18 January 2012

(σ3・`) Update + GETS!

So a few days ago I applied for a job and luckily they called back and arranged an interview for Today. Usually I worry a lot but I have been to half a dozen interviews now that I know the drill - somewhere I  must be messing up. I organised a meet with my Uncle since he used to be head of Human Resources - basically he was the big bad man who would interview people. So we had a mock interview - and then spoke about general things. Last time we did this was over a year ago, and he still had papers!
We had listed my Goals, and I actually completed 4 out of 5 goals. The one I didn't complete was going back to School. But I completed all the rest! I was rather proud of myself. After a couple hours of talking about life goals and how I feel about certain things we ate. My Uncle is a good motivator and it's something I have been needing for quite some time. We discussed Friends, Family and the Future - so I feel rather 'refreshed'.

Today was interview day. It was... uhm, quick. I had probably prepared myself too well, so I feel deflated because I had all these amazing answers in my mind too. I'm a little sad that, if I get the job I have to remove my piercings. Noo~ but I don't mind. 
Now for my GETS! 
 I noticed this shirt on the lovely Kayuu's (above) blog. I know in that a lot of Visual Kei bands will do work with Japanese brand SEX POT ReVeNGe, either promoting it by wearing it - or in this case a collaboration! Since ν[NEU] have been signed to a mainstream label, they're getting incredibly bigger! But this shirt was adorable. A couple people have actually ended up showing me this shirt, hinting I should purchase it since I adore ν[NEU], eventually I caved, purchased it and today it arrived!
I found it amusing they used green wrapping paper, perhaps it was by coincidence however ν[NEU] have been known for the bright green and neon colouring.
Totally adore this shirt, although I dislike SEX POT ReVeNGe usually sometimes they do happen to produce some nice pieces.

Well that is pretty much it. I have some more exciting news for all my readers, but it will have to wait! Please don't forget to check out my sale post which can be found here~!


  1. I really hope you'll get the job! (* ´ ▽ ` *) I should get a job for during the weekends as I want to start saving money for my plane ticket and other things. Sadly there isn't much out here for me though, considering my age (;;)
    The shirt is really nice! I'd seen it on CDJapan some time ago and I really like the design☆ Moreover, I think ν[NEU] is great.

  2. good luck to get the job! You can do it! <3

    The shirt is amazing!

  3. @ Ashley: Thank you. I am still waiting on a call, but it's 8pm here now. Hopefully they might call tomorrow.
    Yes! I love them, but merchandise is hard to get unless you attend lives. Mitsu cheki sells for over 1,000yen (_ _||)

    @ Jenny: Thank you! ( ´Д`) All luck is truly thanked, and needed. The job market is slow right now.