30 August 2012

♪( ´▽`) BBQ ~

Aug 16 2012: Well today was off to a slow start - around evening I was mailed to get ready since we were going out to shop for supplies for tomorrow (and to pick up my charger). Piling into a car we drove around Yokohama visiting various supermarkets for food. I was surprised because I had never been into supermarket in Japan. So seeing all the variety of food and household goods was rather a good experience.
We headed back before leaving again to go get food since I really wanted ramen, they were trying to find a suitable place. In the end we went to the same restaurant I went to previously so all was good~
I had a drinking game with my Mizuki's Girlfriend, but she won me. ヾ(`д´●)ノ So then my Boyfriend and Mizuki had a drinking game, and my Boyfriend won! Only then we played 'revenge' and I was beaten again. (;´Д`) It didn't help I had ate a bunch so I was already bloated, and Japanese beer is s gassy!!
Drinking with them is always so fun. I get asked a bunch of questions and at one point they were telling me to kiss my Boyfriend, but I'm too shy for that! Noo~ we headed back home, pit stopping at a conbini for melon pan, hnnghn.
Aug 17 2012: My first ever Japanese BBQ. ψ(`∇´)ψ It was an early start, leaving at 9am and arriving at around noon because we stopped off for meat etc. It was extremely hot - and yes I got incredible sunburn on my back too. Curses.. It took us awhile to get the BBQ started but we did it! Everyone arrived eventually! It was fun seeing everyone together again and I even made a new Friend. She was sweet, I do hope to meet her again sometime. We ate so much and drank all again, I was given an alcoholic melon drink, it was delicious.
Later! There was a small waterfight that broke out, I have a video of it and basically they ganged up on the poor girl! Sad~ so I tried to get my own back for her which resulted in her hiding behind me and us shrieking -- for some reason my Boyfriend came over to put ice in all our drinks, for each drink he put an ice cube down your shirt. So I put one down his shorts while hugging him - I was influenced.
The area we were sat in was rather scenic and beautiful, and you grew adjusted to the insane cry of the cicada there too. I did want to walk around exploring, but the heat was immense that the slightest movement made you sweat. I think when I am back in England, I will appreciate the weather - just a little more.
Eventually we headed home to sleep off the food and beer before meeting up with everyone again later that evening for fireworks! We had so many!
It was a really fun night, once we were done we headed back for food and more drinking! I couldn't believe how they manage to drink so much!! But it was fun - and the food was delicious. It kinda makes me realise I am a hopeless in the kitchen and I want to improve on that!
Well, here's a complimentary photo on me trying not to set fire to the whole of Japan like the pyromaniac I am.

26 August 2012

(つω`*) Yokohama Sea Paradise ★

Aug 15 2012: I had the choice of, shopping in Shibuya or visiting the aquarium at Yokohama. (*/∇\*)Considering I can go to Shibuya whenever, we agreed the aquarium would be much better~ We set off, stopping by at the conbini before getting onto the 'sealine train'  for another small journey to our destination. Boy was this day hot!!
Aquarium Museum, we headed to this building first to get out of the heat, though it wasn't that much cooler inside either! Inside were various tanks, the first one had this HUGE Whale inside and you realise just how big these creatures are when you're stood in front of them. ((@__@)) The Penguin tanks were HUGE with so many of them too! I love Penguins, but they were so hard to capture on camera, as many of the signs said 'no flash photography' (well of course people still used flash uh).
The Polar bear there looked absolutely depressed and bored out of it's poor skull, this is why I generally dislike Zoos of the sort, some Animals look miserable as sin. However, life for the Polar bear could be much-much worse considering the environmental changes, at least he's getting a meal daily. (_ _ ||) 
The museum was on two levels, the escalators were through a giant tunnel so you had fish of all kinds swimming beside you, above you - all around you! Those Stingray were MASSIVE too. There was another tunnel later in the day which was a smaller aquarium called 'Dolphin Fantasy' and you were surrounded by Dolphins. It was so magical, inside was this HUGE Ocean Sunfish too, I find these hilarious. I first found out about them playing Nintendo game Animal Crossing, seriously - go and google Ocean Sunfish.
After exploring the Aquarium Museum, we took a walk to find some place to eat and drink, I used one of my Boyfriends gatsby cooling wipes, they're so refreshing until the mint takes over and you feel like your skin is on fire. (T A T) We went to look at some of the shops there to buy gifts, I found my Brother a cute gift. I was going to buy him Dolphin cookies, the expiry date was 2013 but -- I read they had red bean paste inside. Nope.
We had an all day pass, which allowed us to see all the events that day which included this in the above photo! I have never been to one of these shows before so I was as captivated as much as the Children there. She danced with the Sealion and played pranks on the Guy sat on the chair. At one point he fell into the water and had the Sealion rescue him! Out came this even bigger Sealion and gave him CPR to save him. So cute.
Once the entertainment with the Sealions ended out came two Dolphins which performed acts with two swimmers, such as balancing, racing and waving to the audience at the side. I took a couple videos which I have uploaded to my Facebook account.
There were two Dolphin acts, which six Dolphins came out to perform tricks such as 'moonwalking' on the water, diving and somersaults! Again, amazing, I love every moment of the show, even if I could understand just a little. I've also realised during my stay in Yokohama, that it's very Hawaiian themed! We have yet to go to the beach and two hours on my flight to Japan I realised I hadn't packed my bikini. HA.

