13 September 2012

☆ Birthday Boy ☆

Sep 12 2012: Today was my Boyfriends Birthday! I had come from the UK with only a few gifts already, however I hadn't found him anything big and well, meaningful? I was actually in a bit of a pickle and running out of time, but luckily he was working during the day so I had time to run out into the sunshine and shop!
Well I was actually clueless as to where I could buy candles, but on our most recent shopping trip in Yokohama I spotted some in a 100 yen shop so I quickly made note! (´ω`) The Stitch plate was also for 100 yen, my Boyfriend doesn't seem to have a plate large enough for what I had planned. 
While fetching the cake from the super market I found the 'Baking Aisle' and temporarily wanted to kick myself because I could have baked.. However I did spot this!! I'm a Lilo and Stitch fiend and my Boyfriend doesn't mind it either (well he doesn't disagree with my addiction either) It's a chocolate name plate, but with Stitch and Scrump - SO CUTE. 
I also found some cute little gift bags, which will be useful for when I go back home, hoping I can get EVERYTHING back home. Here is the table! (●・ω・●)ノ I was so proud of myself.
However my Boyfriend arrived home an hour earlier than usual, so I spent five minutes blocking his way in AND blocking the fridge where the cakes were hiding. Eventually convincing him to go back out and get me melon soda, I rushed to prepare his cakes~ ta-da~~
He came back and had a smoke, asking me various times what was wrong, is it that hard to surprise a man?! But I ushered him into the room to see his cake and presents. His reaction was priceless, I wanted to film him since he moved back into the kitchen totally shy and amazed. (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) We took some photos of his cake etc before I set fire to everything lit the candles.
I apologised to him for not singing "Happy Birthday" since I sing out of key and horribly so it was for the best. The cakes were delicious, a cream spongecake and a cheesecake! After he opened his presents, which I was rather nervous about. But his smile and curiosity with everything made it seem worth while. He did leave the biggest till last - which made me nervous again when he opened it. (´Д` ) But he loved it! I am so glad that everything turned out wonderfully. I was so eager to blog about it that I skipped a couple other important blogs. But they will come soon, I promise!


  1. Replies
    1. It was really delicious, even if I am not a fan of cheesecake. (^ ^)

  2. How adorable! The cake is so lovely,
    I bet he was really pleased with the surprise :'3


  3. Wow, what a lucky guy! XD Did you make the cake from scratch? It looks beautiful, and really tasty haha.

    1. Sadly not! He doesn't really have equipment to make such a cake. (/_T) But he didn't mind!
      I promised him a home made cake when comes to England.