18 August 2012


Long time no see~! I'm sorry for the lack of Blogs, once we got home from Isle of Wight I was super busy with a lot of preparations. One of those was homing a new Cat called Sam. He is adorable, with selective deafness. Though the first few nights were horrible with him because of the fights etc. OTL
Miss! Welcome to this new flight called DREAM!
Ride on and enjoy your travel! Please enjoy your time.

Anyway~ right now I am blogging from Japan! To many peoples surprise since I kept it to myself again. I have been here since the 2nd of August. I've done so many things already and we are only just into our second week of being in Japan!
My flight landed in Beijing for a couple hour stop over, it was incredibly hot, I had left London which wasn't even reaching 25C and was wishing for my scarf, but landing in Beijing I had to find the bathroom in order to strip off my multiple layers of stockings and shirts. It was suffocating. Landing in Tokyo wasn't any better either, we had a departure delay, and baggage handling took forever and I was an hour late for my Boyfriend. Luckily he was still waiting - yes I would have died if he wasn't there. It was a little awkward because of how shy he is, and I was just muttering to him about how hot it was. (when we left the airport, I had to go back inside because the AC was like a charm, but he insisted we left) But he did purchase me bottled water which I wanted to toss all over myself. Uggh~
Once we arrived at his place, we took the car back to his Parents place, which I found out the moment we pulled up and his Mother came out with the dog. I felt so shy and looked INCREDIBLY sleepy, so I just worriedly waved from inside the car. Then his Father came back from work at the same time, oh my god. Now I know how Animals in a Zoo feel. (笑)

We went back to his apartment and I handed him his gifts rather timidly. I had come from England with a huge bottle of Vodka and I had spent the past 24+ hours traveling scared it'd break in transit. (I actually still have a bunch of gifts left to give out too)

After awhile of small talk he told me we were going to go drinking with Friends, so I kind of panicked and told him no until he said his Brother and Sister were going to be there. Which eased me, only just a little. Who would have known the language barrier was enough to make you feel a couple inches in height.
However it wasn't THAT intimidating, I met his Brother previously and saw photos of his Sister, and her Boyfriend I had met also already to my surprise! It was really nice, and really welcoming too.
I made shopping plans with his Sister the next day because her harem pants were adorable. 'Ghost pants' - seriously. I wanted them but on her they were good, but she's so much smaller than me. Ah well.
Everyone is going to ask eventually; OMG HOW IS TOKYO?! ... I'm not in Tokyo, I'm in Yokohama, which is interesting and a whole new experience to me. I'm still getting to grips with his location and the train line here, but I can confidently say now I can get to Shibuya from here, haha. Even if it costs a bomb.

I'm going to leave it here for now, the next blog will be the shopping trip + 飲み会!


  1. Whoa what a surprise! :D
    But it sounds great to hear something from you again and even better because travel posts are always super cool! *-*
    I hope you'll have a great time in Yokohama!

    1. Thanks a lot!
      Yeah it got quite hectic so I didn't have time to really update about it.