30 March 2013

(*´▽`*) Double Date!


   My Friend suggested a double date, since my Boyfriend and her Boyfriend had a holiday. Well; I wasn't aware of it being a double date until I saw her tweets. ♥(ノ´∀`) Anyway, we met early in the Morning in order to fetch the Car before leaving.
   We stopped off to get food, and I had curry~ which is a totally healthy breakfast, honest? My Japanese reading is improving, but I still stick to the same foods. (_ _ ||) The food next to mine is actually my Boyfriends and miso soup.. traditional!

   We finally headed out to JJCLUB100 which is a fun building packed full of entertainment ranging from button smashing games, sports, karaoke and music rooms, and even manga reading and TV area!

   It felt a lot like a "Youth House" but I don't think they even exist in the UK any more? You do have to become a member, which was difficult if you do not know Japanese, and you also require ID to become a member too. Although they allowed my membership under my Boyfriends family name and address, cute. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
 JJCLUB100 is such a relaxed place full of excitement and loud games battling among one another to attract your attention! Play me! Play me!! We did indeed spend some time playing a multi-player version of Pacman.

   All the coin games are 'Free Play' which means you can play and play endlessly. \(*T▽T*)/(Excluded are the games you can win prizes from: UFO catcher etc!) My Friend and I took full advantage of: ポップンミュージック however I was surely pants at it because I had never played it before! (゜▽゜;)  We also played ワニワニパニック which is a super-super retro game in the UK; Crocodile Panic!
Below is a popular game in Japan, you will find it in most arcades - I have played it on the DS, but never like this, but my Friend was amazing at it. Weh~
   After hours we finally headed back to the 'tourist' area of Yokohama to take purikura and to do some shopping although I personally didn't buy anything - BUT I found so many Gachapin things, weh so I want to go back! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ SOON. We ventured into one shop, that was like, one 'shop' with multiple mini shops within it (regardless this shop was small enough already!) My Friend went to make cotton candy, it was amazing, why don't we have this in the UK?! Oh yeah, low level IQ bone heads who'd probably stick their head into this...
   It was really tasty, as you would expect from cotton candy, I'm not sure what the Japanese is for it, however my Friend tried to explain to me what it was and I felt rude telling her I knew already. After a couple hours, again, we headed out to eat. I will also add at this point I actually saw a TESCO in Japan. I can't get away!! We went to eat traditional ramen, and well they were telling me how oily it would be, and if I was okay with pork since I don't really eat pork. I can honestly say it was delicious, although I didn't eat it all. (´`;) ?
   I had a really fun time, despite some of the language issues, but we are all trying! It makes me happy. (。・ω・。)ノ For my next blog I am going to post some photos of the cherry blossom. I noticed today they have added decoration under the blossom which look like lighting, so I'm going to check it out tonight!!

26 March 2013

Food + Hauntings

On the 19th March; we went out for a meal, though since the following day was a national holiday, most restaurants were packed full so it took a couple tries until we were finally seated at one restaurant, which I had been to in the past so we knew what to order with ease!! I really love 焼き鳥 (yakitori) so we ordered that along with スパイシーなポテト (spicy potato) - the choice of decoration Japanese use always amuses me. The resemblance of a hemp leaf. (I've also noticed my Boyfriend has similar air fresheners too)
At the restaurant you had 90 mins to drink drink drink; I think the drinks were half price, or you were given the chance to drink as much in a set price for the 90 mins, I wasn't sure. But I think we managed three rounds even before our food arrived -- uggh Japan will be the death of my liver for sure.