When the show ended we went back out into the heat. There was a Pirate ride behind us so we both turned and went 'Rojak!' despite it being only a skull and crossbone on the ride. Moments shared like this amuse me.
We still had one area left to go, called Fureal Lagoon. He asked me if I was comfortable with touching the animals, since it was basically like a petting zoo. Of course during the video of rules etc; it made you believe you could actually touch a Dolphin, and I know people pay hundreds to just pet a Dolphin on the side. Sadly, there were no Dolphins, but we did get to pet a Killer Whale! It was so strange and rubbery but smooth, it's teacher then instructed it to do a kind of 'body slam' and so we all got KO'd with a tidal wave of water.
The Fureal Lagoon was probably aimed at Children mostly, as there was a Sakana Pool (Fish Pool) where you could fish and pick up other small creatures. You could also pet Penguins and the Sealions! We got our photo taken with a Sealion, it's so cute and a great memory for the day! The Sealion was so fluffy and rubbery too, I wanted to roll on him and hug him. (*・ω・*)

It was slowly starting to get dark, and we were both feeling a little tired so we decided to head back home. However we got distracted by crepes, so I ordered us both a crepe each and we sat watching this ride while being dared to go on it. I would, but he wouldn't. Boo~~ eventually we did leave and headed back.

If anyone of my readers comes to Yokohama to stay, I really suggest going here! It's wonderful~

Japanese: OHP
English: OHP

25 August 2012

☆ Yokohama Bay ☆

Aug 13 2012: Today after work, my Boyfriend decided we should go out on a date, just the two of us -- aww, sweet! (there was also another hanabi festival close, but we found out it was canceled because of the wind) He never said where we were going, he seems a pro at doing that. But once I spotted the big ferris wheel I knew where we were → !!
It was rather romantic and I had wished I had taken more photos of the surrounding area, so I'll be sure to return again before I go back to England, hopefully. It was a good place for gift shopping inside the shopping area. We spent some time deciding on where to eat and settled for a Mexican Restaurant which was delicious. I had a chicken tortilla, never had I considered putting rice with the chicken, so I must introduce that to the family, it certainly bulks out the meal well too. After we ate we took a slow walk around an arcade, winning a set of Kapibarasan keychains. Cute~ (`・ω・´)

Aug 14 2012: This day was actually rather slow and pointless, but we headed out for a meal and ended up bumping into Natsu and her partner. Natsu is so pretty without make up. (_ _ ) While we were sat eating, her partner kept hiding and bobbing his head up and down behind the frosted part of the glass. I'm glad I wasn't facing the glass, otherwise I'd have choked on my drink. (;´Д`A

I am a little behind on blogging, though I only have two more entries to type up however I suspect they're going to be lengthy ones too. Even though from the 18th on, I gained an ear infection and as a result rather cranky and miserable.

23 August 2012

N@H 1ST ワンマン!

Aug 11 2012: You know someone really cares for you when they spend all morning (and the previous day) worrying about whether or not you can make it to Shibuya alone. Considering I had a blinder of a hangover, I felt well enough to head out to Shibuya to do a small purchase and head back to Hachiko to meet Katie.
I was originally going to go see N@H on my own, but Katie and I hadn't spent much time together so she offered to go see my overly auto-tune-pop-band with me. We sat outside waiting, talking and just generally trying to escape the heat until I realised most people had gone in already. (I totally messed up the times oops).
The merchandise table was pretty much empty, but I wasn't too fussed, I had already purchased the CD from Like an Edison that day anyway, and I found no appeal in the scrunchie or t-shirt. We soon settled at the back, it was pretty packed out, much fuller than when I saw Rojak at the same venue.

