25 January 2012

(●´ー`●) January Madness!

Totally not morning any more but I'm a pro at procrastinating and getting distracted! It will happen several more times until I hit 'Publish Post'

This month has been a little too hectic for me, and once it's over with - along comes another hectic month!
There has been a lot of planning going on this month, for several bands, two of which I only care for, and one of those haven't even announced their tour dates, so all plans are on hold sadly. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

☆ Screw are touring Europe this Summer, which will be amusing as London is the first show, a lot of people in Europe are saying how big the venue is over there, while London has the smallest venue in Camden, London. If I get the money I will travel to Europe, because there are a few people there who asked if I was attending! We will see! ( ̄ー ̄) It also means I can possibly meet my Friend, Aki! She will be following Screw around Europe, and I was reminded Aki is a Rui fan, so I am  not alone. (ハ≧ω≦`)〃 I know I have blog readers from Europe, who will be going to Screw? Lets see if I can find you!?

☆ After my chat with my Uncle earlier this month, all things are in Go!GO! mode. I guess that is why January is rather hectic, call it - last minute planning? I cannot wait to see him, early in February to thank him for the confidence boost, and generally try not to attack him with hugs. Thanks to him, March is going to be AMAZING for me. (*^ω^*)b I finally finished the last touches today, but it's still not over yet!

☆ It's decided that after Screw, Toni and I will start to plan our next trip together to Tokyo! The dates are not set yet so we are planning between October/November/December. I made a promise to myself I would be in Tokyo for Halloween and New Years Eve this year! ♪( ´▽`) So come join me in Tokyo! I will have a 3 month visitor visa to play with!

☆ All this month I understand the term 'January Sales' in a whole new light. I've made over £500 this month. which I am rather proud of that. But it's not going to stop just yet, of course not. It feels refreshing to make plans, and as well, have a huge clear out and sell some old things I no longer need or want. (´・ω・`)

That's it for madness this month. Bring on February~ the month of love, and pink! I have seen a couple 'Room Post' blogs recently, and it's really inspiring to do one myself. I may ask my Brother to use some of his flash photography equipment, and maybe use his fish eye lens to get some amazing shots. We'll see.

Recently I was asked where I get my pixels from, though they are nothing special.

"Kawaii Gifs" @ Tumblr
"Pixel-Dreams" @ Tumblr
"Pixelpeach" @ Livejournal, but you need to join the community!
Of course there are plenty of other places where you can get these from, but my main sources are from those three places, Pixelpeach is wonderful to navigate, since everything is tagged and labelled.


  1. I'd love to go to see Screw and they're coming to Holland as well. Thing is I don't know anyone to go with (´・ω・`)
    Sounds very exciting that you're going to Japan again! I bet it'd be lovely to spend New Years Eve in Tokyo☆
    Wuah you definitely made a lot of money! I'm selling some stuff as well now but I've only gained €60 euros so far (笑) My stuff isn't that special though... And sure you can still make more money. I'm still interesting in buying the Kanon cheki and the bag if you decide to sell them in the end (´∀`*)
    I'd love to see your room. I saw your wall with An Cafe posters on LJ some time ago. Looks amazing! My walls are so plain and boring OTL

  2. If I have enough money to make it into Europe, I will let you know at least a couple months in advance! I suspect I will be going with Juu too!
    I was lucky with the money front, because of selling those signatures for such a high price. (≧ω≦) Keep up the hard work! You can do it.
    Ah, I forgot about the bag! ( ´A`) I hope it cleans but I am still unsure about the cheki right now. OTL

    Strangely, I like plain or 'boring' walls - or with very few/basic images and posters? So I don't understand why my posters take over 90% of wall space, sometimes it's messy looking.

  3. Oh that'd be so awesome! I don't even know where to order the tickets and how much they are though OTL I'll check it soon. I'd love to go to London but I haven't got enough money, not allowed to fly by my own... You know it.
    Ah yes, they must be worth a lot of money! I'm just selling some old clothes but they aren't special or anything so they're pretty cheap (笑) I now at least have made a start for saving money to go to Japan.
    I can understand it, take your time. I don't want you to regret it (´・ω・`)
    Hmm my walls have been plain for so long I'm getting fed up with it. But on the other hand, my walls used to be full with posters some years ago which was way too messy... I get bored of things easily I guess~