21 May 2012

♪ 金環日食 ♪

I wasn't going to blog originally until my order from eBay arrived, then I can spam you with pointless things I have purchased! (´∀`) Oh well~ I just received mail from the Sleep Monster and got incredibly distracted from life study.
So! Did any of you see the solar eclipse? I know the Japanese were very enthusiastic about it, China too, and I believe some parts of America were able to witness it too! I am very jealous! The UK missed out.
I had asked the Boy last night if he was awake for the solar eclipse in Japan and well -- his delay in reply and finally responding at 5am UK time made it obvious; 'OHY! I was not looking. Very disappointing.' figures... but I sat watching a couple ustreams since I find these things fascinating! I was disappointed to not see the super moon here in the UK, though I generally was not paying much attention either.
I think the host of the ustream had a night vision on, of some sort. But it made the sun and moon incredibly easy to see - yet somewhat eerie too?  I was watching my Twitter too, many of the Japanese I follow were tweeting about the sky being misty, and hard to see. I think it varied from place to place of course. Kanon announced he was at his Parents, who live in Chiba, and he got a clear shot of it. However people in Tokyo seemed to have difficulty?
Their complaints were obvious, as soon as the host swapped to a daytime shot, I could see why many of my fellow Tweeters were complaining about the clouds. Occasionally the eclipse would vanish behind thick clouds.
Apparently, the next annular solar eclipse visible will be observed in Hokkaido, Japan in 2030! Amazing! But Hokkaido is super cold, so I don't think I would be going there.
The Boy did however send me one photo today, not sure where he got it from, but after replying I kinda realised it reminds me of the ring. He is insisting I do not cut my hair, though I cut my bangs and he looked pretty upset. So now, please refer to me as '貞子'! Since I am unable to cut my hair.

15 May 2012

(o´ω`o) 29 Q

I just received mail wishing me "Good Luck!" for my study session today. I always feel guilty because I'm dragging my studying out as much as possible. I wake up determined, and by the time I've finished my tea I flake out on myself. It's a bad habit I REALLY need to kick! It's hard to find a study partner, one who's willing to stick with you, and are also serious about learning Japanese. The Boy is helping me, gradually. However he never corrects any mistakes - but I never correct his either. It seems if I correct him, it confuses him more, and I feel he needs the pronunciation more so.

Has anyone else ever found it difficult to try teach their mother tongue, only to become tongue tied in how you pronounce it? For starters I have a really strong dialect and I never sound typically British either.

 Small 29 Q Meme

12 May 2012

★ B BE BEE ★

Recently, I told my Friend about a store I found in Tokyo this year! Being absolutely bored right now I decided to blog to keep my mind active, though we all know I should be studying. Oops~

B BE BEE is a cute little accessory stall located on the basement floor in Laforet, Harajuku. Laforet is easily accessible from multiple directions, walking distance between Harajuku and Shibuya.Guaranteed most people who read my blog will possibly be interested in Japanese Fashion and Pop culture, so Laforet is a MUST GO for your music and fashion needs! I may blog at a later date all the stores in Laforet and try and grab as many links for you possible!

I discovered B Be Bee earlier this year in March. I had read about it previously on numerous band blogs in the past, v(neu), AWAKE and even 【PaRADEiS】 members are frequent visitors to B Be Bee! While I was in the store, I realised a familiar band would be lurking there soon, 美女♂men Vlossom!
Although the date read 28th of March on the flier, so I was no longer in Japan at this time! I have never seen 美♂men Vlossom wear any noticeable B Be Bee, but I'm forgetting that they do a range of jewellery suitable for Lolita and -- well, the only thing in store that TRULY caught my attention was most of the brand AWAKE wear! Stars, eyeballs and bright colours!  I really admire the promotion going on between bands and stores.
Here is Mashiro signing an almost life size cut out of himself, and next photo is the shop owner, and vocalist Eru from AWAKE. I should add here that the shop owner is an adorable sweetie! She speaks little English, but will try her hardest to talk to you and ask where you are from. If you dress daring and vibrant enough the shop will ask to take an outfit snap shot of you to upload to their blog!
B BE BEE are home to their own original brand, as well as the following:

If cute is not entirely your cup of tea, then I heavily suggest you check out TEDDY MONSTER! If you like 'creepy cute' then this is BEYOND 'creepy cute'. Each item is hand made, so no two items are the same. Well, I guess if you wanted to be picky, you could point out that each bear (before hand) was manufactured the same as the next one, so okay - each item is different after it's own unique customisation!
B Be Bee is a mix of frilly cute, and creepy cute; but I hate the term 'creepy cute'. The store is only small - so don't be too worried if you go from blood covered bears, to lolita socks, wigs and accessories, it's the same shop! B Be Bee will also provide you with a selection of (free) fliers to take, as well as promoting current band releases, playing them while in store. The prices vary from which brand you are buying from, Teddy Monster can seem excessive for bigger pieces but don't forget that each item is custom designed, and it takes time to create! You are paying for workmanship!  I found the store overall was relatively cheap, and I know for certain I will revisit this shop time and time again! So I hope my readers will too!!
B Be Bee: Ameba + Twitter
Teddy Monster: Ameba
L-Chance: OHP

Photos used are all
 © Be Be Bee blog!

6 May 2012

(lll´ω`)─ヘ Aokigahara

On my next trip to Japan, I am considering taking a trip out to Aokigahara (青木ヶ原). It's found NW of Mount Fuji and is a rather popular place for one certain thing in particular: suicide. Now, why on earth would ANYONE want to go to this forest - other than to attempt suicide? Well, there are so many interesting stories which have been recorded from tourists and Japanese people themselves who visit this forest, sharing their experience of being in such a mystical yet strange place.

Statistics taken from wikipedia say that in 2010, 247 people attempted the act, and 54 of those achieved it, and were found. However many of the people who enter the forest go undetected by Volunteers who patrol parts of Aokigahara, and because of the high rate of suicides has led to Japanese Officials to leave signs in order to try help those who wish to attempt and commit suicide and ask them to reconsider their actions. There is also an annual body hunt that Volunteers will scout a large area of the forest for the deceased.

Anyway, enough with the depressing statistics. I find such a thing oddly interesting, everything from this to other abandoned buildings around Japan. I hope one day that I'll be able to record just a few of these events, not only in Japan but also the UK too!