22 November 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely followers!
Though, being British we obviously don't really celebrate this, and additionally I don't like turkey either! (ノ∇・、)クスン Do you like turkey?
Right now there is a Twitter trend that inspired me to write this blog! "WhatAreYouThankfulFor" and because the end of the world year is near, it made me think back on this whole year rather than my life time walking this crazy planet.

☆ This year I am thankful for the people I have met, and lost. Yes, I am thankful for the people I have lost, because if it wasn't for them, I would never have met any of my new Friends, whom truly make me the happiest! This year, admittedly has had it's ups and it's downs, but I am never kept down for long because of my Friends and Family!
One new face leads to another, and thanks to you I have met some of the nicest people in Japan. Everyday I miss them, and you. I actually cannot thank you enough it is impossible..
 ☆ I am honestly thankful for my Family (cliché I know) but they have, and always have put up with my constant griping about one thing or t'other! Right now they have to put up with all my quibbles, as usual. Also, I am glad that they are supportive of my ridiculous LDR! (_ _|||)

☆ I am thankful for my Best Friend, she always puts up with my motives, the good the bad and the ugly. We have been Friends since maybe 2008/2009 and even though it is only a very few years, it feels like we have known each other for a life time! She is my Northern Tea Sister!! (I am also thankful for tea). I hope we never fall out, she's the only Friend I have who can tolerate my ~uniqueness~ and we tell each other everything. SISTERS!
☆ Also, I am thankful for my blog readers! ('ω'*)アハ♪ You guys put up with my blog's insanity. So thank you for always reading, commenting and following me!!  Even though I am not like the other most common bloggers out here at Blogspot, I do hope to entertain, update and inform you (about my life lolwot). I feel I am going soft in my old age..

18 November 2012


Earlier I received an interesting yet disappointing message from the Guitarist of DELeTE (well I actually had to ask him about it, since the Bassist talks in riddles worse than I do). After I was fully updated I had to pass on the news, bad news of course that the Bassist, Neu would be departing from the band. (´Д`υ)
The way he worded it, it would be an invasion of another planet, as the band hold a slight space x alien theme, it's cute non the less. Annoyingly I'm the only remaining Staff page to actually update, but oh well.
I spoke a bit to Renji, and he too is departing from the band, so he confirmed that DELeTE would in fact disband and they will all work on their own projects within the future ( ◞‸◟)… Yes I am sad, but it's not the end of the world. Indeed I am still going to follow the ex Band Members on their next adventure. Furthermore, I am happy I got to work with them, even for less than a year, it was fun and they really encouraged me to learn more Japanese.
I always get complimentary photos at the end of the night.
(∩,,◕◞౪◟◕)⊃━+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。 
yay itty bitty fangirl moment!!!!!

9 November 2012

07112012 o(≧∀≦)o

I went to see An Cafe in London! o(≧∀≦)o スーパ楽しい! I travelled to London on the day, and met my Friend Toni in the coach station before we headed to the venue. Already people were queuing, which was irritating as hell because the venue specifically said 'No early queueing' -- according to staff, early means 'over night'.Oh.. I met with a lot of people who I had not seen in over a year (yeah, people who claim they're anti-social when they see Friends weekly, stop now). It was shocking that I had not met Toni or Gigi in over a year almost. But I was truly glad to see everyone~!!
We headed to Picadilly after talking to people, I wanted to find my Boyfriend a present but I had no luck swimming through ignorant tourists and accidentally spoke Japanese in my struggle to say 'MOVE OUT MY WAY'. The Purikura place was such a failure too, I am kind of glad it was shut down, but please hire Staff that know how to work and load the machine because evidentially you are losing out on profit. Wow, so far to do nothing but whine. We ventured around China Town and honestly I had forgotten how dirty London is, in comparison to my stay in Yokohama. Anyway I took some photos while out, mainly to mail my Boyfriend to convince him I didn't get shot/murdered/abducted etc.

Well, I say 'No body got murdered' and found this. But it seemed to  be interesting art on the ground, I saw a couple of these actually, very clever!
This is a penlight they use during the live. Very cute! They should really consider selling cuter merchandise while on tour, but usually they get the Tour Promoters in Europe to produce and "manufacture" their goods, ie; a tacky £5 mug. But I still purchased it to store pens in. HAH
Here is the flag created. You cannot see it very well, because it was a quick sneaky snapshot I took. The artwork is by Keita, who is often the UK flag designer and will offer to draw for most flags. I do wish the font was a tiny bit bigger - because there was another banner floating around which got most signatures, but I cannot complain.

It was getting a little cold, and around 7:00PM they let non-vip inside. Already the crush-fest began and that REALLY pissed me off. I've decided now that An Cafe will be my last UK show, unless someone I truly like comes back (mainly Girugamesh, An Cafe) But I really enjoyed it, and got to take part with my Friends around me. Peter was close by, he told me that Toni and I wouldn't have a problem with people crushing us, it made me laugh -- I seem very violent during lives. (*σ´▽`)σ When An Cafe were introducing each other, Kanon was struggling to get his words out, and despite my admiration for him I had to shout "はやく!はやく!" which made him stutter more and I felt guilty so I shouted "がんばってね!" for a better reaction. The English words he chose were sweet (confusingly sweet) "I want to make you melt" (*'ω`★从)*:.。. .。.:*・

It was really fun, though at one point I couldn't help but laugh at people. Miku shouted "ただいま!" (tadaima) and everyone around me shouted 'tadaima' back to him -- but I was the only person around me to shout "おかえりなさい!" (okaerinasai) (οдО;) The tour is based on 'tadaima and okaerinasai' which is 'I am back - Welcome back/home' in Japanese. They only played a couple of the new releases, which I was a little thankful because Amazing Blue is not so amazing, that is coming from a fan of theirs for almost 10 years, (surprised how old they are?) They sang Bonds, and I am happy that steadily towels are becoming a recent theme here in Europe, though I only saw maybe 5 towels in total that night.

I cannot remember the entire setlist but I do remember them playing Escapism and Merry Making, which I hardcore danced to (lol), and I amazingly made people move away from me. At one point one girl DID try to jab into me but a few elbows later she backed down. Plus the guy beside me REFUSED to let her ass through too. Kudos.

After the encore etc, and getting smashed by IDIOTS and punching them, we went to fetch merch (more merch) I got the An Cafe note pad. It's cute, but I realised how I will never use it. OH WELL. Cute. (☆ω☆)
I'm going to miss out a LARGE chunk of the night because I am far too tired, and let's just say I enjoyed the night talking to a Friend, sitting on the floor getting piles because cold. The journey home felt so much quicker than going to London, mainly because I slept for an hour maybe. My Friend exchanged a couple messages to keep me entertained, he also seemed worried about me being in London so I insisted London is a nice place. (;´Д`A Please visit me~~

Now I am home, and dying with gig 'aids' as people call them. My everything feels broken and I don't think a bath will justify the pain. Now I am off to write a bunch of complaint emails.