The live itself was amazing, Katie was worrying that she didn't know the furi, and I only knew it from the first release, and they had released a mini album since then! But thankfully their furi wasn't too insane or challenging, albeit one song アッパーホップDANCEマニア! Oh man.
They had a few video intervals which basically was the members each talking about their process as a band and how they have gained so much more from being as 'N@H'. It was really memorable and I am so happy to have been able to take part in their first oneman!


After the live, we quickly headed out in fear of the push and shove and went to the conbini for essentials before chilling back outside to wait for the Gays. It confused me that there wasn't a mad rush of Fangirls, but I remembered seeing cheki, and those lines take forever to filter down and out. 
Eventually the Gays rolled up, we were taking bets how wasted they'd be, but I was told they only had a small drink. So we wandered around Shibuya before taking purikura looking absolutely terrible from a gig and how humid it was that night. Gross. Deciding on food over beer, we went to McDonalds and we introduced the Gays to - French Fries dipped in Mc Flurry. Which.. sadly they did not enjoy. PSSSH, they don't know what they are missing! Anyone else enjoy doing this? 

22 August 2012

♥ Group Date! ☆

Aug 10 2012: Katie had sent an email the previous day asking if my Boyfriend and I wanted to go to a Hanabi Festival. Luckily, the boys had exchanged numbers and before we knew it, they were on the phone together. So it was a set date! He arrived home early that day and we took the train to Shibuya before changing to the Ginza line.
We had a cute moment, because my Boy is not a Tokyo Boy, he often gets lost, so I had to direct him to the Ginza line - Oh I missed you Ginza line.
We were actually late for the majority of Fireworks, despite this being Tokyo's BIGGEST display of over 10,000 Fireworks, uggh we managed to catch the end before finding Katie. When we arrived Chibi was there with his Friend and his Girlfriend. So it made it a triple group date!  Eventually we swam through the crowds of people, literally it was impossible, before getting more beer and sitting down to eat. (Due to certain reasons I cannot upload various photos, mainly because Katie will have a fit at me.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ww)
While eating and drinking, Boy had a call, and before long the Vocalist to his band arrived also. A quadruple date!? We moved along and sat out on a wall, eating and drinking. It's all I seem to be doing as of recently. We ended up getting some more beers and this terrible, terrible grapefruit drink that I forced myself to drink, luckily I could mask the flavour with FREE yakisoba. Mm~~ ( 'ω' 三 'ω' ) Such a pig, I ate everyones, again.
For some reason, we started to walk again, and I got picture happy too, but it shows everyone in a cute line, coincidentally we were all, Girls Left, Boys Right. Before long, Katie had to depart with Chibi and his Friends, and I was left with the Boy and his Friend. However Natsu was very sweet, and we would talk occasionally. I remember at one point I asked where she got her bear from because it was cute, I expected her partner to have got it her, but no. Bad boy~ I recognised one area, which was Harajuku but walking it at night is so EMPTY. Natsu and I went to the bathroom in McDonalds, when we returned we were given -- I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I was so confused and drunk but I drank/ate it anyway. The reason WHY I was confused? My Boyfriend kept telling me 'vinegar' but it tasted NOTHING like vinegar. So I asked him 'vanilla?' No. We got into a loud debate and even his Friend joined in, it was so unfair!!
The train ride home I was in stitches because Natsu was copying some of the faces of the sleeping passengers, and then when her partner joined in it got even more hilarious. At one point he started headbanging because the young woman near us was nodding her head so violently while asleep. ( ̄▽ ̄)
We were going to head for purikura, but by the time we arrived back at Yokohama, it was shut!! Thankfully, somewhat - drunk Purikura always looks bad right? Yes..

