27 September 2012

(・ω・) 食べるー!

Whenever someone discovers my interest in Japan, the first question that comes to mind is: What do you like about Japan? or Why do you like Japan? Usually it's an easy question for some, but really what do I personally like about Japan? I still can't say hand on heart just ONE thing, and for a Japanese person to ask me I always stumble at the question and feel awkward. 
However! My easiest escape route is to tell people I love Japanese food - traditional Japanese food, and well I always get a good reaction. During my stay, I've had so many new dishes cooked for me, so when I finally go home I will truly miss all these delicious meals. 
It was discovered I had never tried たこ焼き (takoyaki) so my Boyfriend came home with a takoyaki pan and we went out shopping for ingredients. Traditionally it should be cooked with octopus, however I am not a fan of octopus so we opted for our own fillings. Sausage, chicken, shrimp and cheese! We were going to add a ball of wasabi into two - a sort of russain roulette game. Oh! We also put chocolate into a couple as well!
We made so many and ate around 20+ pieces each. (T A T)/ But they were so delicious. On a recent dinner event I did eat TRUE takoyaki with octopus filling. I was a little worried about the texture after eating squid once, but it wasn't so bad afterall.
Another popular dish in Japan is, オムライス (omurice) although it is not traditionally a Japanese dish, it is very popular here! It is also relatively easy to make, so I will be sure to try this dish when I am back home!  My Boyfriend enjoys cooking this, and each time he has experimented with the rice~ the first time we had it with a curry!

So onto another delicious food! (non-Japanese) I've recently tried pizza while here in Japan! This is our second pizza shared together and they are SO delicious. Japanese pizza come in a huge assortment of flavours! My personal favourite is teriyaki chicken. But we always opt on the pizza with four different flavours,  which I've recently seen on British menus. We always order from Pizza-la and get home delivery, they also offer a lot of side orders, drinks and even a Children's set meal.

22 September 2012

(*´ω`*) Shibuya x Harajuku

Sep 14 2012: Today my Boyfriend had the day off work, so we headed out to Tokyo for the day. Originally we were going to head to a Garden in Yokohama, but the weather is sometimes really off putting with the heat. We stopped off at Shibuya 109, though I had only two shops in mind so we didn't dilly dally around. The new CO&LU items were out, which makes me miserable because I was too big for them. Damn my ass. I was tempted to buy a shirt, but the Staff were insisting I purchased three shirts, which would have saved me around 500/1000JPY, but, I saved myself 3,500JPY by not buying. HAH.
I have a bad track record with hand mirrors, and I knew CO&LU had hand mirrors which were not the plastic folding ones, so I bought this one! I had a choice of two colours but my Boyfriend suggested this one.
After we moved on to Laforet because I wanted to check out the fliers, but they hadn't been updated, or worth bothering to pick any up. So I then dragged the Boy towards Monomania - again nothing worth buying. I was tempted to buy the dripping heart ring, however in Harajuku there is an offbrand version of the SAME ring for perhaps 1,000JPY less. We slowly made our way towards Harajuku and stopped by the first shop, 777. Everything was apparently priced at 777JPY (or more or less, tssk) I was going to buy my Brother a new iPhone case but it was so impractical, since it was the same size as a retro camera, therefore not possible to fit into his pocket. Oh, my Boyfriend purchased this keychain for us. It's disgustingly romantic and it glows in the dark.. I admit, I stared at this for a good 10 minutes waiting for a leg to twitch.
Talking about romance and all that kissy stuff, I pointed out the 10ST store to my Boyfriend and out of interest I went down to see who they had left. Not many decent bands actually - though the Staff were quick to point out my own bracelet. I noticed a sign saying you could make your own bracelet for a set price, so I nudged my Boyfriend. I only wanted him to make his own - but instead we ended up making two bracelets of the same colour.
Of course when you are in Harajuku, it is the tradition to get a crepe!! I was going to treat my Boyfriend but he rushed in with his money, but struggled with finding the 30JPY in change so I managed to pay SOME. I probably have the most boring taste to him since this is my second strawberry and cream crepe. He had a.. pizza crepe. Tuna, lettuce, tomatoe sauce and I think mayonnaise.. and.. no. A crepe is a sweet! Why?!
We visited a couple more shops, Closet Child and Pet Paradise, we ended up buying his Dog a little Stitch outfit! So cute! Since it was my Boyfriend's Mothers Birthday I was allowed to give it to her when we next met! It was getting late so after stopping off to buy Kanako some perfume we headed back home. However we got stopped by someone photographing accessories etc and taking notes? It was so odd and he spoke so fast that I couldn't pick up much of the conversation either. Eventually he took photos of our bracelets, asked where we were from, he seemed surprised when we told him 'England'. On the walk back to Shibuya, I took some photographs of the graffiti tags there, so I may do a picture blog later, since there are a couple places here in Yokohama with graffiti tags. Oh we stopped off in the Disney Store, but some fat hag of a foreigner was stood in front of the Halloween stuff.
Still, really enjoying it out here~ I was going to add another two blogs here, but it's too lengthy and I need to shower, I'm not sure if we are going out later, I'm going to hint to go out, even if it's for a walk. I love it here.

