22 March 2013


I've been in Japan officially a week today. It feels so good to be back. (* ^^ *) My flight was rather smooth, I managed to make use of my German language since the Airline I used was German. I made a stop over in Frankfurt too, although I didn't really plan to spend much time looking around, actually; Germany airport was hard to navigate and customs was INCREDIBLY slow? I had just come off your airline, why the hell did I need ANOTHER bag search? People went through one by one, literally and if it beeped, you had to wait until they had completed a pat down. UGGH annoying, it was by far worse than China.. I kinda have to add, the passengers in front of me were incredibly rude, even the Japanese sat beside me kept sighing. Basically they remained silent during German announcement - then incredibly fucking loud during English and Japanese announcements. Anyway I kind of ranted like hell then, but I probably not use this Airline again.. but I had no problems really, just I wasn't fond of them and the food was gross. Okay stop.

I arrived at Narita supposedly at 8:30am however we reached around 9:00 and horribly luggage was delayed by another hour or so?! (T__T) So I did panic and try to connect my phone to tell my Boyfriend I was late. I pretty much flew through customs after I filled out ANOTHER sheet (I was given a Japanese customs pass, logic.) Once I was through the gates I started to panic again because I was so late, but I spotted my Boyfriend and it was such a relief I wanted to scream. (T 3 T) He explained later he was late because of traffic, which sums up his parking ticket being so small this time haha!

We got stuck in traffic coming back, but we decided to play a game: 勉強GO!GO! basically I was pointing out kanji for him to translate.. since I can read some hiragana and katakana I was easily reading the back of trucks. Well it easily passed time and kept me awake. One word I learned that day: 引越のサカイ  it was on the back of a moving truck with a cute Panda, although I haven't memorised the kanji.

It's really nice here, the temperature rarely dips below 10 degree, which is nice since England isn't even reaching close to 10! I will slowly update once I've finished the housework. I'm home alone today and I feel very poorly. (.___. ) Not fun.

I'm pretty sure my readers are like: eh? she's in Japan again? But of course. Where else would I be?


  1. Glad you made it safe and stuff!! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ
    I look forward to all your future blog posts c:

  2. I'm glad you safely arrived there and I hope you'll have an amazing time(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
    By the way, did you use Lufthansa this time? I'll also be using them in December so I was wondering, are they really that bad? It sure does sound quite annoying that everything took them so long(´><`)But at least you got there!

    1. The Staff themselves are REALLY polite! I had no issues with them at all. It was just other passengers which made it rather frustrating. The fact that the group in front of my seat really ticked me off. OTL

  3. Glad you had a safe journey! Can't wait to see more posts c:

  4. nya~ that's bad, that you were stressed out at the German airport. usually Lufthansa staff is really nice >.<... however, at the moment they do a strike for higher wages... and Franfurt has a really bad reputation regarding the checks (たとえば being overly strict..)... *sigh*
    glad you arrived safe and sound anyways ^.^

    1. The Staff were nice, well aside from them assuming I was German, which was difficult when the Staff serving meals was a Japanese male speaking German also! So he would talk in Japanese, before noticing I wasn't Asian, so he spoke German ;3;
      Oh the checks was so time consuming!! Seriously, especially since I was on a connecting flight? I'd already been checked!! (T__T) They took my drink too.. weh.

  5. I'm glad you got to Japan fine despite everything that happened D: People can be so disrespectful D:
    Can't wait to read more posts :3