12 December 2012


Today is 12・12・12 which will be the last time we will see a repetitive date like this, especially for a long-long time. It's kind of ominous right? I actually made a wish at 12:12.. I rushed home just so I could. Who knows if this wish will come true? I hope so~
I wanted to mail my Boyfriend a couple photos of our Christmas trees and decorations~ so I thought about sharing them here and making a blog post, gradually leading up to Christmas perhaps. I am hoping next year to spend Christmas with him, I want to try cook him a small Christmas dinner too, English style! Perhaps I will cook it with his Sister, it would be fun.
The "German" Market is on in the City again, although it's not very "German" in my honest opinion. I took a few photos to send to my Boyfriend. He thought it had snowed, and I had to explain it was fake. I will probably take more of the Market, I'm going again on Monday with my Mother and then hopefully again to meet Sako before Christmas! I am so unprepared this year, as always, lesson never learnt. 
My Mother is probably the most festive in our Family. We bought an even LARGER tree this year, it's only inches from touching the ceiling too. I need to take a more updated photo, because there's even more decorations. My Mother will also always leave a bit of Christmas in each room, usually even the toilet gets a Christmas tree, but this year it hasn't - but most rooms now have something festive inside it (apart from mine, I refused).
More decorations, and still incomplete room, this was obviously taken on the 4th of December, although I'm lazy and never update that, I think it still says "17 DAYS TO GO!!" I'm so excited for Christmas, but I am more excited for the New Year! My Friend received his Advent Calender in Japan late November, and I was sent a photo of him with it. I'm so happy, because he gets a tiny piece of tradition that's not so popular in Japan! This is why I want to celebrate Christmas next year with them all.
PS: I got a new phone; so I have all these amazing hipster apps that allow me to become a "professional photographer".. no I just have better camera quality. I also have INSTAGRAM!!


  1. I love your tree and the color co-ordination! Our tree is just stick whatever we want to on it decoration-wise XD I'm going to the german market in Birmingham next week. German markets are never very "german" here either!

    1. My Mother has slight OCD when it comes to decorating - believe me. I decorated the tree in the hallway and I did the same 'stick whatever we want' and wherever I wanted and she's already rearranged it three times.
      Our German market was, when it first arrived, because the sellers were German or at least European so it felt so authentic (plus I was at School doing GCSE German so I could practice)