1 December 2012

♪ One Lovely Blog Award

So while I was browsing through my blog stats, I noticed a lot of the recent blog readers had come from one persons blog in particular... That's when I discovered I had been tagged and nominated for 'One Lovely Blog Award' I got tagged by Dizzy-chan!! Thank you! ( ´▽`)
★ Post the award image on your blog post/sidebar/page.
★ Link the person who has awarded you.
★ Post 7 random things about you.
★ Nominate other 15 relatively new blogs.

Seven random things about me:
★ I actually suffer from ornithophobia, which is the fear of birds. I'm mainly scared of big birds like herons, cranes, geese, swans and birds of prey like vultures or eagles. I also dislike owls and turkeys, so much.
★ My eye colour changes, which confused my Friends in Japan. I naturally have hazel eyes which was hard to describe to them, so I settled for green, only to be told they were yellow/gold. Then black...  uhm?
★ After being in Japan for 3 months and hardly travelling in a car, I now get motion/travel sickness whenever I'm in a car. I suffered from it horribly when I was younger, and I hoped it wouldn't ever come back. Not nice.
★ I used to run - a lot. I came in the top 20 out of 200 Girls running for my School in a Nation Wide Cross Country competition. But I held myself back for the sake of my Friends and regret it ever since, but lesson learned!
★ I originally loved Chinese culture before educating myself about Japan. British Schooling system rarely covers anything Japanese. Chinese and Japanese cultures are the only types in which I find fascinating. I have no interest in anywhere else.
★ During my Art exam, I thrived to do work completely different from everyone else. I changed my idea five times during my prep work, and at the last minute changed again and rushed my final piece, thus I failed. Art was my strongest subject too.
★ Stitch is my favourite Disney character, closely followed by Wall-E although I feel Wall-E is actually an under appreciated movie as it is one of Disney's most educating movies they have produced. Think about it.

The nominations are: (I actually failed because I can't find anyone else to tag)


  1. D'aww. I hope I'll find time soon to do this. Thank you very much for the tag :]

    1. I have way too much time! But no problem~ I know it says 'new blogs' but pssh.

  2. You're welcome! I really like to read your blog (・∀・)

    1. I haven't been keeping track of everyones! But I noticed the blog stats were coming from your direction! Thank you!!

  3. How ironic... i was just about to tag you for mine :')
    Thanks for the tag!