21 January 2012

♫ Mail Get →

All my posts seem to be based on gets. ( ´Д`) I am sorry about that. There is little to talk about right now since my life is boring as of recent, other than applying for jobs - sleep eat and nap. (ノ_・、)

I recently got my parcel from Juu! It was a super late, but cute, Christmas gifts! So many - I can't remember what I actually sent Juu now, but I know I didn't wrap it - or did I? (/□\*) My memory is crap!
The card! She scolded me to read it first, it was inside a pack of fliers. Inside was a note and some stickers! Ahh! I love stickers. I put the white cat on my phone since my phone is black.
ALL OPENED!! What is there to see - notebook, pen, phone strap, candy, pencil case and some samples from Rituals that Juu keeps on recommending and talking about! So many things!
Pencil case, and then a close up of the straps. I love Stitch, oddly I saw the Ice Cream Stitch on this 'Gyaru Shopping' blog, (not very Gyaru I know) and kept debating on purchasing it, however only Mickey was left.
The note book is by Swimmer, Swimmer is such a cute brand, perfect for Fairy Kei style too. She also included a Hello Kitty pen, my own cat loved this pen, she likes feathers, but she was a little confused when I made it light up. Next, Candy and samples! Whenever I start to feel better I will try these after my bath.
Anyone who knows me should know by now that I love fliers and 'collecting' them. So Juu included a bunch of fliers, and I have no idea how she obtained these either, she is very amazing! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 She got all my favourite bands too!
These four are most certainly my favourite! I often get told by one member of コドモドラゴン that he is out giving fliers, thus I would want to punch him for the fact he is bragging I cannot obtain one unless I pay him personally - but that's a different story. Second batch is ジグラット fliers, I adore this band even though I have yet to see them live. I had met Mikito in Shibuya last year and he was a sweetheart. I realised I had met You previously in Japan also, all members are friendly and like to communicate with fans which I find really sweet.
Thank you, Juu! For all the amazing gifts, and sorry I have been moody so much this past week! 
I'm going to leave you all with a moody close up of Mikito with You. (● ´ ε ` ●)


  1. Most of my posts are about gets too (*>ω<*)笑
    You got very nice things from Juu! She's your friend from Holland you'd been talking about before, right? Especially the Stitch strap is really cute☆
    I'll try to send the letter for you this week!

  2. Gets are wonderful though!
    Yeah she is. I have been talking to her for almost a few years now, amazingly. ( ´Д`)
    I look forward to the letter! I need to write to people more, but I always lack the motivation. (_ _||)

  3. They definitely are! Usually I try to send some small gifts with my letters (・ω・) Even though they're nothing special I just like to do so.
    I actually write letters to quite a few people but it takes me a long time to reply because I get lots of homework this year (as my final exams are coming closer, many things need to be done before next year's spring). And sometimes I lack the motivation too (_ _|) Anyway, we could write letters every once in a while if you'd like? ☆