20 December 2012

† End of the WoRLD †

Apparently, it's the end of the world "tomorrow" but it's already "tomorrow" in Japan. Shockingly enough, my Boyfriend stopped responding to me at midnight. Is he trying to scare me?! I asked him his thoughts, since Japanese people tend to be very superstitious? He doesn't believe it will end. I agreed, and told him I wanted to be with him if the world did end~ and he replied with:

How cute is that?!  But he basically agreed, and said if the world did end, he wants to be beside me. Unless I am totally mistaken orz 
Anyway~ on Monday I went shopping with my Mother! It's always stressful shopping around Christmas time. I ended up buying myself a couple goodies including a purple underwear set! It's so cute, but no way am I taking a photograph of it. I also got myself some fake "Uggs" since Primark are selling them really cheap. I feel a bit of an ass wearing them, but I'm going to attack them and personalise them (hopefully it goes well!). Primark are selling so many "Hipster/Goth" items with studs and crosses on, I kinda dislike it, but it saves me buying from eBay and waiting a millennium for them to arrive. Cute right? I'm going to wear it to the Christmas Party this Saturday along with my VW top and garter belt~ ゴスです!
While I was out shopping I took the chance to get my naval piercing changed. I'm such a scaredy cat, that I had to pay for her to exchange it, and purchase a new bar. I wanted purple, but the closest I could get was fuchsia! So, going to have to look for an 8MM purple bar on eBay, hopefully titanium too. Monday was a horrible day for piercings, once I had this one swapped it felt odd but SO much better since it now finally sits right! But then while eating I managed to loose the ball to my lip piercing, which stressed me the hell out because I had to go back to Blue Banana and ask them just for the ball - they refused, and they didn't have any rings to fit, so I had to purchase a small ring, just to use the ball. I found the ball later in my bag fmal
The Christmas Party this Saturday will be fun. I'm showing my Family (finally) the photos I have taken from Japan/Yokohama, which will be a royal pain in the ass to explain/talk about, I know. I'm also (not) ready to answer all the 101 Questions asked about my time over there. Weh! I am also hoping on the 24/25 to Skype with my Boyfriend にゃん〜好きよ

12 December 2012


Today is 12・12・12 which will be the last time we will see a repetitive date like this, especially for a long-long time. It's kind of ominous right? I actually made a wish at 12:12.. I rushed home just so I could. Who knows if this wish will come true? I hope so~
I wanted to mail my Boyfriend a couple photos of our Christmas trees and decorations~ so I thought about sharing them here and making a blog post, gradually leading up to Christmas perhaps. I am hoping next year to spend Christmas with him, I want to try cook him a small Christmas dinner too, English style! Perhaps I will cook it with his Sister, it would be fun.
The "German" Market is on in the City again, although it's not very "German" in my honest opinion. I took a few photos to send to my Boyfriend. He thought it had snowed, and I had to explain it was fake. I will probably take more of the Market, I'm going again on Monday with my Mother and then hopefully again to meet Sako before Christmas! I am so unprepared this year, as always, lesson never learnt. 
My Mother is probably the most festive in our Family. We bought an even LARGER tree this year, it's only inches from touching the ceiling too. I need to take a more updated photo, because there's even more decorations. My Mother will also always leave a bit of Christmas in each room, usually even the toilet gets a Christmas tree, but this year it hasn't - but most rooms now have something festive inside it (apart from mine, I refused).
More decorations, and still incomplete room, this was obviously taken on the 4th of December, although I'm lazy and never update that, I think it still says "17 DAYS TO GO!!" I'm so excited for Christmas, but I am more excited for the New Year! My Friend received his Advent Calender in Japan late November, and I was sent a photo of him with it. I'm so happy, because he gets a tiny piece of tradition that's not so popular in Japan! This is why I want to celebrate Christmas next year with them all.
PS: I got a new phone; so I have all these amazing hipster apps that allow me to become a "professional photographer".. no I just have better camera quality. I also have INSTAGRAM!!

