13 January 2012

10st ×A (エース) ヾ(*`ω´*)

Ahoy! ☠ Back again with one of the best GETS of the year! In January, A (エース) announced they would be releasing another 20 of their 10st collaborative bracelets, which are of an amazing quality. 10st do a lot of collaborations with Japanese musicians. Here is the webpage. Even at a first glance you can tell these bracelets are going to have an edgy unique feel to them - and just look at the bands they have worked with!
10st×Megaromania 10st×DuelJewel 10st×Royz 10st×NEGA and MORE!
The only crazy side to these beautiful pieces is the price which tends to put a lot of oversea Japanese Rock fans off. Not me.  The moment I read this update at axrock I rushed to my wonderful shopping service in Japan and asked him to preorder one. The bracelet sold out in a matter of minutes, but it can still be found online. Each bracelet ordered came with a free gift too!

素材: (Material:)
☠ オニキス(オリジナルロゴ入り) - Onyx (with A logo)
☠ 黒ドクロ(ハウライト) - Black skull (Hauraito, though I am not sure what this is?)
☠ 赤メノウ
☠ オニキス64面カット - Red Onyx
☠ レインボーアクアオーラ - Rainbow Aqua, the clear crystal shines rainbow. Beautiful!
☠ ゴールドクロスチャーム付 - Gold Cross Charm
Catching the diamonds glinting - I feel like a photography master. This is the bracelet! The gift was a cheki! Mini drum roll please~ (sadly A (エース) do not have a drummer, otherwise I would quote his name.)
ROOKIE FIDDLER! I think I almost caused my Father to crash when realising who was on this cheki. I'm not sure if he is wearing the bracelet shown, but all of A (エース) own a 10st bracelet - shamelessly promoting it.
Time for my own shameless promoting:
A (エース) OHP Their official page.
Livejournal Fansite A's first dedicated Livejournal, I STRONGLY suggest this site for News, Updates and Information!
Twitter Page  For people on the go! Can't access Livejournal on the go? Then follow this Twitter!
Facebook Fan Page  Consider yourself as a Hearty?

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