22 April 2013

☆Tokyo Disney Land☆

Tokyo Disney Land
We headed to Tokyo Disney Land on the 12th! It is my second time here, but I enjoyed it a whole lot more this time because we went to parts of the park where I hadn't been before. We drove there this time, and arrived before the park even opened, and there were already large queues of people waiting! The weather was perfect too. I was glad to meet with Natsu again, she is super pretty and was really excited to go on every ride with me! We called our Boyfriends 'Grandpa' since they were always complaining. 
Natsu's Boyfriend was telling us to buy 'churos' which, I have seen before but never been tempted to try one. Disney has different flavoured ones, but we settled on Mickey's Maple ones, and they are delicious!! I shared one with my Boyfriend however. They're cutely shaped as the world famous Disney Mickey logo.
We went on so many rides! I also made request to go and see Stitch's 3D show, so cute. (btw; Natsu's Boyfriend does an amazing Stitch impression!) We had such fun and took a lot of photos. We went to see a 3D movie -- or I think is the term now 4D? Because we had wind and water involved! But it was seriously such a surreal movie where everything DID actually leap out at you. I have never had such experience, even watching 3D movies, which sucks!
Many of the rides had such short queues! Which was amazing - our longest wait was 30 minutes! Which is nothing in comparison to the hour - two hour long waits in the past when I have visited Tokyo Disney. I got myself a little present to myself. I was torn however between a big Stitch or Stitch + Angel lover set. At the moment they are sat beside the TV.

We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and I realised that 90% of the ride is in English! It's really creative and tells you the story roughly. Jack is so realistic, which I think I covered in my last post about Tokyo Disney. I still insist that anyone who visits Japan should go to Disney Land or/and Sea! 

8 April 2013

ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ Amazing April!!

Wow, it's April already.. a belated post. I have been on/off with my blogging lately, I'm sorry!
We had bad weather over the weekend, which is probably where I will start this long-ass blog and work backwards from it. Sunday we had 'typhoon' like winds, which were really strong, but it seemed the news over exaggerated  nonetheless I resisted going out, nursing a slight hang over and a really bad injury, self inflicted but it will be explained later.
   So skipping back two days now; my Boyfriend came home from work a little earlier than usual. Finally he announced he had 'big news' and explained he bumped into an old Friend. For personal reasons I can't go into details, but they hadn't spoken in over a year now and had a rather big spit. Anyway, long story short, they have made amends and decided to go drinking and he would introduce me to his Friend, Saturday night.
Saturday rolled around and we headed out to meet near the Game cen', oh yeah -- it was raining, like crazy. I hate rain, my hair was instant CURLS so, uggh. We met with another Friend, this one I know so I was okay. But everything was really well; Koko-chan (appropriately named by myself) is really amusing; his English is good too. He was shocked to hear about our relationship, but it was all later confirmed how it happened so we had more of an understanding. I unfortunately ended up drinking too much, again. This is my second time in my WHOLE lifetime that I have made myself sick from drinking. So now I've been demoted to soft drinks..
   We ended up on the subject of piercings and tattoos, Ko has a micro dermal and I'm touchy when I'm drunk so I wanted to look. He wasn't wearing the gem, so he presented it me from his wallet --- only then my Boyfriend dumped it into Ko's drink which caused me to freak out and whine at him. Weh, I understand there is some tension left so I'm allowing my Boyfriend to vent it out. WHICH is how I ended up with my injuries.
   Once I had stopped running back and forth from the bathroom, we ventured out into the RAIN and the COLD, we took shelter inside this little area to decide what to do next; but Ko was wearing a beanie hat which I thought would be smart to take it and wear it myself. I'm not even sure HOW I ended up on the floor, but the tiles were soaked and slippery and my boots aren't ideal since they too are slippery. So yeah, it was only the 'thud' of my head that made them notice I was on the floor, but BOY does my arm hurt. I've got a hefty bruise too. Fun. HAH so drunken antics over, we took purikura and went to do karaoke.
   My Boyfriend and Ko did multiple duets, it was sweet LOLGAY. The purikura is amusingly dumb too, I want more and I REALLY need to start learning to use my camera more, I have like, five photos on it! But I had a lot of fun; eventually I explained to my Boyfriend that I wanted to meet everyone again, and that Ko wasn't really that bad afterall -indepthmeaningfulconversation- and finally the puzzle pieces were put together.

   So, thats the last two days which I can 'recall'. Today is Monday and we are eating yesterdays curry. My Boyfriend literally made like, 10 people worth of curry, we had two dishes yesterday EACH, and one dish today each. We still have half a pan left; I'm just SO glad it's not pork, UGGH.
Well, despite now being in Japan, I am still doing my 10 monthly goals, even though I forget most of them..

April Goals:
♥ Take more photos!!
♥ Grab more Friends eMails etc etc..
♥ Take videos, I might take a couple.
♥ Manage a stable conversation in Japanese with Friends.
♥ Take a walk longer than usual; seriously, this area is so scenic.
♥ Get the courage to sit in a Cafe to study.
♥ Enjoy my time here; I already am but I am letting others ruin it.
♥ MAYBE: Finish flash cards for my Boyfriend..
♥ Enjoy April: Live Live Live!!
♥ Finally cook something 'British'

   Well, that's it. For the past few days I've been really motivated by my Friends here (yet again). My Boyfriend told Ko that he wants to go to England, since I have been here twice now. I guess once he goes to  England it will make everything all the more official, ya'know?
Sorry for the lengthy post and no pictures to show for it.