21 August 2012

( ゚Д゚) Pirates + Booty

Aug 6 2012: It stormed today. It stormed a lot, both outside and inside my skull. Hey, remind me to never drink again? (。_゜)〃
Aug 7 2012: Today I was dragging the Boy off to see a live at Shibuya REX. We had planned to meet Katie and Ku but they weren't 100% if they would come or not since they had been out the night before. Anyway, we turned up just in time since the starting act was already on. Though my Boyfriend knew when Rojak were playing, so we hung around at the back and chatted to some of the other bands who were lurking on the merch table. I really enjoy themed bands, though Rojak are Pirate themed they still have amazing music and also do a lot of OST tracks for Games etc. When Rojak came on, I really wished Katie and Ku had been there, because the urge to dance. This is my second time seeing Rojak live, (not including niconico) but I really enjoy watching them. Eventually they finished and I had asked the Drummer previously if I could buy their CD, so we waited for them all to come out before asking him. He then got his bandmates to all sign both CD for me, before giving me a demo CD too. They eventually vanished backstage and we went to get ourselves a drink, thus another beer, but my stomach was telling me no. (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) I eventually got a photo with the Drummer, if you have my Facebook then you can see it. ふふふ
Rojak / Dizzy core/ Melt-メルト- / 千歳船橋~地中海風~セッション 
Aug 8 2012: This day was rather slow and my Boyfriend had work, so I spent the most of the day cleaning his apartment and folding the washing. Simple mundane tasks, you'd think I would be studying my ass off, but the weather makes it impossible to concentrate, coming from a cold and varied climate, uggh.
Eventually he got home from work and asked if I was hungry since we would be going out to eat with a Friend of his. He's steadily introducing me to his Friendship group, it's cute, but incredibly nerve wrecking with the language barrier. Anyway~ despite our hunger, upon meeting his Friend and small introduction we went to an arcade. I won a K-ON figure of Mio as Romeo, Hiro tried to win the Ritsu version of Juliette however never managed it. It takes skill, and a good eye, as well as patience ←・・・・・・(・ω・。) We left for food, drank and spoke about what I liked - mainly Anime, but I felt too awkward to name some of the weird ones I do watch. Since we were eating locally we didn't need to rush for the trains too much, so we visited a couple more arcades.
We won 'Friendship' straps. Coincidentally, I like how mine is the angry emoji. ♪ (">ω<)っ)) The Boys kinda went over the top with the UFOキャッチャー, if ever I said 'Cute~~~' they would go out their way to win it, or ask for the staff to re-position it for us. One amusing win was the Nova Usagi plush, which wasn't even in the machine, but they placed it in and Hiro won me both of them! By the end of the night I came home with: 
☆ K-ON: Mio ☆ Miku Hatsune Plush ☆ Gloomy Bear ☆ Rilakkuma ☆ Stitch ☆
☆ Nova Usagi ☆ Usavich Purses ☆ Nameko Mushroom ☆ MonHun Felyne brush ☆

So many wonderful things! Let's hope that come the end of my journey I can make it back to England without an extra charge on my baggage. (>___<)

20 August 2012

☆ Ice Cream + Monsters ☆

Aug 5 2012: Today we ventured out together, at first I wasn't aware of where we were going during the day. So I remained in a confused sort of trans, trying to make the best of memorising certain train stops. Eventually he told me where we were heading on this mystery tour. 'Sunshine City' !! Which I had previously been to before mentioned here. So I was certainly thrilled to be going again. Katie and Ku had mentioned Ice Cream City and I guess the Boy took note of this place. Adorable~

