18 September 2012

☆ LIVE AbDuction ★

Sep 1 2012: The very first of a new month in Japan! I spent it being a roadie for DELeTE and working along side them. They had a live at Ikebukuro EDGE and I have never been to this venue so luckily they took me along with them. It has been my second time working with them this year, but still very nervous being around them! (ノ´▽`)ノ

We arrived early that morning and I helped moved their equipment to allocated spots before going to watch the other bands sound check. It was a sigh of relief that Kuro was working again that day, so I had a familiar female face to bond with. We mainly sat in the make up room and dressing area which was fascinating to watch regular men turn into what we all see in glossy magazines and photos. When DELeTE went to sound check me and Kuro ran off for food and when we got back they had finished so Kuro dragged their Bassist off to finish his hair and finally the Vocalist was pulled off. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ
Since we were sat between backstage and the passage to get to the main hall, a lot of Girls kept glancing around the door every time it opened, by this time I was worried that if I left the room, I wouldn't get back through the door. However no one seemed to pay much attention to the foreigner slipping backstage. (。・ω・)ノ゙
The first band playing had a female vocalist and she was so sweet - albeit I wanted to take her to go eat since she was nothing but bones, uggh.
Having to do similar work as in March however I think this time was much better, despite my nerves I gradually warmed up to talking to a couple people steadily. It was pretty much DASH DASH when DELeTE had to go on, the guys were bumming around yet their name was called a dozen times before they moved. So Kuro and I went to the main hall and sat by their table (。A。)!!! Sadly I only had a small digi camera, but I was allowed to take photos for the band again! (・ω・)

psycho dropper

After watching them play, me and Kuro wiggled our way backstage in order to grab the Guitars etc and equipment and move back for the next band. Kuro sadly had to leave, so we took a photo before I went and sat with the band. Awkwardly I had to fix some of Renji's make up since the heat was insane backstage, but we moved into the main hall again and I sat back waiting for the next band that night. I was happy to see some familiar faces in the crowd too! DELeTE have a rather Friendly fanbase who were curious to ask who I was and if I would be at their next live too. (*´д`*)

【出演】 少年記 / Zelktage / ReViel / Sareal / 君は鋭く。 / DELeTE / グレヱテル

The journey home was tiring, and their Bassist passed out rather quickly and slept soundly until Renji started to yell 'OH MY GOD' because the heavy rain caused chaos on the roads. We stopped off a McDonalds, woo~ I really enjoyed working with DELeTE again. This time I had the band all to myself too.

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