26 March 2013

Food + Hauntings

On the 19th March; we went out for a meal, though since the following day was a national holiday, most restaurants were packed full so it took a couple tries until we were finally seated at one restaurant, which I had been to in the past so we knew what to order with ease!! I really love 焼き鳥 (yakitori) so we ordered that along with スパイシーなポテト (spicy potato) - the choice of decoration Japanese use always amuses me. The resemblance of a hemp leaf. (I've also noticed my Boyfriend has similar air fresheners too)
At the restaurant you had 90 mins to drink drink drink; I think the drinks were half price, or you were given the chance to drink as much in a set price for the 90 mins, I wasn't sure. But I think we managed three rounds even before our food arrived -- uggh Japan will be the death of my liver for sure.

The following we day we went to help my Friend move house, well we basically had to move all her Boyfriends belongings too and he lives on the first floor so we were walking up and down a flight of stairs for maybe 3 hours? The area was really nice and seemed communal since it was rather out of the way, no buses, no cars, nothing. The house on the ground floor was supposedly haunted too, they never shut their windows and well I guess Japanese are really quite superstitious? 
While waiting for the next Car to return, I managed to take a few photographs of the area. It was so peaceful and quiet, so I did get an eerie sensation finally that someone was watching from the 'haunted house'. Creepy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was peaking 20 degree which totally puts to shame England's 10 degree or less. 
After everything was removed and emptied from the old apartment, we all went to visit the new apartment, which looks so cosy and spacious - maybe because it was empty. We sat and ate snacks etc which was refreshing. I was rather envious of how nice the apartment looks, it's three times the size of my Boyfriends current apartment! But I enjoy staying here regardless, it's nice to be here with him. 
Once we got back home we were seriously sleepy, well at least he was, and he seemed comfy sleeping on my legs for hours too.  ヾ(゚ε゚*)ノ

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