We arrived at Sunshine City with ease, me being the navigator this time. With a sigh of relief at the air conditioning we decided to take our walk slowly up towards Namja Town which is an adorable Cat themed amusement park. Inside there is the Ice Cream City host of many bizarre and wonderful ice cream flavours. The prices range between 300yen to 500yen each which can seem a lot for a tiny pot of ice cream in many peoples opinions. However we even struggled to eat the GOOD flavour.
We decided to pick at least one BAD flavour, which was 'crab' / カニ and -- to be honest it wasn't that bad, it just left a VERY fishy after taste. But it included little chunks of crab meat in, so it was very -- interesting. My Boyfriend picked a double cheese flavoured one which was interesting, it had a kind of sour cheesecake taste, but definitely not one for me. Oh course 'melon' / メロン was for me. I've also adopted the pet name メロンちゃん (melon-chan) from the Boy.
After making our own concoction of flavours which included melon + double cheese = melon cheese cake. Which - was actually nice! Except I hate cheese cake. We also tried crab + double cheese = NO! NO MORE KANI!!
We went to browse around since we had plenty of time to kill before meeting everyone again, so we went window shopping. There were a couple things I wanted but I knew I would die carrying them around with me. Finally we made a pit stop at an arcade which is pretty much my biggest pitfall. There was a machine full of cute Disney soft plush and of course, I saw Stitch. I hadn't any 100yen coins so I used 500yen which gained me 6 goes. I won a total of five times with one coin!! I was so happy. Even my Boyfriend was amazed, since he is not good at them, boo. I love the little Stitch coin purse, so handy.
We went to the second floor to take purikura too. It was so cute!! Though we eventually we headed back outside to wait for everyone since our next destination was right next door at the Lock Up!
It's a themed Bar and Restaurant which is simply so amazing. If you like your horror and being scared while you're in the middle of dining, this place is the best place to go. Of course!! You do get a rather loud warning when the Monsters escape, sirens and heavy music plays and then you hear shrieks of tables close by.
We met everyone outside, this time Yoshi had brought along his Friend Shu, so it was roughly the same people as the previous night, all except Drummer Boy. Arriving after much torment we were greeted by a scantly dressed Police Woman, who handcuffed Katie and lead us to our table for our first rounds of drinks. I had apple sour, same as Katie, and Ku - I forgot what she had but it was glowing under the UV light, epic.
Once everyone was comfortable - and the Monsters had been captured, we ate and talked a lot which became a debate of how to pronounce certain words. Ku being American pronounce certain syllables which Katie and I don't pronounce, which then ended up with the Japanese cutting in with their Engrish, which resulted us in tears and mainly screaming 'Fuck the Police' and Katie recording it. She actually managed to get the Boy saying it too! Haha!! We drank so much, but with each round, another round of food came, and then slices of melon, I'm not sure how I remembered the melon but I ended up eating nearly everyones... uh.
It was declared we go and take purikura before the last train. How do you get seven drunk idiots into a purikura machine? You don't. ┐('~`;)┌
We were close to missing our last train, so the Boy and I literally sprinted across Shinjuku, and dear God, if it wasn't for me pretty much colliding with Shu and gripping onto him, I'd be in a Hospital bed from running into traffic. But the running didn't stop there, it was like torture because of how tipsy and drunk we all were. Uggh, but it was such a fun night!! I loved it, and the memories of this day.

19 August 2012

(´∀`) Fun Times

Shopping + 飲み会
Aug 3 2012: So today I went shopping with the Boyfriends Sister, she arrived at the apartment around 10am and this was my first official day out in Japan. I annoyingly over dressed myself in mostly black and regretted it while walking to his Parents house for breakfast. His Mother cooked us breakfast - it was delicious, but so many dipping sauces! I wasn't sure which to use but his Sister demonstrated which ones go where. I finally got to meet his dog too, a little chihuahua called Chibi. Who kept begging for food under the table. チビちゃんはとてもかわいいね〜
Afterwards we headed out to go Shopping in Yokohama, she was going to show me where she got her ghost harem pants from! We arrived at a clothing department store and I almost instantly picked up two new shirts for less than 1,500yen each!!
What makes them even more amazing, they came as a "2 Set" piece, the shirt on the left is a two shirt piece. The next shirt included leggings, of one leg black and the other with grey stars, cute~! They are both 'batwing' style so they were extra loose and comfortable. Some of the English on the shirts were rather amusing too. Calling your spouse a 'House Boat' wouldn't go down so well back in Europe.
We continued on to the next shop, after deciding Japanese girls have teeny-tiny waists and the shorts on the clothing rail were like XXS. Weeh. The clothing stores were a little like TKMAX back home, but it was still organised and presentable, not like the chaos at TKMAX usually. I managed to pick up another shirt, I was torn between this one and a similar with two crosses on, but obviously I chose the skull one, since my current skull shirt is actually a sweater, and I'm doing enough sweating - euugh. Again another batwing shirt!! But it has cute little diamante detailing on the straps.
Eventually we headed back home and she walked me back since I wasn't 100% sure of the way back yet. So I was thankful for that as my mobile doesn't work here unless I get a WI-FI connection. OTL
Aug 4 2012: My memory is vague on the entire day, but I am pretty sure we went out for Breakfast, which was cute, our kind of 'First dinner date'. It was delicious non the less! Anyway, towards the evening things got lively! My Friend Katie was in Japan also at this time, she was with Ku. I hadn't seen Ku since March this year, and Katie I hadn't seen in over a year maybe longer, despite the fact she lives in the UK. Anyway we had planned a drinking session, or 'nomikai' / 飲み会 to the Japanese. We invited a couple extra people and agreed to meet up in Shibuya at Hachiko. I arrived early with the Boy, and waited for some time before we headed off to get a drink - he got a phone call from a Friend who was waiting at Hachiko already so we headed back. Which I was nervous, I had met his Friend back in March also but I couldn't remember - but we had been speaking via Twitter since then. We arrived and said hello, but the language barrier was a little difficult so I kept quiet for the most of the time while checking on the Boys iPhone to see where Katie was.
Eventually - she jumped me, and I screamed rather loudly which is shocking coming from someone so usually quiet. Haha! We all introduced ourselves, and luckily Ku speaks Japanese also so she translated a lot. At first the Boy was rather nervous about meeting Katie, but I told him Katie was bringing 'Chibi' along with her and he only spoke Japanese also. I asked them to exchanged 'meishi' / 名刺 since they are both in the same industry.
We ended up in an awkward situation where this random girl added herself to the group. It's a common thing in Shibuya, especially if you are stood around Hachiko you get asked by people to go visit their bar or restaurant and they offer you a discount. Well, she stood for some time and it got a little annoying especially since Drummer Boy was exchanging details with her. 'Playboy' we kept shouting.  After more awkward situations and evil glares from the pretty girl, we managed to get away and find our own bar to drink in.
It was such a great night. I asked Drummer Boy to eat the wasabi from my 卵!But he only took a little bit, so I kept asking him to eat it all. We had a lot of fun talking about things, and the Boy eventually seemed comfortable with the situation that he wasn't going to be mauled by Gaijin Girls since there were five of us and only three of them. Eventually Drummer Boy had to leave, but he asked us all to go to his Live that same week. He knew I was already but I was trying to introduce Katie and Ku into the music also~
We did take a couple photos from that night, but a lot of them turned out horrendously bad because I hate using flash. After awhile we all decided it was time to head back before the last trains, but we made plans for the next day also anyway so we would all meet again soon! 楽しー!

