25 January 2012

(●´ー`●) January Madness!

Totally not morning any more but I'm a pro at procrastinating and getting distracted! It will happen several more times until I hit 'Publish Post'

This month has been a little too hectic for me, and once it's over with - along comes another hectic month!
There has been a lot of planning going on this month, for several bands, two of which I only care for, and one of those haven't even announced their tour dates, so all plans are on hold sadly. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

☆ Screw are touring Europe this Summer, which will be amusing as London is the first show, a lot of people in Europe are saying how big the venue is over there, while London has the smallest venue in Camden, London. If I get the money I will travel to Europe, because there are a few people there who asked if I was attending! We will see! ( ̄ー ̄) It also means I can possibly meet my Friend, Aki! She will be following Screw around Europe, and I was reminded Aki is a Rui fan, so I am  not alone. (ハ≧ω≦`)〃 I know I have blog readers from Europe, who will be going to Screw? Lets see if I can find you!?

☆ After my chat with my Uncle earlier this month, all things are in Go!GO! mode. I guess that is why January is rather hectic, call it - last minute planning? I cannot wait to see him, early in February to thank him for the confidence boost, and generally try not to attack him with hugs. Thanks to him, March is going to be AMAZING for me. (*^ω^*)b I finally finished the last touches today, but it's still not over yet!

☆ It's decided that after Screw, Toni and I will start to plan our next trip together to Tokyo! The dates are not set yet so we are planning between October/November/December. I made a promise to myself I would be in Tokyo for Halloween and New Years Eve this year! ♪( ´▽`) So come join me in Tokyo! I will have a 3 month visitor visa to play with!

☆ All this month I understand the term 'January Sales' in a whole new light. I've made over £500 this month. which I am rather proud of that. But it's not going to stop just yet, of course not. It feels refreshing to make plans, and as well, have a huge clear out and sell some old things I no longer need or want. (´・ω・`)

That's it for madness this month. Bring on February~ the month of love, and pink! I have seen a couple 'Room Post' blogs recently, and it's really inspiring to do one myself. I may ask my Brother to use some of his flash photography equipment, and maybe use his fish eye lens to get some amazing shots. We'll see.

Recently I was asked where I get my pixels from, though they are nothing special.

"Kawaii Gifs" @ Tumblr
"Pixel-Dreams" @ Tumblr
"Pixelpeach" @ Livejournal, but you need to join the community!
Of course there are plenty of other places where you can get these from, but my main sources are from those three places, Pixelpeach is wonderful to navigate, since everything is tagged and labelled.

23 January 2012

恭喜發財 新年快乐

恭喜發財 新年快乐 !!! 身體健康~
Ah a quick blog, wishing all my readers another Happy New Year, this year is the year of the Dragon! Which is my year. For anyone smart enough will realise or be able to guess my age this way. OTL
Anyway! I have super-super exciting news. But after a stressful day, I am super tired, despite being super excited and hyped up on sugar. But it is good news! Ahh~ This blog is pointless.

21 January 2012

♫ Mail Get →

All my posts seem to be based on gets. ( ´Д`) I am sorry about that. There is little to talk about right now since my life is boring as of recent, other than applying for jobs - sleep eat and nap. (ノ_・、)

I recently got my parcel from Juu! It was a super late, but cute, Christmas gifts! So many - I can't remember what I actually sent Juu now, but I know I didn't wrap it - or did I? (/□\*) My memory is crap!
The card! She scolded me to read it first, it was inside a pack of fliers. Inside was a note and some stickers! Ahh! I love stickers. I put the white cat on my phone since my phone is black.
ALL OPENED!! What is there to see - notebook, pen, phone strap, candy, pencil case and some samples from Rituals that Juu keeps on recommending and talking about! So many things!
Pencil case, and then a close up of the straps. I love Stitch, oddly I saw the Ice Cream Stitch on this 'Gyaru Shopping' blog, (not very Gyaru I know) and kept debating on purchasing it, however only Mickey was left.
The note book is by Swimmer, Swimmer is such a cute brand, perfect for Fairy Kei style too. She also included a Hello Kitty pen, my own cat loved this pen, she likes feathers, but she was a little confused when I made it light up. Next, Candy and samples! Whenever I start to feel better I will try these after my bath.
Anyone who knows me should know by now that I love fliers and 'collecting' them. So Juu included a bunch of fliers, and I have no idea how she obtained these either, she is very amazing! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 She got all my favourite bands too!
These four are most certainly my favourite! I often get told by one member of コドモドラゴン that he is out giving fliers, thus I would want to punch him for the fact he is bragging I cannot obtain one unless I pay him personally - but that's a different story. Second batch is ジグラット fliers, I adore this band even though I have yet to see them live. I had met Mikito in Shibuya last year and he was a sweetheart. I realised I had met You previously in Japan also, all members are friendly and like to communicate with fans which I find really sweet.
Thank you, Juu! For all the amazing gifts, and sorry I have been moody so much this past week! 
I'm going to leave you all with a moody close up of Mikito with You. (● ´ ε ` ●)

18 January 2012

(σ3・`) Update + GETS!