The following we day we went to help my Friend move house, well we basically had to move all her Boyfriends belongings too and he lives on the first floor so we were walking up and down a flight of stairs for maybe 3 hours? The area was really nice and seemed communal since it was rather out of the way, no buses, no cars, nothing. The house on the ground floor was supposedly haunted too, they never shut their windows and well I guess Japanese are really quite superstitious? 
While waiting for the next Car to return, I managed to take a few photographs of the area. It was so peaceful and quiet, so I did get an eerie sensation finally that someone was watching from the 'haunted house'. Creepy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was peaking 20 degree which totally puts to shame England's 10 degree or less. 
After everything was removed and emptied from the old apartment, we all went to visit the new apartment, which looks so cosy and spacious - maybe because it was empty. We sat and ate snacks etc which was refreshing. I was rather envious of how nice the apartment looks, it's three times the size of my Boyfriends current apartment! But I enjoy staying here regardless, it's nice to be here with him. 
Once we got back home we were seriously sleepy, well at least he was, and he seemed comfy sleeping on my legs for hours too.  ヾ(゚ε゚*)ノ

22 March 2013


I've been in Japan officially a week today. It feels so good to be back. (* ^^ *) My flight was rather smooth, I managed to make use of my German language since the Airline I used was German. I made a stop over in Frankfurt too, although I didn't really plan to spend much time looking around, actually; Germany airport was hard to navigate and customs was INCREDIBLY slow? I had just come off your airline, why the hell did I need ANOTHER bag search? People went through one by one, literally and if it beeped, you had to wait until they had completed a pat down. UGGH annoying, it was by far worse than China.. I kinda have to add, the passengers in front of me were incredibly rude, even the Japanese sat beside me kept sighing. Basically they remained silent during German announcement - then incredibly fucking loud during English and Japanese announcements. Anyway I kind of ranted like hell then, but I probably not use this Airline again.. but I had no problems really, just I wasn't fond of them and the food was gross. Okay stop.

I arrived at Narita supposedly at 8:30am however we reached around 9:00 and horribly luggage was delayed by another hour or so?! (T__T) So I did panic and try to connect my phone to tell my Boyfriend I was late. I pretty much flew through customs after I filled out ANOTHER sheet (I was given a Japanese customs pass, logic.) Once I was through the gates I started to panic again because I was so late, but I spotted my Boyfriend and it was such a relief I wanted to scream. (T 3 T) He explained later he was late because of traffic, which sums up his parking ticket being so small this time haha!

We got stuck in traffic coming back, but we decided to play a game: 勉強GO!GO! basically I was pointing out kanji for him to translate.. since I can read some hiragana and katakana I was easily reading the back of trucks. Well it easily passed time and kept me awake. One word I learned that day: 引越のサカイ  it was on the back of a moving truck with a cute Panda, although I haven't memorised the kanji.

It's really nice here, the temperature rarely dips below 10 degree, which is nice since England isn't even reaching close to 10! I will slowly update once I've finished the housework. I'm home alone today and I feel very poorly. (.___. ) Not fun.

I'm pretty sure my readers are like: eh? she's in Japan again? But of course. Where else would I be?

3 March 2013

(「・ω・)「March Madness~☆

We are 3 days into March, and 3 months into the year! Scary. I have a lot planned for March, but it's doing the things I planned which becomes the problem. I've also been looking into 'Life Insurance' once I get a steady-able job away from agency work. Because the amount I travel.. however I may just take that money and set it aside as my own 'insurance'. I mean I could be paying £30 a month and NEVER ever in my life time actually use it?! It would be interesting to see it build up and it'll always be accessible for emergency!

February is over and already this year has been horribly eventful, so I am glad to see the back of February. After one of our cats passing away and various other personal issues, yeah - the month of 'Love' was not so loving after all.
March is always a good month for me, last year was amazing since I spent a couple weeks in Japan and so many good things happened. So lets hope this year, March treats me even better!! My Friend Sako is visiting in the next two weeks (I hope!) and we will be going shopping before she goes to Korea. I'm a little envious, however we have a pact that together we will go to Korea and Japan! I can't wait.
My ten march goals:

☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ (´・ω・`)?
☆ Last on my list -- find a reliable insurance company?

I really cannot think of ANYTHING right now that is not a repeat of February goals? I kinda did well and poorly at some. Kanji is a JOKE right now because of what is going on I can't focus clearly. I did pick up on a couple because of my Boyfriend teaching me however reading the kanji -- no no. I don't really get much support at home. So I try to study when everyone is away. I have ordered a book, which isn't anything to do with studying... but once I receive it and have read it I will probably write a small 'review' depending on how useful or up to date and reliable it is to people!