1 December 2012

♪ One Lovely Blog Award

So while I was browsing through my blog stats, I noticed a lot of the recent blog readers had come from one persons blog in particular... That's when I discovered I had been tagged and nominated for 'One Lovely Blog Award' I got tagged by Dizzy-chan!! Thank you! ( ´▽`)
★ Post the award image on your blog post/sidebar/page.
★ Link the person who has awarded you.
★ Post 7 random things about you.
★ Nominate other 15 relatively new blogs.

Seven random things about me:
★ I actually suffer from ornithophobia, which is the fear of birds. I'm mainly scared of big birds like herons, cranes, geese, swans and birds of prey like vultures or eagles. I also dislike owls and turkeys, so much.
★ My eye colour changes, which confused my Friends in Japan. I naturally have hazel eyes which was hard to describe to them, so I settled for green, only to be told they were yellow/gold. Then black...  uhm?
★ After being in Japan for 3 months and hardly travelling in a car, I now get motion/travel sickness whenever I'm in a car. I suffered from it horribly when I was younger, and I hoped it wouldn't ever come back. Not nice.
★ I used to run - a lot. I came in the top 20 out of 200 Girls running for my School in a Nation Wide Cross Country competition. But I held myself back for the sake of my Friends and regret it ever since, but lesson learned!
★ I originally loved Chinese culture before educating myself about Japan. British Schooling system rarely covers anything Japanese. Chinese and Japanese cultures are the only types in which I find fascinating. I have no interest in anywhere else.
★ During my Art exam, I thrived to do work completely different from everyone else. I changed my idea five times during my prep work, and at the last minute changed again and rushed my final piece, thus I failed. Art was my strongest subject too.
★ Stitch is my favourite Disney character, closely followed by Wall-E although I feel Wall-E is actually an under appreciated movie as it is one of Disney's most educating movies they have produced. Think about it.

The nominations are: (I actually failed because I can't find anyone else to tag)


(*゜‐゜) Recently, everyone I know seems to be getting sick. It's making me nervous because I'm the only person in this household to not get a cold or similar symptoms yet either. So really, I guess taking Vitamin C  daily does help? I hope.

The other week I went shopping with my Mother, after finally deciding that it was time to buy new bathroom items. I had left nearly everything at my Boyfriend's apartment, so who knows what will be left when I go back? Unless he wants to use my face products (as they were from daiso). Anyway I really-really love 'massage sponges' with the harder side for exfoliating and it's amazing. The shower puffs are also ideal for gentle exfoliating~
When I was shopping in daiso with my Boyfriend, we were looking at toiletries for the bathroom and there was a massage sponge that was the equivalent of rubbing a house brick on your skin! Maybe I will buy one considering they're 105¥ ~(´ー`~)
Oh I also got distracted by nail varnish, originally I was going to buy the crackle type in purple, however when I was in Japan, I had given myself a cute manicure with blue glitter that faded gradually away from the tip and I loved it. So I want to try in purple! ゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
I've been bad with spending - though they are well calculated purchases! So hush. I got a replica Vivienne Westwood shirt from eBay, I love it.
Recently eBay has had 3 'Free Listing' weekends in a row, and sadly I have become addicted to listing nearly everything that is worthy enough to sell. ⊂⌒~⊃。Д。)⊃ OHNO~ although I enjoy creating space in my room and I give my belongings a good home too!

22 November 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely followers!
Though, being British we obviously don't really celebrate this, and additionally I don't like turkey either! (ノ∇・、)クスン Do you like turkey?
Right now there is a Twitter trend that inspired me to write this blog! "WhatAreYouThankfulFor" and because the end of the world year is near, it made me think back on this whole year rather than my life time walking this crazy planet.

