27 April 2012

( つ゚ω゚)っ JRockers + Twitter

Coincidentally I am waiting for my Mother to get dressed so we can rush around like headless chickens claiming to 'shop' before I go to college! =≡Σ((( つ゚ω゚)っ Which resulted in me being bored out my mind so I decided to blog. I did indeed rush out like a headless chicken, and ended up being a couple minutes late for college, but no one noticed me slip in oh so innocently! Anyway - - GOOD AFTERNOON!

I'm a proud tweeter, OCD with my tweet count so I obsessively tweet and delete tweets every day. If any of my followers have a twitter, please follow me! So the point in this blog? None. But like many people who own a twitter account will undoubtedly be following at least one famous tweeter! So you will understand the buzz of having that small string of connection with him or her in as simple as a little @. What makes the buzz even better is seeing you have a reply from him or her!
Though I see a lot of serious tweets directed at their idols, I'm such a sarcastic bitch, so much that it makes the replies I get even more comical and amusing!!
I couldn't resist teasing Nimo, usually at every chance he tweets in English I will take a dig at him or his day. Usually people will be serious, telling him to 'keep warm' or they too would say it's cold. However I pretty much jumped out the box of normalities.
Amusingly after Nimo responded, my Friend Nami cut  in which resulted in a conversation about my Japanese and she explained to Nimo I was learning and she wanted to learn English. Cute right?
Though the majority of people ended up clicking 'favourite' on Renji's 'Hey!!' tweet, I couldn't help but play a game with him. Cute right? Renji's tweets are occasionally in English, but not often. He also says 'Good Morning' at random times of the day.

Another interesting treat was with Makoto. He posted such a strange photo, so I responded with it being 'really scary' however in Japanese. I am still unable to understand what he said to me.
Any idea?
"@AkihabaraMoe 繧ィ繝・ぅ繧ソ縺後ヰ繧ォ縺縺」縺溘j縲√ユ繧ュ繧ケ繝医・譁・ュ励さ繝シ繝峨r諢丞峙縺励"????"??"""!!!!!!"

I could picture dump so many twitter conversations I have with 'famous' people, though the majority would be between myself and some random Japanese musician. So do any of my followers tweet?
Keeping to the theme of 'Twitter' but digressing MAJORLY, I received a tweet from Sarah who mentioned the An Cafe concert in November - November? I was completely thrown off until she said An Cafe were doing a Nyappy Go Around the World III tour! I was so happy, I finally got the mail from Ganshin! Ahh, An Cafe know how to TRULY bankrupt me. I will see An Cafe a total of three times this year. Summer Dive II - both dates will be attended, and now in London! I cannot wait. If I get a job ASAP then I will travel further come November. Exciting news!!

22 April 2012

(つω`*)☆ DELeTE ニコニコ!

DELeTE @ 六本木 BeeHIVE
『Live Stream K-Station ~D.chi Birthday Voyage~』  
Today I watched DELeTE @ 六本木 BeeHIVE, via ニコニコ. The live was for D.chi and his Birthday which was previous this week! D.chi is a member of a Pirate themed band called Rojak, who I adore dearly. I discovered Rojak a little before venturing to Japan this year! But anyway, the live looked like it was super fun, even if I was sat for hours beforehand watching these weird solo artists who I have no clue who they were! However I did find out while looking at Gicchi's blog the line up for this evening!!
【出演】志信/高橋侑響永/DELeTE/Lych veilL /Rojak
Of course, Rojak were headlining the show! I had to do a  bit of research on Lych veiL but they were incredibly scary looking. Finally DELeTE came on stage, the stage was rather strangely set out, as the band themselves had to set up their own equipment, so we watched Neu and Renji set out their instruments while Mio tried to tell the female co-host how to pronounce poor Renji's name!
I took a couple screen snaps of the live! I just have to wait for permission from DELeTE Staff to upload them to the Facebook~ But of course with ニコニコ people can talk - during the live words will scroll across the screen! Amusing. (DELeTE did supply us with two other links, but I chose to stick with ニコニコ though it was jumpy at times.
After DELeTE it was Rojak next and finally, they played their set list, and I must admit, Rojak Fans are very cute! They had a theme - which possibly was only due to D.chi and his Birthday, but it was so very cute! During the 'encore' Gicchi announced he was tired! ”眠いです!バイバイ” 笑 So he vanished and D.chi did a couple solo songs. His voice is very powerful, but I prefer Mio's! After awhile Gicchi came back with a Birthday hat for D.chi who didn't see to want to wear it. I'm certain the song they sang kept saying 'SEXY' - awkward.
When Rojak's set was over, they left, only to return with DELeTE and Lych veiL and they did a little lottery for Fans. Wonderfully, a DELeTE fan won the prizes from DELeTE! I saw she got a couple of the flashing rings and a CD. Then the whole group of Bands did a song together, by this time I had stopped screen capping, but Mio had to read the lyrics from the paper, very cute! 笑

To be honest, I miss Japanese lives. I gave up the option to go to see ScReW and I put the money from that towards Japan! I mailed Boo earlier to explain something! But my Japanese still needs to improve, because it's bothersome writing in Japanese with English beneath it. So exciting though! I'll be in Japan again from August through to September! 
Today has been a very good day! Yet I feel super exhausted from doing very little. Tomorrow I get to visit my Great Grandma and Grandmother, so I will use the peaceful time to study. Since my Great Grandma usually falls to sleep and I could use the little distractions to study!

