1 January 2012

。◕ ‿ ◕。 Happy New Year

Firstly, I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year! I did two countdowns this year, for my Friends in Japan, although I didn't 'celebrate' - I simply wished a few Friends a wonderful new year. I still have to write to my Friend Rei - I haven't spoke to her in almost 9 months now. Then I joined my Family for the first time in nearly five years. In the past I have been either with a partner, or in Japan.
In 2009 I was in Japan for New Years Eve, it was so amazing. Although it was spent inside a venue, we counted down the year with many bands. The second year for 2010 was the same, although I am not a huge fan of Daizy Stripper, we counted the New Year in with them. Japanese fans are so Friendly, so we all hugged and wished each other a safe and happy new year. A little awkward because my Japanese was so limited. So it was nice to spend New Year with my Family. (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!
So, the big question now is, What is your New Years resolution? According to statistics, the top 5 are:
1. To lose weight.
2. Become more organised.
3. Spend less / Save more.
4. Appreciate and enjoy life.
5. Stay fit and healthy.

I personally think they are very boring New Year resolutions. Because naturally people try to do all five at some point during the year anyway? So let's be realistic and creative! (But also keep it within a goal you can reach.) ( ゚∀(・-・)

My top 5 would be:
1. To get a job, full or part time that is not agency.
2. Learn Japanese, practise daily (if I can).
3. Save more - I cannot actually spend LESS.
4. Get evening classes towards Summer.
5. Become more sociable.

I am hoping to achieve all five! There are other goals that I would like to reach but for now they're not that important. 
A little after Christmas I finally got my gifts from my Friend in America, Aurora. I sent her a pack of fliers, and a bunch of other goodies which I had obtained from my Japan trip. She also recieved お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】cheki and comment DVD which I hope was a great surprise, she seemed really happy. 
Here are my gifts! She sent me such a big selection of goodies! Waa!


I got some nail strips! These seem to be super popular as of late, so I cannot wait to try them out. She sent me the colours: Blue ice - Glitz Blitz - Bling it on - Cry baby. I really love the 'Bling it on' colour and name.
Growing Duck - my first reaction to this was, 'What would happen if I eat it?' My Father said, 'You would be very stupid to try that.' But hey, curiosity didn't always kill the cat. I also got a cute bracelet, and a necklace from Forever 21. WHICH, I need to go visit when I am next in London.
Sunglasses, these are an 'inside joke' However I love them. I cannot wait to deco them either. Then the inside joke may - or may  not become clear. The pencil case is so cute too, oh gosh I have so many pencil cases unusued, so I may TRY and use this as a make up case to keep in my room so it doesn't get dirty. 
Next she sent me STITCH IN A CAR. AHAHA. I love Stitch, she also sent me Nerds, guys, in England we do not get these any more, I remember eating them when I was younger but now they have been removed from the market and are impossible to get here - unless you go to Cyber Candy and pay insane prices. This box is HUGE too. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
(●´ϖ`●) ガチャピ ガチャピ ガチャピ ガチャピ (●´ϖ`●)
This is the best part of my gift! Having asked Aurora for the Gachapin book on the left for such a long time, the online shop was American based, so P+P to Europe was pretty crazy. So I asked Aurora and I would pay her back, only she took forever, and we sorta forgot about it, until now. She actually got me the whole Gachapin set too. I have a letter set and stickers. So much Gachapin! I absolutely love Gachapin. (●´ϖ`●)

That was all~ including a letter, fan art and a 「東京指定」 flier I haven't got yet. It made my day happy so much, since I had to cancel my pre-order for Super Lovers lucky bag. I had it on order since November, but the shipping was increased and it was so expensive. It reached 10,000yen. Instead I will order ジグラット and コドモドラゴン! 

Oh one last photo! I already have Stitch in his Car, but a red version. Now I have an orange version! One day I will perhaps show you my Stitch collection (o*・ω・)


  1. Happy New Year to you o(≧∀≦)o
    You got so many nice presents!! I really like Stitch too but I don't own anything of him, sadly ((;_;)) I'd love to see your collection one day.
    And the Gachapin things and pencil case are so cute too!

  2. Thank you! o(≧∀≦)o I hope it's a nyappy year for us all!
    Oh no! Stitch is quite possibly my most favourite Disney character. It's really tempting to show my collection. I have everything from DVD, movie poster, sticker album and plush toys. ( ´Д`)
    I religiously collected each 'seasonal' Stitch from the Disney Store too. I cannot resist.
    (*ノ・ω・)ノ Too cute, it's a weakness.

  3. I hope so too! I really hope they'll come back this year but I won't expect too much.
    There isn't even a Disney Store in Holland, ugh (´Д`;) I've been to one in London last summer and the Stitch plushies were so extremely cute! Sadly enough they were also extremely expensive (泣)

  4. I still have my bets on 2013. They celebrated their 5th Anniversary, so they are bound to do something for their 10th. Which - makes me feel incredibly old.
    Oh no! ( ゚Д゚) Seriously?! I'd cry. Yeah they tend to be expensive, the bigger they are. There's a keychain in at the moment which says 'I LOVE NERDS' but it's not cute. (´∀`) I don't love nerds either.