18 September 2012

☆ LIVE AbDuction ★

Sep 1 2012: The very first of a new month in Japan! I spent it being a roadie for DELeTE and working along side them. They had a live at Ikebukuro EDGE and I have never been to this venue so luckily they took me along with them. It has been my second time working with them this year, but still very nervous being around them! (ノ´▽`)ノ

We arrived early that morning and I helped moved their equipment to allocated spots before going to watch the other bands sound check. It was a sigh of relief that Kuro was working again that day, so I had a familiar female face to bond with. We mainly sat in the make up room and dressing area which was fascinating to watch regular men turn into what we all see in glossy magazines and photos. When DELeTE went to sound check me and Kuro ran off for food and when we got back they had finished so Kuro dragged their Bassist off to finish his hair and finally the Vocalist was pulled off. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ
Since we were sat between backstage and the passage to get to the main hall, a lot of Girls kept glancing around the door every time it opened, by this time I was worried that if I left the room, I wouldn't get back through the door. However no one seemed to pay much attention to the foreigner slipping backstage. (。・ω・)ノ゙
The first band playing had a female vocalist and she was so sweet - albeit I wanted to take her to go eat since she was nothing but bones, uggh.
Having to do similar work as in March however I think this time was much better, despite my nerves I gradually warmed up to talking to a couple people steadily. It was pretty much DASH DASH when DELeTE had to go on, the guys were bumming around yet their name was called a dozen times before they moved. So Kuro and I went to the main hall and sat by their table (。A。)!!! Sadly I only had a small digi camera, but I was allowed to take photos for the band again! (・ω・)

psycho dropper

After watching them play, me and Kuro wiggled our way backstage in order to grab the Guitars etc and equipment and move back for the next band. Kuro sadly had to leave, so we took a photo before I went and sat with the band. Awkwardly I had to fix some of Renji's make up since the heat was insane backstage, but we moved into the main hall again and I sat back waiting for the next band that night. I was happy to see some familiar faces in the crowd too! DELeTE have a rather Friendly fanbase who were curious to ask who I was and if I would be at their next live too. (*´д`*)

【出演】 少年記 / Zelktage / ReViel / Sareal / 君は鋭く。 / DELeTE / グレヱテル

The journey home was tiring, and their Bassist passed out rather quickly and slept soundly until Renji started to yell 'OH MY GOD' because the heavy rain caused chaos on the roads. We stopped off a McDonalds, woo~ I really enjoyed working with DELeTE again. This time I had the band all to myself too.

Facebook: DELeTE UK
Facebook: DELeTE JP

13 September 2012

☆ Birthday Boy ☆

Sep 12 2012: Today was my Boyfriends Birthday! I had come from the UK with only a few gifts already, however I hadn't found him anything big and well, meaningful? I was actually in a bit of a pickle and running out of time, but luckily he was working during the day so I had time to run out into the sunshine and shop!
Well I was actually clueless as to where I could buy candles, but on our most recent shopping trip in Yokohama I spotted some in a 100 yen shop so I quickly made note! (´ω`) The Stitch plate was also for 100 yen, my Boyfriend doesn't seem to have a plate large enough for what I had planned. 
While fetching the cake from the super market I found the 'Baking Aisle' and temporarily wanted to kick myself because I could have baked.. However I did spot this!! I'm a Lilo and Stitch fiend and my Boyfriend doesn't mind it either (well he doesn't disagree with my addiction either) It's a chocolate name plate, but with Stitch and Scrump - SO CUTE. 
I also found some cute little gift bags, which will be useful for when I go back home, hoping I can get EVERYTHING back home. Here is the table! (●・ω・●)ノ I was so proud of myself.
However my Boyfriend arrived home an hour earlier than usual, so I spent five minutes blocking his way in AND blocking the fridge where the cakes were hiding. Eventually convincing him to go back out and get me melon soda, I rushed to prepare his cakes~ ta-da~~
He came back and had a smoke, asking me various times what was wrong, is it that hard to surprise a man?! But I ushered him into the room to see his cake and presents. His reaction was priceless, I wanted to film him since he moved back into the kitchen totally shy and amazed. (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) We took some photos of his cake etc before I set fire to everything lit the candles.
I apologised to him for not singing "Happy Birthday" since I sing out of key and horribly so it was for the best. The cakes were delicious, a cream spongecake and a cheesecake! After he opened his presents, which I was rather nervous about. But his smile and curiosity with everything made it seem worth while. He did leave the biggest till last - which made me nervous again when he opened it. (´Д` ) But he loved it! I am so glad that everything turned out wonderfully. I was so eager to blog about it that I skipped a couple other important blogs. But they will come soon, I promise!