Twitter: DELeTE UK 
Facebook: DELeTE UK

15 April 2012

(>ω<*)ノノ田♥ Japan GETS

A couple of my GETS from Japan, overly past its well earned due date. I'm sorry but here they are, as partially promised~! So this post will be picture heavy.

First I will started with the random goody bag we got handed in Shibuya 109. Sadly Juu didn't get one, but it was a new store opening I believe and they were passing out little samples of 'SKIN FOOD'  I've been told the product is very good, but I have yet to try these few samples~
Random concert ticket - the coin has a monkey on the opposite side - it was thrown out during one of the most bizarre Japanese acts I have ever witness. I can't even recall the band name, only that Ku was really excited because of one member she knew. The act basically started as Obama and his wife, casually touching each other on stage, before two masked 'bandman' rushed out and started to beat Obama, worried I took a step back considering one of them pulled up a pitchfork and started to stab Michelle - then we realised she was in fact a blow up doll -- finally the band ran through the crowd, to the balcony and scattered these coins onto us... mind fuck? Yeah -- anyway, the チェキ is a very old one of Runchu! Closet Child had a lot of old ones of his band, but mostly 23.
Next we have all the GETS from the live at AREA, which was posted here!  My ジグラット and コドモドラゴン haul. Oh the guitar plectrum is from LANDZ, somehow it managed to fly to the back of the room. みきとさん! 結羽さん! Very cute~ I did want more of them, the single are the one coin kind too, but I didn't buy.
Uggh, the best!! 大好きコドモドラゴンです!! See there is my beloved チャムさん!That is the cheki that appeared on his blog, and I received it too, spooky!?
I was so proud of my 10st as well, it's like my baby, well alongside with the A(エース) one that I own! For the price you pay, you have to baby it. Worth every yen!
The singles I got, and the amazing budget towel. I honestly hope this band grow - a little - bigger. They are releasing their first mini album in May! I was given their newest single as a bonus also, which is featured on their mini album titled CANDY MAN.
The best till last! Well here are the few things from DELeTE I was given since I helped them during a live, you may have read here! I was asking for a CD from the start of their set, but towards the end of the night we were given it, as well as an option to have photos - though using my own camera. I was given a couple extras, a two shot with my 'favourite' member, since  クロちゃん kept demanding to know.
Finally I decided not to upload photos of the clothes I got in Japan, since taking photos of them never shows them off so well, and one shirt will probably look like a blanket. So instead here is my MONOMANIA necklace. Shopping inside MONOMANIA is incredibly hard. Looking online, you can simply close the tab and leave. But in store you can touch and look at everything up close. I already own a fluorescent yellow one but the black one is much easier to coordinate.

I'm being rather trusting that no one is desperate enough to start taking photos from my blog since I do not watermark them. But I will probably hunt them down one day if you do.. so please don't.


9 April 2012

(o´ω`o) Easter Fun + the Seaside!

Happy Easter! 

I know, a day late however I was out all Easter Sunday. My Family decided we should go to the seaside for the day! 楽しー! Even though many of my Friends say how they are 'too old' for Easter Eggs, I always seem to find myself shying away from my pile of delicious chocolate. So did any of my readers get any? \(^▽^*)
The day before Easter, my Brother suggested we made Easter cakes! The instructions are really basic, since pre-schools will often teach Children this! There are different and additional twists into making unique 'Easter Nest Cakes' but ours were pretty basic! You only need main two ingredients! These are quick and simple to make!
- Cornflakes / コーンフレーク
- Chocolate / チョコレート
Additional ingredients but not completely necessary:
- Marshmallows / マシュマロ
- Mini Eggs / ミニエッグ
- Jelly Beans / ゼリービーンズ
- Shredded Wheat (used to make a 'nest' for the above toppings)
Then the rest is really simple and straight forward! Heat up the chocolate in either a microwave or hob (be careful not to burn it, or yourself) then gradually tip the chocolate onto the cornflakes, stirring gently to coat the cornflakes evenly. Depending on how chocolatey you want the cakes, add more chocolate!
Finally, evenly spoon the chocolate cornflakes into muffin cakes and leave to set! Depending on your topping choice, you can add whatever you want! Since it was Easter, my Brother and I added mini chocolate eggs.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (o*・ω・)ノ They are delicious too! I couldn't find any Japanese recipe instructions, the Boo seemed interested in my basic cooking abilities, but trying to put this into Japanese would be difficult. Even if I sent: 'MELT CHOCOLATE. MIX' but I promised to make some~ since it's simple enough.
On Easter Sunday the weather was pretty grim and cold, but we still headed to the Seaside, the closest beach takes around 2 hours to reach by car, as a result I ended up feeling rather travel sick. But luckily it passed. I only took a couple photos, my Brother had his camera but hasn't uploaded any yet~
It shows how grey the day was. The handrail did belong to a slope, but.. I don't actually know.. (_ _ ||)