☆ This year I am thankful for the people I have met, and lost. Yes, I am thankful for the people I have lost, because if it wasn't for them, I would never have met any of my new Friends, whom truly make me the happiest! This year, admittedly has had it's ups and it's downs, but I am never kept down for long because of my Friends and Family!
One new face leads to another, and thanks to you I have met some of the nicest people in Japan. Everyday I miss them, and you. I actually cannot thank you enough it is impossible..
 ☆ I am honestly thankful for my Family (cliché I know) but they have, and always have put up with my constant griping about one thing or t'other! Right now they have to put up with all my quibbles, as usual. Also, I am glad that they are supportive of my ridiculous LDR! (_ _|||)

☆ I am thankful for my Best Friend, she always puts up with my motives, the good the bad and the ugly. We have been Friends since maybe 2008/2009 and even though it is only a very few years, it feels like we have known each other for a life time! She is my Northern Tea Sister!! (I am also thankful for tea). I hope we never fall out, she's the only Friend I have who can tolerate my ~uniqueness~ and we tell each other everything. SISTERS!
☆ Also, I am thankful for my blog readers! ('ω'*)アハ♪ You guys put up with my blog's insanity. So thank you for always reading, commenting and following me!!  Even though I am not like the other most common bloggers out here at Blogspot, I do hope to entertain, update and inform you (about my life lolwot). I feel I am going soft in my old age..

18 November 2012


Earlier I received an interesting yet disappointing message from the Guitarist of DELeTE (well I actually had to ask him about it, since the Bassist talks in riddles worse than I do). After I was fully updated I had to pass on the news, bad news of course that the Bassist, Neu would be departing from the band. (´Д`υ)
The way he worded it, it would be an invasion of another planet, as the band hold a slight space x alien theme, it's cute non the less. Annoyingly I'm the only remaining Staff page to actually update, but oh well.
I spoke a bit to Renji, and he too is departing from the band, so he confirmed that DELeTE would in fact disband and they will all work on their own projects within the future ( ◞‸◟)… Yes I am sad, but it's not the end of the world. Indeed I am still going to follow the ex Band Members on their next adventure. Furthermore, I am happy I got to work with them, even for less than a year, it was fun and they really encouraged me to learn more Japanese.
I always get complimentary photos at the end of the night.
(∩,,◕◞౪◟◕)⊃━+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。 
yay itty bitty fangirl moment!!!!!

9 November 2012

07112012 o(≧∀≦)o

I went to see An Cafe in London! o(≧∀≦)o スーパ楽しい! I travelled to London on the day, and met my Friend Toni in the coach station before we headed to the venue. Already people were queuing, which was irritating as hell because the venue specifically said 'No early queueing' -- according to staff, early means 'over night'.Oh.. I met with a lot of people who I had not seen in over a year (yeah, people who claim they're anti-social when they see Friends weekly, stop now). It was shocking that I had not met Toni or Gigi in over a year almost. But I was truly glad to see everyone~!!
We headed to Picadilly after talking to people, I wanted to find my Boyfriend a present but I had no luck swimming through ignorant tourists and accidentally spoke Japanese in my struggle to say 'MOVE OUT MY WAY'. The Purikura place was such a failure too, I am kind of glad it was shut down, but please hire Staff that know how to work and load the machine because evidentially you are losing out on profit. Wow, so far to do nothing but whine. We ventured around China Town and honestly I had forgotten how dirty London is, in comparison to my stay in Yokohama. Anyway I took some photos while out, mainly to mail my Boyfriend to convince him I didn't get shot/murdered/abducted etc.

Well, I say 'No body got murdered' and found this. But it seemed to  be interesting art on the ground, I saw a couple of these actually, very clever!
This is a penlight they use during the live. Very cute! They should really consider selling cuter merchandise while on tour, but usually they get the Tour Promoters in Europe to produce and "manufacture" their goods, ie; a tacky £5 mug. But I still purchased it to store pens in. HAH
Here is the flag created. You cannot see it very well, because it was a quick sneaky snapshot I took. The artwork is by Keita, who is often the UK flag designer and will offer to draw for most flags. I do wish the font was a tiny bit bigger - because there was another banner floating around which got most signatures, but I cannot complain.

