6 May 2012

(lll´ω`)─ヘ Aokigahara

On my next trip to Japan, I am considering taking a trip out to Aokigahara (青木ヶ原). It's found NW of Mount Fuji and is a rather popular place for one certain thing in particular: suicide. Now, why on earth would ANYONE want to go to this forest - other than to attempt suicide? Well, there are so many interesting stories which have been recorded from tourists and Japanese people themselves who visit this forest, sharing their experience of being in such a mystical yet strange place.

Statistics taken from wikipedia say that in 2010, 247 people attempted the act, and 54 of those achieved it, and were found. However many of the people who enter the forest go undetected by Volunteers who patrol parts of Aokigahara, and because of the high rate of suicides has led to Japanese Officials to leave signs in order to try help those who wish to attempt and commit suicide and ask them to reconsider their actions. There is also an annual body hunt that Volunteers will scout a large area of the forest for the deceased.

Anyway, enough with the depressing statistics. I find such a thing oddly interesting, everything from this to other abandoned buildings around Japan. I hope one day that I'll be able to record just a few of these events, not only in Japan but also the UK too!



  1. I would actually really love to visit Aokigahara too. I watched a small documentary on it where a volunteer went into the forest to look for people and the atmosphere even from the video was haunting but also beautiful at the same time. It's strangely attracting to visit. There's a lot of stories of the forest being haunted too and I'm really into the paranormal too. Apparently it's very easy to get lost in there though if you wander off the trails that are laid out.

    1. Wow! Really? I also have seen the documentary, it seems a rather sad job to volunteer for.
      A lot of Tourists who like to visit the area use tape so they can find their way back since people have difficulty using GPRS systems and compasses even fail. Spooky~

  2. This sounds very interesting yet a litty scary, too! I'd like to visit it some day though.

    1. If ever you are in Japan while I am, we should visit! It's super spooky and eerie sounding. Not the ideal tourist attraction. (*´ω`*)

    2. Sure, let's do that! I'd be terrified to go there all by myself (笑) Since I now have a part-time job it seems to become more likey I can go to Japan next year (*゚v`)♪ The only problem still is finding a travel partner and a cheap retreat. But I'm sure you're able to help me out at that time, right? (>ω<;)

    3. I agree, going alone would be super scary!
      Oh! Of course I'd be happy to help! ヾ(´・ω・`) Depending on my situation~ who knows where I will be. 笑

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    1. Thank you for the comment! Your blog is very cute too. (*´ω`*)

  4. Somehow I understand your interest in such strange/scarry places...
    I think it's no bad idea going there and experience the atmosphere...
    But I need to learn Japanese before.. ;o;"

    I read you'll be on Summer DIVE II in summer when I skimmed through your previous posts...
    I'm soo jealous. xD D:
    But I'll do everything to see them in November in Berlin :D

    Say "Hello" to your new follower :D

    y u k u .

    1. Maybe it is the adrenaline! But I don't know how I'd react if I did discover a body. ( ´Д`)

      Oh! Yes, Summer DIVE II, I am excited yet nervous! (´・ω・`) Because the tickets are drawn out as a raffle.
      I will also see them in London! It's exciting, have you ever seen them live before?

      (ヾ(´・ω・`) Hello!

    2. Oh god! (O___O;) what a creepy thought!
      'Guess you should call for a volunteer...
      But I've no idea how I'd actual react either.. (~__~)

      I saw them in... 2008 in Berlin already.
      Super nice/cute show. And I really cried because of happiness when they announced their comeback & then their tour.. (oωq)

      aww. thanks for following my blog. ♥