So a few days ago I applied for a job and luckily they called back and arranged an interview for Today. Usually I worry a lot but I have been to half a dozen interviews now that I know the drill - somewhere I  must be messing up. I organised a meet with my Uncle since he used to be head of Human Resources - basically he was the big bad man who would interview people. So we had a mock interview - and then spoke about general things. Last time we did this was over a year ago, and he still had papers!
We had listed my Goals, and I actually completed 4 out of 5 goals. The one I didn't complete was going back to School. But I completed all the rest! I was rather proud of myself. After a couple hours of talking about life goals and how I feel about certain things we ate. My Uncle is a good motivator and it's something I have been needing for quite some time. We discussed Friends, Family and the Future - so I feel rather 'refreshed'.

Today was interview day. It was... uhm, quick. I had probably prepared myself too well, so I feel deflated because I had all these amazing answers in my mind too. I'm a little sad that, if I get the job I have to remove my piercings. Noo~ but I don't mind. 
Now for my GETS! 
 I noticed this shirt on the lovely Kayuu's (above) blog. I know in that a lot of Visual Kei bands will do work with Japanese brand SEX POT ReVeNGe, either promoting it by wearing it - or in this case a collaboration! Since ν[NEU] have been signed to a mainstream label, they're getting incredibly bigger! But this shirt was adorable. A couple people have actually ended up showing me this shirt, hinting I should purchase it since I adore ν[NEU], eventually I caved, purchased it and today it arrived!
I found it amusing they used green wrapping paper, perhaps it was by coincidence however ν[NEU] have been known for the bright green and neon colouring.
Totally adore this shirt, although I dislike SEX POT ReVeNGe usually sometimes they do happen to produce some nice pieces.

Well that is pretty much it. I have some more exciting news for all my readers, but it will have to wait! Please don't forget to check out my sale post which can be found here~!

13 January 2012

10st ×A (エース) ヾ(*`ω´*)

Ahoy! ☠ Back again with one of the best GETS of the year! In January, A (エース) announced they would be releasing another 20 of their 10st collaborative bracelets, which are of an amazing quality. 10st do a lot of collaborations with Japanese musicians. Here is the webpage. Even at a first glance you can tell these bracelets are going to have an edgy unique feel to them - and just look at the bands they have worked with!
10st×Megaromania 10st×DuelJewel 10st×Royz 10st×NEGA and MORE!
The only crazy side to these beautiful pieces is the price which tends to put a lot of oversea Japanese Rock fans off. Not me.  The moment I read this update at axrock I rushed to my wonderful shopping service in Japan and asked him to preorder one. The bracelet sold out in a matter of minutes, but it can still be found online. Each bracelet ordered came with a free gift too!

素材: (Material:)
☠ オニキス(オリジナルロゴ入り) - Onyx (with A logo)
☠ 黒ドクロ(ハウライト) - Black skull (Hauraito, though I am not sure what this is?)
☠ 赤メノウ
☠ オニキス64面カット - Red Onyx
☠ レインボーアクアオーラ - Rainbow Aqua, the clear crystal shines rainbow. Beautiful!
☠ ゴールドクロスチャーム付 - Gold Cross Charm
Catching the diamonds glinting - I feel like a photography master. This is the bracelet! The gift was a cheki! Mini drum roll please~ (sadly A (エース) do not have a drummer, otherwise I would quote his name.)
ROOKIE FIDDLER! I think I almost caused my Father to crash when realising who was on this cheki. I'm not sure if he is wearing the bracelet shown, but all of A (エース) own a 10st bracelet - shamelessly promoting it.
Time for my own shameless promoting:
A (エース) OHP Their official page.
Livejournal Fansite A's first dedicated Livejournal, I STRONGLY suggest this site for News, Updates and Information!
Twitter Page  For people on the go! Can't access Livejournal on the go? Then follow this Twitter!
Facebook Fan Page  Consider yourself as a Hearty?

6 January 2012


I actually wanted to do this 12/28 but lacking in motivation, etc etc.
A year ago on that date I attended a live @ ShinjukuMARZ - Japan.