18 August 2012


Long time no see~! I'm sorry for the lack of Blogs, once we got home from Isle of Wight I was super busy with a lot of preparations. One of those was homing a new Cat called Sam. He is adorable, with selective deafness. Though the first few nights were horrible with him because of the fights etc. OTL
Miss! Welcome to this new flight called DREAM!
Ride on and enjoy your travel! Please enjoy your time.

Anyway~ right now I am blogging from Japan! To many peoples surprise since I kept it to myself again. I have been here since the 2nd of August. I've done so many things already and we are only just into our second week of being in Japan!
My flight landed in Beijing for a couple hour stop over, it was incredibly hot, I had left London which wasn't even reaching 25C and was wishing for my scarf, but landing in Beijing I had to find the bathroom in order to strip off my multiple layers of stockings and shirts. It was suffocating. Landing in Tokyo wasn't any better either, we had a departure delay, and baggage handling took forever and I was an hour late for my Boyfriend. Luckily he was still waiting - yes I would have died if he wasn't there. It was a little awkward because of how shy he is, and I was just muttering to him about how hot it was. (when we left the airport, I had to go back inside because the AC was like a charm, but he insisted we left) But he did purchase me bottled water which I wanted to toss all over myself. Uggh~
Once we arrived at his place, we took the car back to his Parents place, which I found out the moment we pulled up and his Mother came out with the dog. I felt so shy and looked INCREDIBLY sleepy, so I just worriedly waved from inside the car. Then his Father came back from work at the same time, oh my god. Now I know how Animals in a Zoo feel. (笑)

We went back to his apartment and I handed him his gifts rather timidly. I had come from England with a huge bottle of Vodka and I had spent the past 24+ hours traveling scared it'd break in transit. (I actually still have a bunch of gifts left to give out too)

After awhile of small talk he told me we were going to go drinking with Friends, so I kind of panicked and told him no until he said his Brother and Sister were going to be there. Which eased me, only just a little. Who would have known the language barrier was enough to make you feel a couple inches in height.
However it wasn't THAT intimidating, I met his Brother previously and saw photos of his Sister, and her Boyfriend I had met also already to my surprise! It was really nice, and really welcoming too.
I made shopping plans with his Sister the next day because her harem pants were adorable. 'Ghost pants' - seriously. I wanted them but on her they were good, but she's so much smaller than me. Ah well.
Everyone is going to ask eventually; OMG HOW IS TOKYO?! ... I'm not in Tokyo, I'm in Yokohama, which is interesting and a whole new experience to me. I'm still getting to grips with his location and the train line here, but I can confidently say now I can get to Shibuya from here, haha. Even if it costs a bomb.

I'm going to leave it here for now, the next blog will be the shopping trip + 飲み会!