6 January 2012


I actually wanted to do this 12/28 but lacking in motivation, etc etc.
A year ago on that date I attended a live @ ShinjukuMARZ - Japan.

The band are dumb, "3nd" is a typo, it was actually their "2nd" oneman live. This live was the main reason for me to scrape every last penny I could possibly find in the remaining three months of the year.

I travelled with my Friend Toni, and her Friend. We arrived in Japan on the 27th, so we were pretty jet lagged the next day. I got told Shinjuku is a strange area, but I didn't particularly care. Of course, we got lost, I ended up asking the first white person I could find to ask for directions, he was a really TALL american, who was  more creepy than the older men starring. BUT, we got lost again, well we were actually really close to the live house, just a couple blocks away. (Japan have live houses in the weirdest place.) But a nice Kansai man came to help us, though a little sarcastic and witty, since I asked him for 'Shinjuku Marz' he decided to name planets in English while walking us that way. He pointed out all the places on the map for us too. I swear if I ever hear the word パチンコ again!

RESULT! We found MARZ. The Guy - I think his name was Kenji? He asked us to name a Japanese band, with a Japanese name. It kept us guessing for some time. Can any of my followers/readers name a Japanese band with a Japanese name? (Solo artists do not count.) The only one I managed was 東京指定 haha.
The guy was so nice I asked him for a photo, he was more of a poser than me (left). While we were stood, the band did come out - but not my favourite member, of course he needs to be on a leash.
Kenji did approach the band for us, asking them questions in Japanese, to which I did not understand since he walked off and I couldn't listen in. But Kenji returned, and told us they were shocked to see foreign girls at the show. 笑 After this, Kenji took us on a tour of Shinjuku, he snapped a couple photos of us too. 
I had arranged to meet a blog Friend from Ameba at PIECElang, which I had forgotten about until she approached me - how do you greet a Japanese person? My British instinct was to hug her. But a simple bow, wave and sort of giggle seemed to work the trick. But we both had limited words since the language barrier invaded us, I guess we only managed to do an introduction.
Hours passed, eventually we were let in. As much as I love the Japanese entry system, I really-really need to work on my numbers. ( ´Д`) But thankfully the Girls behind us helped, and the ticket-yeller also helped us. Either way we got in and I totally ripped a huge hole in my wallet, well it was necessary. PIECElang merch is live only, and even on auctions is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain (apart from CD, which I own ALL of them)
PIECElang had an even weirder system which was, 2 people for 1 ticket, we got a DVD and a flier too, since PIECElang call their lives 'PARTY'. So it was a party. We gathered around the stage and just spoke, the saizen in front of us were doing the furi, so I picked up pretty easily on that by watching them.
I would love to share with you every little detail of how the live went, but it is impossible. Basically, this live held two meanings: I met Pinpin in Shibuya when I first went to Japan, so I found him a little unique, quirky and down right idiotic since his bandmate, ANDo punched him for being so hyperactive. Ever since then, I have been hooked on PIECElang. Also the live we attended, was ANDo's last live. So it held the end of a chapter for him. The live was tearful during MC, each member said their last "Thank You" - which, was all Pinpin actually said to ANDo, that was a little heart wrenching, because as a DJ he is always so lively. Thus his name DJ☆ぴんぴん, which roughly translated back is 'lively/energetic' 笑 

Oh, during ANDo's MC, once he finished it, the British fans decided to 'surprise' him. We stepped forward and let off a couple party poppers. It made him jump, and the saizen thought the band had done it, so they tried to collect the confetti. 笑 But, HKR and the band thought it was very amazing, but ANDo kept saying he was shocked. He thanked everyone for showing up, even though it wasn't a sell out as I wished.

Best Points:
♪  ANDo, picking his nose - in front of us all. He only realised this when a girl gave him a pack of tissues, it was truly disgusting - yet awesome.

♪  Pinpin, suddenly emerging  from behind his deck with a set of pompoms. He is so very awkward and hyperactive on stage. I was waiting for this to appear.
♪  Kana being unable to wipe his nose, so HKR came along to wipe it for him, the brotherly love in this band is so great. Though HKR calls Pinpin tiresome.
♪  Aki, giving Pinpin a hug. Pinpin left the stage for a short moment during the MC. Aki said the sweetest thing to ANDo, telling him he loved and would miss him.
♪  HKR, he was very affectionate to his Band and the Fans. Even though he is the vocalist, he let ANDo shine that night.

After the night, cheki was released, I spent so much again. I traded a couple inside, then Kana wandered in with more cheki. I love how comfortable Japanese musicians are, they can walk in freely without being mauled and attacked by hundreds of fan girls - the total opposite happens here in Europe, and it's actually annoying.
I went outside and met with my Japanese Friend who had been asking for me. She shown me her cheki and she had the most adorable cheki of Pinpin, I was jealous, and I shown her mine, she called ANDo an idiot too 笑  I really miss her, I keep forgetting to write to her too. While leaving I pulled down the poster for the venue for keepsakes. I am so glad I did now since this was there final oneman show too --
I will honestly miss this band and the Friendship they held. PIECElang said, due to musical differences they would disband. Shortly after the devastating news in March of the Earthquake and Tsunami, it was announced Kana had lost his parents. Which seemed to be the final dot to end of PIECElang. Aki has now moved on to a new band called -dist-. HKR now known as his former name Hikaru works with Haku on a side project, who occasionally Pinpin is called up to drum for them. ANDo of course went to complete and continue on with Family Business.

Here is their one, and only PV that was to be released on their first mini album! Enjoy.


  1. I guess I'd have given anything to see them live once.
    But well.. that's life... sadly

  2. They were the only reason I went back to Japan that year. Selfish and carelessly, but I managed it. ^^

  3. I guess if there was a last live for my fav. Band I'd do the same... Sadly I was stuck in my exams due that time, so no spontanious trips were possible for me D:

  4. I'm glad I got to share this moment with you and the band.