7 September 2012

☆ Akihabara + Vocaloids ☆

Aug 29 2012: Yeah there is a big gap between the 16th and the 29th mainly due to an ear infection (which I still have) (_ _ ||) However despite this we went on a trip to Akihabara! Meeting up at McDonalds, we had a really satisfyingly unhealthy breakfast before locating our station - which, to get to Akihabara from Yokohama REALLY does take FOREVER. We eventually found our -- second train I believe of that day. My Boyfriend decided to fix Sakana-kun clothes, and turn him true Akihabara Boy.
Eventually, we arrived at Akihabara and I was instructed I would take lead. After being asked why I wanted to go to Akihabara, does one need a reason? They were pretty impressed however with everything they saw, from electrical products to hentai plastered all over in shops. Typical boys! We headed inside a couple arcades, of course. We watched one girl failing miserably on one UFOキャッチャー, the moment she left we dove in and won the prize, which I will never understand why because I don't know the anime either? My Boyfriend also won this HUGE hand fan that is amazing, I forgot to include it in a photo. I don't know what the T-Shirt is either, it was a one coin win. I also won a HUGE Kyary Pamu Pamu x Mameshiba pillow.. going back to the UK is going to be a MASSIVE struggle.
We went into a couple game stores. My Boyfriend came home with a PS2 and recently we started to play Lego Starwars but we have no memory card at the moment, so the excessive buzz of his PS2 being turned on is so annoying. Japanese games are incredibly expensive, Lego Starwars price tag says 5,800JPY however in the UK I'm sure it'd only be 20GBP. Ahh~ Anyway after a bit of shopping we stopped by at a Maid Cafe. Though it wasn't your over the top 'WELCOME BACK MASTER' kind of Maid Cafe, the atmosphere was really relaxed, despite being the only female customer in there. My Boyfriend and Friend tried English beer, and their reaction - well, hard to say. They certainly didn't like Newcastle Brown. Eventually we returned back to Yokohama for a concert!
Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku! It was an end of Summer event, FamilyMart are celebrating her 5th Anniversary - along with the release of Project Diva. I was super excited to see this live, it was also broadcast over nico nico too! It was great seeing such a variation of people attending, everyone of all ages and genders. Since usually the media only shows overly obsessed men engrossed in Vocaloids. There were cosplayers too, and so many things going on around you. The live was pretty amazing - as many of you may be aware Vocaloid are fictional 2D characters, however with todays technology, 2D can become 3D and Hatsune Miku was projected out in 3D goodness, dancing on the water of Yokohama Bay!!
A small collection of goodies from that night! It's so cute. Once the show was over we headed to get food since the guys were 'SUPER HUNGRY BOYS' and our little dinner date turned into a torture session of tabasco sauce and pizza. NEVER. AGAIN. It's horrendous and I lost three times.

5 September 2012

Summer 2012 Memories

 Yo! (。・ω・。)

Right now on Twitter there is the hashtag #Summer2012Memories, reading through a couple made me think back on this year - and summer. One of the top trending RT happened to be: 'Late nights with people who matter most' and I completely agree! I have spent various late nights with people, new and old, and I cherish the memories created with them this Summer. Okay so my Summer officially started in August a little later than most! But I have really enjoyed my time. (Yes, I do miss my Family and Cats right now)
Anyway, being here in Japan this Summer I have experienced many new things! I've been promised there are more to come also. Which I am truly excited to learn about, albeit a bit nervous.

☆ One very obvious memory is officially coming to Yokohama for the first time.
☆ My First Japanese BBQ - they're not entirely like Western BBQ, no burgers and buns.
☆ Endless nomikai~!! Japanese drinking sessions, again nothing like Western gatherings.
☆ Hanabi! Yes, everyone has fireworks but we never have them during British Summer.
☆ Maid Cafe! We went to a Maid Cafe in Akihabara - it had a slight Pirate theme.
☆ Cooking Japanese food with my Boyfriend. I'm a terrible cook however.