31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Just another cliche Halloween blog to join the rest posted today. So what did I do to celebrate? NOTHING. Unless I am suddenly dragged out within the next few hours remaining of this Halloween. Current time: 18:00. Woo! 
Spooky GETS! -- okay so the SCREME EGGS are from the UK and don't count as actual GETS I suppose. But yum~ Cadbury. Seriously I am having withdrawals. The Cat is actually a tea-light holder, but I am behaving and resisting the urge to buy candles due to being pyromaniac and the apartment lacking ANY sort of extinguisher. Great.
I am actually not a huge fan of Choco Pie, it has such a bitter taste, but that is coming from a Brit who grew up on sweet chocolate. ANYWAY; Japan is always crazy with themes, so the usual Choco Pie packaging got a spooky design. (I actually can't remember what regular Choco Pie packaging looks like..) Japanese stores don't do horror like the UK does (even though we suck and copied American style) I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, but my teeth are rotting from all the happy ghosties and pumpkins.
This was a cute purchase from a 100yen shop. I think the Boyfriend is relieved that I'm so cheap to shop with, although I don't believe it's right to call myself cheap either? To sum it up: I would rather have two felt coasters I will NEVER use for 100yen, than a bag of Halloween shaped pasta for 10x the price which I would HAVE to consume eventually with major regret. 
Today I went on a walk, I was HOPING to get discounted items which I found nothing, apart from cake. Strangely all the stores have taken or moved aside most of the Halloween stuff and gradually replacing it with Christmas items. (Which BTW; in the UK Christmas items have been on the shelf in Tesco since September).
I did see a House which was really decorated for Halloween, buntings, Pumpkins, little swinging ghosts -- actually I was nervous about walking by it because I was partially expecting something to jump out at me!

23 October 2013

Where have I been?

I am becoming really bad at blogging again. \(°■。)/ But my excuse is it's mainly due to the fact the internet connection here is really bad some days! Also I have to upload photos from my phone so I encounter even more problems because hah I don't have the Godly amazing iPhone.

Quick catch up:
☆ My Boyfriend visited the UK around the end of September. Within the first hour this is what happened, yeah that lovely photo of my knees, (please ignore the filters as my legs are not my best asset) I threw myself on the floor at Heathrow Airport, in front of EVERYONE.
(´;ω;`) Luckily, my Boyfriend didn't see me doing my Penguin impression.
☆ We did a lot of sightseeing, but not enough at the same time. There is a lot of the UK he wanted to see, but we couldn't cover it all. We did go to London with my Parents! My Parents had never been to the places I took them to but for me it felt a bit boring. But it was super fun, in fact the whole time my Boyfriend was here it was fun.
☆ There was also a lot of food to be eaten! I think some of the food we ate inspired him too. Either that or shocked his arteries. We also had a Party to welcome him, so he got to meet the rest of my Family, which was super nerve wrecking for us both.
< Cream Teas x Big Breakfast x Kebab x BBQ x Pizza x Chilli x Toad in the Hole >
☆ My Boyfriend finally bonded with my Cat! It actually took Mia some time to become convinced he was no danger to her (or me). It was heartbreaking that she wouldn't come into my room while he was there. But they eventually made Friends and it was super cute.
The days he spent in the UK were super fun and the weather was surprisingly good too! We did a lot of shopping and he even treated me to a couple things, b'aww. Traveling really knocks it out of you, we visited the seaside which was FREEZING. But it was so-so good to snuggle up with him again, and all that mushy stuff. Eventually my Cat decided to share the bed with us, which felt more like playing a game of Twister, but I wasn't complaining.