The band are dumb, "3nd" is a typo, it was actually their "2nd" oneman live. This live was the main reason for me to scrape every last penny I could possibly find in the remaining three months of the year.

I travelled with my Friend Toni, and her Friend. We arrived in Japan on the 27th, so we were pretty jet lagged the next day. I got told Shinjuku is a strange area, but I didn't particularly care. Of course, we got lost, I ended up asking the first white person I could find to ask for directions, he was a really TALL american, who was  more creepy than the older men starring. BUT, we got lost again, well we were actually really close to the live house, just a couple blocks away. (Japan have live houses in the weirdest place.) But a nice Kansai man came to help us, though a little sarcastic and witty, since I asked him for 'Shinjuku Marz' he decided to name planets in English while walking us that way. He pointed out all the places on the map for us too. I swear if I ever hear the word パチンコ again!

RESULT! We found MARZ. The Guy - I think his name was Kenji? He asked us to name a Japanese band, with a Japanese name. It kept us guessing for some time. Can any of my followers/readers name a Japanese band with a Japanese name? (Solo artists do not count.) The only one I managed was 東京指定 haha.
The guy was so nice I asked him for a photo, he was more of a poser than me (left). While we were stood, the band did come out - but not my favourite member, of course he needs to be on a leash.
Kenji did approach the band for us, asking them questions in Japanese, to which I did not understand since he walked off and I couldn't listen in. But Kenji returned, and told us they were shocked to see foreign girls at the show. 笑 After this, Kenji took us on a tour of Shinjuku, he snapped a couple photos of us too. 
I had arranged to meet a blog Friend from Ameba at PIECElang, which I had forgotten about until she approached me - how do you greet a Japanese person? My British instinct was to hug her. But a simple bow, wave and sort of giggle seemed to work the trick. But we both had limited words since the language barrier invaded us, I guess we only managed to do an introduction.
Hours passed, eventually we were let in. As much as I love the Japanese entry system, I really-really need to work on my numbers. ( ´Д`) But thankfully the Girls behind us helped, and the ticket-yeller also helped us. Either way we got in and I totally ripped a huge hole in my wallet, well it was necessary. PIECElang merch is live only, and even on auctions is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain (apart from CD, which I own ALL of them)
PIECElang had an even weirder system which was, 2 people for 1 ticket, we got a DVD and a flier too, since PIECElang call their lives 'PARTY'. So it was a party. We gathered around the stage and just spoke, the saizen in front of us were doing the furi, so I picked up pretty easily on that by watching them.
I would love to share with you every little detail of how the live went, but it is impossible. Basically, this live held two meanings: I met Pinpin in Shibuya when I first went to Japan, so I found him a little unique, quirky and down right idiotic since his bandmate, ANDo punched him for being so hyperactive. Ever since then, I have been hooked on PIECElang. Also the live we attended, was ANDo's last live. So it held the end of a chapter for him. The live was tearful during MC, each member said their last "Thank You" - which, was all Pinpin actually said to ANDo, that was a little heart wrenching, because as a DJ he is always so lively. Thus his name DJ☆ぴんぴん, which roughly translated back is 'lively/energetic' 笑 

Oh, during ANDo's MC, once he finished it, the British fans decided to 'surprise' him. We stepped forward and let off a couple party poppers. It made him jump, and the saizen thought the band had done it, so they tried to collect the confetti. 笑 But, HKR and the band thought it was very amazing, but ANDo kept saying he was shocked. He thanked everyone for showing up, even though it wasn't a sell out as I wished.

Best Points:
♪  ANDo, picking his nose - in front of us all. He only realised this when a girl gave him a pack of tissues, it was truly disgusting - yet awesome.

♪  Pinpin, suddenly emerging  from behind his deck with a set of pompoms. He is so very awkward and hyperactive on stage. I was waiting for this to appear.
♪  Kana being unable to wipe his nose, so HKR came along to wipe it for him, the brotherly love in this band is so great. Though HKR calls Pinpin tiresome.
♪  Aki, giving Pinpin a hug. Pinpin left the stage for a short moment during the MC. Aki said the sweetest thing to ANDo, telling him he loved and would miss him.
♪  HKR, he was very affectionate to his Band and the Fans. Even though he is the vocalist, he let ANDo shine that night.

