26 March 2014

DOGinTheパラレルワールドオ ーケストラ

At the start of March I had been invited to see DOGinTheパラレルワールドオ ーケストラ, or rather DOG in the PWO for short! It was my first time seeing them live in concert, and it was their final live of their Japan tour so as expected the Band gave it their very best and put on such a dramatic performance.
DOG in the PWO are such a creative band and I enjoyed seeing them live, I was also given the chance of meet and greet, or after show guest, which you could casually talk with the band after the show (and if you asked nicely had a photo opportunity with them).

The band announced the Live would be recorded and released later this year on DVD, so I look forward to watching that at some point. They also announced a few other release dates, tour dates and ended with "SECRET" which the crowd gave shocked and disgruntled responses.

I don't really follow DOG in the PWO however, but I have not been to a concert in a while now. Of course their Vocalist was crowded with Fans after the show, so a simple and small gesture was all I was bothered with rather than crawling through a mass of Fangirls. Their Drummer amusingly had a gathering of elderly Women, who I am wondering if they are Family Friends or relatives, but it was so sweet watching them fawn over him! I managed a photo oppertunity with one member, who completely trolled my photo, so I was given a second one. After we said our good byes we left to go home. Sadly we couldn't keep our passes, but I did get a photo of mine.

14 March 2014

Happy White Day

Ahh, I've not blog again in a long while, again. So I'm juggling my chores to quickly get a small blog out the way!
Today is White Day in Japan, my Partner got me this cute flask. I never have time to finish a hot cup of tea, so this flask is really handy! Do you celebrate White Day? This is my first because I'm in Japan, and honestly, I wouldn't have cared if I got nothing. HAH!

Yesterday we visited a British Pub - in Japan! However I am not disclosing the name, purely because of the bad attitude of the Bar man. They don't deserve the review. One comment almost tipped me over the edge for a reaction, I wanted to stand up and go 'Oi mate, I'm British, if you want me to act like a senseless drunk, I will.' But I decided against it but now I regret it because of his further attitude to my Friends made me wanna smash a bottle over his head - woo Britain.

I have a few more blogs to come, recently I only have web access by my phone, but I am doing a 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram. It's kinda fun but seems so much like a chore and I'm bound to repeat what makes me happy, like nabe, I love nabe. I could do 50 photos on nabe, maybe I'm just too hungry right now?

I'm going to edit this later, I swear.