19 August 2012

(´∀`) Fun Times

Shopping + 飲み会
Aug 3 2012: So today I went shopping with the Boyfriends Sister, she arrived at the apartment around 10am and this was my first official day out in Japan. I annoyingly over dressed myself in mostly black and regretted it while walking to his Parents house for breakfast. His Mother cooked us breakfast - it was delicious, but so many dipping sauces! I wasn't sure which to use but his Sister demonstrated which ones go where. I finally got to meet his dog too, a little chihuahua called Chibi. Who kept begging for food under the table. チビちゃんはとてもかわいいね〜
Afterwards we headed out to go Shopping in Yokohama, she was going to show me where she got her ghost harem pants from! We arrived at a clothing department store and I almost instantly picked up two new shirts for less than 1,500yen each!!
What makes them even more amazing, they came as a "2 Set" piece, the shirt on the left is a two shirt piece. The next shirt included leggings, of one leg black and the other with grey stars, cute~! They are both 'batwing' style so they were extra loose and comfortable. Some of the English on the shirts were rather amusing too. Calling your spouse a 'House Boat' wouldn't go down so well back in Europe.
We continued on to the next shop, after deciding Japanese girls have teeny-tiny waists and the shorts on the clothing rail were like XXS. Weeh. The clothing stores were a little like TKMAX back home, but it was still organised and presentable, not like the chaos at TKMAX usually. I managed to pick up another shirt, I was torn between this one and a similar with two crosses on, but obviously I chose the skull one, since my current skull shirt is actually a sweater, and I'm doing enough sweating - euugh. Again another batwing shirt!! But it has cute little diamante detailing on the straps.
Eventually we headed back home and she walked me back since I wasn't 100% sure of the way back yet. So I was thankful for that as my mobile doesn't work here unless I get a WI-FI connection. OTL
Aug 4 2012: My memory is vague on the entire day, but I am pretty sure we went out for Breakfast, which was cute, our kind of 'First dinner date'. It was delicious non the less! Anyway, towards the evening things got lively! My Friend Katie was in Japan also at this time, she was with Ku. I hadn't seen Ku since March this year, and Katie I hadn't seen in over a year maybe longer, despite the fact she lives in the UK. Anyway we had planned a drinking session, or 'nomikai' / 飲み会 to the Japanese. We invited a couple extra people and agreed to meet up in Shibuya at Hachiko. I arrived early with the Boy, and waited for some time before we headed off to get a drink - he got a phone call from a Friend who was waiting at Hachiko already so we headed back. Which I was nervous, I had met his Friend back in March also but I couldn't remember - but we had been speaking via Twitter since then. We arrived and said hello, but the language barrier was a little difficult so I kept quiet for the most of the time while checking on the Boys iPhone to see where Katie was.
Eventually - she jumped me, and I screamed rather loudly which is shocking coming from someone so usually quiet. Haha! We all introduced ourselves, and luckily Ku speaks Japanese also so she translated a lot. At first the Boy was rather nervous about meeting Katie, but I told him Katie was bringing 'Chibi' along with her and he only spoke Japanese also. I asked them to exchanged 'meishi' / 名刺 since they are both in the same industry.
We ended up in an awkward situation where this random girl added herself to the group. It's a common thing in Shibuya, especially if you are stood around Hachiko you get asked by people to go visit their bar or restaurant and they offer you a discount. Well, she stood for some time and it got a little annoying especially since Drummer Boy was exchanging details with her. 'Playboy' we kept shouting.  After more awkward situations and evil glares from the pretty girl, we managed to get away and find our own bar to drink in.
It was such a great night. I asked Drummer Boy to eat the wasabi from my 卵!But he only took a little bit, so I kept asking him to eat it all. We had a lot of fun talking about things, and the Boy eventually seemed comfortable with the situation that he wasn't going to be mauled by Gaijin Girls since there were five of us and only three of them. Eventually Drummer Boy had to leave, but he asked us all to go to his Live that same week. He knew I was already but I was trying to introduce Katie and Ku into the music also~
We did take a couple photos from that night, but a lot of them turned out horrendously bad because I hate using flash. After awhile we all decided it was time to head back before the last trains, but we made plans for the next day also anyway so we would all meet again soon! 楽しー!


  1. I'm glad you're having fun in Japan(^^)♪
    The shirt on the right of the first picture looks so cute!

    1. Thank you! The past few days have been slow allowing me to blog and catch up! OTL
      I love it! It's really big on me, but so comfy. I'm finding clothes outside of Tokyo are so much cheaper too! The brands in this department I had never heard of, however looked a lot similar to brands like Super Lovers and Listen Flavor.