It was getting a little cold, and around 7:00PM they let non-vip inside. Already the crush-fest began and that REALLY pissed me off. I've decided now that An Cafe will be my last UK show, unless someone I truly like comes back (mainly Girugamesh, An Cafe) But I really enjoyed it, and got to take part with my Friends around me. Peter was close by, he told me that Toni and I wouldn't have a problem with people crushing us, it made me laugh -- I seem very violent during lives. (*σ´▽`)σ When An Cafe were introducing each other, Kanon was struggling to get his words out, and despite my admiration for him I had to shout "はやく!はやく!" which made him stutter more and I felt guilty so I shouted "がんばってね!" for a better reaction. The English words he chose were sweet (confusingly sweet) "I want to make you melt" (*'ω`★从)*:.。. .。.:*・

It was really fun, though at one point I couldn't help but laugh at people. Miku shouted "ただいま!" (tadaima) and everyone around me shouted 'tadaima' back to him -- but I was the only person around me to shout "おかえりなさい!" (okaerinasai) (οдО;) The tour is based on 'tadaima and okaerinasai' which is 'I am back - Welcome back/home' in Japanese. They only played a couple of the new releases, which I was a little thankful because Amazing Blue is not so amazing, that is coming from a fan of theirs for almost 10 years, (surprised how old they are?) They sang Bonds, and I am happy that steadily towels are becoming a recent theme here in Europe, though I only saw maybe 5 towels in total that night.

I cannot remember the entire setlist but I do remember them playing Escapism and Merry Making, which I hardcore danced to (lol), and I amazingly made people move away from me. At one point one girl DID try to jab into me but a few elbows later she backed down. Plus the guy beside me REFUSED to let her ass through too. Kudos.

After the encore etc, and getting smashed by IDIOTS and punching them, we went to fetch merch (more merch) I got the An Cafe note pad. It's cute, but I realised how I will never use it. OH WELL. Cute. (☆ω☆)
I'm going to miss out a LARGE chunk of the night because I am far too tired, and let's just say I enjoyed the night talking to a Friend, sitting on the floor getting piles because cold. The journey home felt so much quicker than going to London, mainly because I slept for an hour maybe. My Friend exchanged a couple messages to keep me entertained, he also seemed worried about me being in London so I insisted London is a nice place. (;´Д`A Please visit me~~

Now I am home, and dying with gig 'aids' as people call them. My everything feels broken and I don't think a bath will justify the pain. Now I am off to write a bunch of complaint emails.

31 October 2012

(☆ω★) ハッピーハロウィン

Today is Halloween~ another reason why I love October so much. (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) Yesterday while talking to my Boyfriend I decided to go carve my pumpkin~ he asked me if I were to eat it, and in all honesty, I have never ate pumpkin in my life, and don't plan to either. (Although I was tempted to purchase pumpkin candy, totally the same, really).
Complementary before and after photos! I had sent multiple photos to my Boyfriend via mail, as a result my phone has the pungent smell of pumpkin and I hate it. (つ3;`) I hope next time to celebrate with my Boyfriend, or at least to go visit D-chan so I can carve pumpkins with him! Actually Halloween in Japan seems so fun and I would love to experience it. For a nation that is very superstitious about ghosts and ghouls, this is one Holiday they don't forget. Nearly every building in Yokohama had some form of Halloween item in it's window, celebrating the beginning of Fall and welcoming the seasonal changes. (´ω`。)
While I was at Tokyo Disney Sea, I picked up some chocolates as a gift for my family. I was torn between cookies or just regular chocolates, both the same style tin. Actually at the Gift Shop there were even Christmas goods out, and well, as always in most Disney themed stores I spend an eternity browsing.
My family tend to not eat anything I bring back from Japan -- Why? Because of packaging and sentimental value (for myself) but these were around 1,200JPY so it is mandatory they eat these, AND the ones I got them in March. The packaging overall is super cute, and we have yet to eat any! So hopefully tonight we will get to share a piece!
I'm putting a couple bracelets out for some younger Trick or Treaters, they glow in the dark so they will be really nice~ we usually get really young Monsters early evening, but honestly, we get very few Monsters now.. more chocolate for me!

