduced us to MR.Alien - he then taught us about 'OTAGEI' which is a dance in which otaku will do - a bit like 'furi' or 'parapara'. We were taught otagei to Koi no Doutei! I had been learning this for over a month, sadly. After this, kanon×kanon came out as a pair! I handed Wakeshima my flag, which she danced with and handed to Kanon finally, which he put on the mic stand, the only thing I could see of the flag at this point was 'FY!PENGUIN' Oh..

When Koi no Doutei was played, we were asked if we remembered it, then Kanon came out with his glowsticks -- that boy is vicious. I got hit so many times by them and his sleeves, but it was funny since no one around me was dancing either. How sad. We also got an encore! Wakeshima asked us if we new this person, which she held up a leek! Miku Hatsune! That was such a random song to end the show with! Oh, Kanon fell off the stage at least three times. Bless him. 

As they shook hands, I tried to ask Kanon for his MC, but eventually Wakeshima heard and passed them over, with much confusion since I couldn't address 'paper' at all to her in Japanese. At the end of the show, a random Japanese man handed me the leek too which Wakeshima had been dancing with! Which made me feel like a winner, since Peter gave the Cafekko behind me Kanon's roses. So I came out with two gets! 

After, we went back to the Hostel. Oh I never added we were dressed as Maids, Akihabara style. Yes, we had wonderful and weird comments - Europe, don't ever change!