21 August 2012

( ゚Д゚) Pirates + Booty

Aug 6 2012: It stormed today. It stormed a lot, both outside and inside my skull. Hey, remind me to never drink again? (。_゜)〃
Aug 7 2012: Today I was dragging the Boy off to see a live at Shibuya REX. We had planned to meet Katie and Ku but they weren't 100% if they would come or not since they had been out the night before. Anyway, we turned up just in time since the starting act was already on. Though my Boyfriend knew when Rojak were playing, so we hung around at the back and chatted to some of the other bands who were lurking on the merch table. I really enjoy themed bands, though Rojak are Pirate themed they still have amazing music and also do a lot of OST tracks for Games etc. When Rojak came on, I really wished Katie and Ku had been there, because the urge to dance. This is my second time seeing Rojak live, (not including niconico) but I really enjoy watching them. Eventually they finished and I had asked the Drummer previously if I could buy their CD, so we waited for them all to come out before asking him. He then got his bandmates to all sign both CD for me, before giving me a demo CD too. They eventually vanished backstage and we went to get ourselves a drink, thus another beer, but my stomach was telling me no. (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) I eventually got a photo with the Drummer, if you have my Facebook then you can see it. ふふふ
Rojak / Dizzy core/ Melt-メルト- / 千歳船橋~地中海風~セッション 
Aug 8 2012: This day was rather slow and my Boyfriend had work, so I spent the most of the day cleaning his apartment and folding the washing. Simple mundane tasks, you'd think I would be studying my ass off, but the weather makes it impossible to concentrate, coming from a cold and varied climate, uggh.
Eventually he got home from work and asked if I was hungry since we would be going out to eat with a Friend of his. He's steadily introducing me to his Friendship group, it's cute, but incredibly nerve wrecking with the language barrier. Anyway~ despite our hunger, upon meeting his Friend and small introduction we went to an arcade. I won a K-ON figure of Mio as Romeo, Hiro tried to win the Ritsu version of Juliette however never managed it. It takes skill, and a good eye, as well as patience ←・・・・・・(・ω・。) We left for food, drank and spoke about what I liked - mainly Anime, but I felt too awkward to name some of the weird ones I do watch. Since we were eating locally we didn't need to rush for the trains too much, so we visited a couple more arcades.
We won 'Friendship' straps. Coincidentally, I like how mine is the angry emoji. ♪ (">ω<)っ)) The Boys kinda went over the top with the UFOキャッチャー, if ever I said 'Cute~~~' they would go out their way to win it, or ask for the staff to re-position it for us. One amusing win was the Nova Usagi plush, which wasn't even in the machine, but they placed it in and Hiro won me both of them! By the end of the night I came home with: 
☆ K-ON: Mio ☆ Miku Hatsune Plush ☆ Gloomy Bear ☆ Rilakkuma ☆ Stitch ☆
☆ Nova Usagi ☆ Usavich Purses ☆ Nameko Mushroom ☆ MonHun Felyne brush ☆

So many wonderful things! Let's hope that come the end of my journey I can make it back to England without an extra charge on my baggage. (>___<)


  1. Wow, you bought so much cool stuff *__* Kawaii Miku and a lot of other adorable stuff.

    1. Thank you! The Miku Hatsune plush is so cute, but she is top heavy so she always rolls over. (*´艸`)