After the night, cheki was released, I spent so much again. I traded a couple inside, then Kana wandered in with more cheki. I love how comfortable Japanese musicians are, they can walk in freely without being mauled and attacked by hundreds of fan girls - the total opposite happens here in Europe, and it's actually annoying.
I went outside and met with my Japanese Friend who had been asking for me. She shown me her cheki and she had the most adorable cheki of Pinpin, I was jealous, and I shown her mine, she called ANDo an idiot too 笑  I really miss her, I keep forgetting to write to her too. While leaving I pulled down the poster for the venue for keepsakes. I am so glad I did now since this was there final oneman show too --
I will honestly miss this band and the Friendship they held. PIECElang said, due to musical differences they would disband. Shortly after the devastating news in March of the Earthquake and Tsunami, it was announced Kana had lost his parents. Which seemed to be the final dot to end of PIECElang. Aki has now moved on to a new band called -dist-. HKR now known as his former name Hikaru works with Haku on a side project, who occasionally Pinpin is called up to drum for them. ANDo of course went to complete and continue on with Family Business.

Here is their one, and only PV that was to be released on their first mini album! Enjoy.

1 January 2012

。◕ ‿ ◕。 Happy New Year

Firstly, I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year! I did two countdowns this year, for my Friends in Japan, although I didn't 'celebrate' - I simply wished a few Friends a wonderful new year. I still have to write to my Friend Rei - I haven't spoke to her in almost 9 months now. Then I joined my Family for the first time in nearly five years. In the past I have been either with a partner, or in Japan.
In 2009 I was in Japan for New Years Eve, it was so amazing. Although it was spent inside a venue, we counted down the year with many bands. The second year for 2010 was the same, although I am not a huge fan of Daizy Stripper, we counted the New Year in with them. Japanese fans are so Friendly, so we all hugged and wished each other a safe and happy new year. A little awkward because my Japanese was so limited. So it was nice to spend New Year with my Family. (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!
So, the big question now is, What is your New Years resolution? According to statistics, the top 5 are:
1. To lose weight.
2. Become more organised.
3. Spend less / Save more.
4. Appreciate and enjoy life.
5. Stay fit and healthy.

I personally think they are very boring New Year resolutions. Because naturally people try to do all five at some point during the year anyway? So let's be realistic and creative! (But also keep it within a goal you can reach.) ( ゚∀(・-・)

My top 5 would be:
1. To get a job, full or part time that is not agency.
2. Learn Japanese, practise daily (if I can).
3. Save more - I cannot actually spend LESS.
4. Get evening classes towards Summer.
5. Become more sociable.

I am hoping to achieve all five! There are other goals that I would like to reach but for now they're not that important. 
A little after Christmas I finally got my gifts from my Friend in America, Aurora. I sent her a pack of fliers, and a bunch of other goodies which I had obtained from my Japan trip. She also recieved お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】cheki and comment DVD which I hope was a great surprise, she seemed really happy. 
Here are my gifts! She sent me such a big selection of goodies! Waa!


I got some nail strips! These seem to be super popular as of late, so I cannot wait to try them out. She sent me the colours: Blue ice - Glitz Blitz - Bling it on - Cry baby. I really love the 'Bling it on' colour and name.
Growing Duck - my first reaction to this was, 'What would happen if I eat it?' My Father said, 'You would be very stupid to try that.' But hey, curiosity didn't always kill the cat. I also got a cute bracelet, and a necklace from Forever 21. WHICH, I need to go visit when I am next in London.
Sunglasses, these are an 'inside joke' However I love them. I cannot wait to deco them either. Then the inside joke may - or may  not become clear. The pencil case is so cute too, oh gosh I have so many pencil cases unusued, so I may TRY and use this as a make up case to keep in my room so it doesn't get dirty. 
Next she sent me STITCH IN A CAR. AHAHA. I love Stitch, she also sent me Nerds, guys, in England we do not get these any more, I remember eating them when I was younger but now they have been removed from the market and are impossible to get here - unless you go to Cyber Candy and pay insane prices. This box is HUGE too. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
(●´ϖ`●) ガチャピ ガチャピ ガチャピ ガチャピ (●´ϖ`●)
This is the best part of my gift! Having asked Aurora for the Gachapin book on the left for such a long time, the online shop was American based, so P+P to Europe was pretty crazy. So I asked Aurora and I would pay her back, only she took forever, and we sorta forgot about it, until now. She actually got me the whole Gachapin set too. I have a letter set and stickers. So much Gachapin! I absolutely love Gachapin. (●´ϖ`●)

That was all~ including a letter, fan art and a 「東京指定」 flier I haven't got yet. It made my day happy so much, since I had to cancel my pre-order for Super Lovers lucky bag. I had it on order since November, but the shipping was increased and it was so expensive. It reached 10,000yen. Instead I will order ジグラット and コドモドラゴン! 

Oh one last photo! I already have Stitch in his Car, but a red version. Now I have an orange version! One day I will perhaps show you my Stitch collection (o*・ω・)