I hope everyone has a safe and very happy Halloween!!

28 October 2012

(*・ω・*) 東京ディズニーシー

Oct 17 2012: After a long discussion, we finally agreed on a trip to Tokyo Disney Sea. Kanako voted it was better than Tokyo Disney Land (she was right!) We met up at the station before heading to get the Bus direct from Yokohama. It wasn't a long journey, though one of our companions fell asleep and my Boyfriend decided to stick tissue up his nose! (´∀`) Boys will be boys!
Once we arrived we headed straight towards 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' however one member of the group was too small! So we made a pitstop at the bathroom -- and well, we made him taller. ψ(`∇´)ψ We changed direction and headed to 'Raging Spirits' as always there is a queue, and a huge groups of fast pass ticket holders kept walking by!! Our smallest and youngest member of the group was so brave, we had to shield the fact it had a 360-degree loop however.
Because it is October, and close to Halloween, the entire park was themed. Sadly I couldn't find Stitch, or the skeleton Stitch either. While we were waiting around also, Kanako disappeared only to return with Birthday stickers, every time Staff saw you at the park, they would wish you 'Happy Birthday' and applaud.

The weather was a little dreary but it didn't kill our moods. We stopped off to eat, in an old New York Deli, super cute theme, and as always my Boyfriend picked up a beer token. (◎∀◎)We also went to eat the famous Disney chicken, that is so BIG you felt prehistoric eating it!! Oh, and more beer consumed!!

When the night was coming to an end, we saved the best ride until last, and Kanako and I went to fetch fast pass tickets. Our final ride was, 'Tower of Terror' and, OH MY GOD, is it amazing. Our youngest member was basically trembling, and I kept offering him my (boyfriends) jacket so he could hide. Poor thing!
Afterwards, Kanako went and purchased the photo, and actually, my face didn't look too -- bad. Not as bad as the one taken during Indiana Jones Adventure, I was literally trying to hide my face in my Boyfriends chest.. OTL
Afterwards we went to get gifts, and I got my Boyfriend and I couple phonestraps of Stitch and Angel. At first he was hesitant to accept Stitch, because I favour him more than Angel. All the gift bags in Disney Sea were Halloween themed too, SUPER CUTE. I love Halloween.
We soon had to run for the Bus because the last Train was soon, and the Bus took an hour or two to get back. Sods law that we got stuck in traffic too. Everyone slept on the bus, and I am convinced that is where I caught my cold, the driver kept altering the air-con, at points it was stupidly hot and horrible on the bus.
Once we arrived at the station, I had to say my good bye to Kanako. It didn't help the fact she was so sleepy, but it ended up being emotional as I passed her a letter. But thankfully now, we have exchanged all information to keep in touch, and I promised her I would be back soon!

 (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) かなこちゃん!ありがとうございますー! ☆

(I am a little behind on blogs. I appologise in advance for lack of updates AND spam posts)

9 October 2012

★ Happy Happy Birthday ★

Oct 7 2012: It was my Birthday! I received a sweet mail from my Boyfriend exactly at 00:00am Japan time. Even though we were sitting in the same room, however the mail was completely in English so I was really happy he is trying hard for me.
Once morning came we slept in until 11am and I used some time to reply to messages, mail and comments from all over. Thank you. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Finally I had to talk on the phone to my Friends, and they too wished me  happy birthday, in Japanese and English. The second Friend turned it into a comedy call.

Me: moshi moshi?
Me: hello!
Me: Ah~ thank you!
Me: .. ah.. Merry.. Christmas!? (;´Д`A ```

Afterwards we made plans to meet in the evening for purikura. Kanako had asked a couple times in the past, and when we once were to head that way, it was full of Students. So I asked my Boyfriend if we could all take it that evening. Yay!

We planned to go to 横浜赤レンガ倉庫 (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse), which is an AMAZING building here. It's actually where the Miku Hatsune live was held near the waterfront. Before we went to 横浜ランドマークタワー  (Yokohama Landmark Tower). It is home to the fastest elevator in Japan, and you travel 69 floors in 40 seconds. The location of the building is pretty much right outside the train exit. It's very easy to locate too!
On the 69th floor, you get a huge view of Yokohama, once again it was overcast so we weren't able to see Mt. Fuji.

It had a fantastic view! It was similar to the one in Sunshine City, however I felt the one in Yokohama was far better (not being biased, at all) but the view had a lot more to offer, maybe because the water breaks up the concrete jungle appearance? I also managed to get a photo of Yokohama Baseball stadium, I believe.
We could see the Red Brick Warehouse from the Sky Garden, and noticed there was a festival.
Yokohama Oktoberfest 2012 
We went to look around shopping first inside, though I only returned with candy since the shops were packed out, it was incredibly hot and -- well, Lush has an over powering frgrance, and it seemed they were competing with the Coffee Shop next door. So once the candy was obtained we went to buy tickets for the Oktoberfest, much to my little Beer Monsters delight.  ヾ(*゜、ω゜*)ノ゚+.
This was the only time I had seen so many foreigners in Yokohama, and they were all American too. One guy to say the least was trying to liven everyone up. "Why is everyone so quiet!? Come on, make some noise!" and then 'whoo-ing' at everyone. Uh..
We had beer in a boot! So cute. I had a fit when I saw the total price, it came to 6,600yen. Seriously. But then I realised if you took the glass back you got money back! I would have hit my Boyfriend for spending that much on a beer. If he wants to drink out of a boot he can use mine. (」゚Д゚)」オオオオォォォォォ!!!

Afterwards we headed back, but decided to stop for purikura. Of course planned journeys never turn out as planned. Heading back to the train resulted in, stopping for purikura, but first stopping at Kiddyland to buy a Stitch figure, and then stopping at every UFO catcher before FINALLY getting purikura. Oh I won a giant Stitch too.. I was pleased with the amount we spent on getting him, because in the stores I'm sure he'd be well over 3,000yen and we spent less than 1,500yen. Plus my competitive side kicked in when I saw another young couple eyeing the game waiting for me to give up in defeat Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ?!
Eventually we left and went back home to meet everyone at another Game Center. Everyone was late, but Hiro arrived first and we wandered around the Game Center for a little and he won me another figure, and a cute plush toy. Eventually Kanako came running in to see us and finally everyone else arrived so we headed in for purikura. It was so fun, though I was nervous too. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Kanako had wrote all of our names on the purikura, including 'Ari Birthday' it's so cute.
We were all super hungry, so we headed for food and beer~ and they sang me Happy Birthday in English. Kanako handed me a gift from her (and perhaps her Boyfriend). It's part of the Super Lovers Halloween set - and I absolutely adore it!! I want to write her a letter to thank her, but my Japanese handwriting is bad. I also need to exchange Twitter names with her and mail address. The night was so fun, I got to talk to Daiki slightly with help from Kanako. He doesn't seem so shy any more, and I even managed to get a high five from him during his burst of hyper activity from my Boyfriend playing chase with him. Yeah, a bunch of 20 plus year olds playing in a park at 11:30pm, yet Daiki insisted he wasn't sleepy.

Once we got back home I had a Skype video call with my Mum, she put everyone on, Dad, Brother, Uncle and even my Great Grandma. I miss them a lot. But it was good to see them via video call, even though now my spoken English is TERRIBLE, I said 'nani' and 'daijoubu' so many times FAIL. ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ My Boyfriend resisted going on camera a couple times, so I had to speak to him from the side, in Japanese, so my Mum was asking me what I was saying. So complicating switching from one language to another.