Donkey Rides!! Most UK coast lines that are popular will have this! Children only however. No~

This is the UK version of popular Japanese UFOキャッチャー but ours are impossible!
Well, that was pretty much it for the Easter weekend, today I visited my Grandmother and Great Grandmother and received another chocolate egg from my Uncle!  Amazing~ Oh, my other Aunt and Uncle own Chickens, so our Grandmother gave us these! Since they're free range, I don't think anyone will eat them, so I'm going to attempt making 'Egg drop soup'!! So I will see you all when I am out of A&E. (。o゜)

4 April 2012

(◕㉨◕) UFOキャッチャー

In this blog I will show you the 'GETS' from these wonderful arcades in Japan. The picture is from Juu's own personal Facebook, so credit to her. We possibly did spend hundreds in here. Each go is roughly 100JPY or 500JPY for 6 tries, depending on machines, prizes and skill level. If you want an item moving closer to better your chances of winning, you can ask the Staff who will either move it, or give you hints and tips on how to win. Also depending on the machine itself, they may not move it, as we discovered in one arcade. (つд`) Uggh~

Since we visited the arcades often - almost daily for Purikura, we of course got distracted and ended up playing on many of the UFOキャッチャー!  If you can see in the picture above, 'プリクラ' is on the lower floor, so coincidentally you have to walk through the arcade. Great idea!

Here is a picture of just some of the smaller prizes that we won.  Though the majority are only small - oh and the reason why we have so many ガチャピン / Gachapin? Well, Juu really wanted the Rilakkuma Pudding keystrap, but beneath it were dozens of Gachapin straps. (o´ω`o)
But I really do love Gacahpin anyway. Although I didn't see many - if any - huge Gachapin prizes, or Kapibarasan, so that was saddening. But there was a K-ONxKapibarasan, whaaa!?
Overall we got a very cute haul of prize gets!

On the second to last day, Juu had come back with this beast of an Alpaca, seriously it was huge!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ We sat and laughed at it for sometime - and tried to work out the possibility of it fitting into Juu's case. Poor thing. But she managed to squeeze him into her case, she also won a huge Hello Kitty!
Eventually - four or something weeks later -- I finally have gotten around to taking a couple photos of the prizes I managed to claim. Weeh~ I am such a sucker for cute things. ヾ(✿❛◡❛)ノ
Juu and I got (obviously) matching Gachapin keychains, both the jelly kind and the bear/pig. I was so thankful to not get Mukku, he scares me. The little Dragon on the right was adorable, we won him in Akihabara, and Juu won the Rabbit version. We were slow to realise these are actually Sanrio characters! The title on the tag is called 'Wish me mell'. Honestly I am not a fan of many Sanrio characters but these ones are adorable. Official Blog for 'Wish me mell' - enjoy! I am struggling to find out the Dragons name, Juu managed to win the Rabbit, who is the main character called 'Mell'.
That was pretty much all to say~ once I get around to it, I will post my other GETS from Japan to save this from getting incredibly long.

3 April 2012

♩(●・ω・●)ノ Update:

My computer yet again has failed me. ヾ(`д´●)ノ We think the fan isn't working correctly - or at all, since the computer has always been eerily quiet when loaded and finally it died. I hope it isn't anything too bad, but the fix is free since it's not even a year old. (My previous desktop lasted me for ten years before retiring)
Ah anyway, these past few days have been very hectic. As many people on my Twitter and Facebook noticed, An Cafe have finally ended their Hiatus - which was pretty short in all honesty. They have been previously inactive (with Bou) for almost a year, though quietly worked on a new album. But! Yes, they finally announced their Summer Dive live for September -- so guess who is going back to Japan? ヾ(≧∀≦☆) Kyaa~ yes! Me! As always there is a strong fold of determination, although there is a planned group of us going, so I feel pressured to cater for us all, already. (゜д゜;) Which is something I do not really want to do.
There are two dates, and tickets are 5,500JPY, a little cheaper than Budokan, but that was a one day show, so Summer Dive is going to be expensive! However I do not care! ♩(●・ω・●)ノ

I also told my Boo I was returning to Japan again this year, since now I know 100% I will be there. So I need to ask him a couple questions and see if he will accept my offer. ・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・ I hope so! Since my trip may be cut short, due to money issues on various parties and I don't really want to blow £600+ on flights again for one week away from home. (A little greedy perhaps?) So I will see what he says! Fingers crossed for me! It all depends really on the people I may be travelling with. Early days, but I have 20 days to pull together ticket money! (=゜-゜)(=。_。) くそくそくそ

1 April 2012

(*´∀`*)♡ Purikura

During my trip to Tokyo, we decided to take a lot of プリクラ or, purikura. However being a little forgetful I left my book back in England, so I wasn't able to stick straight into my book. Ah, anyway, プリクラ is basically the Japanese for 'photo sticker booth', the name is actually a shortened variation of プリント倶楽部 which roughly means 'Print Club'. These machines are very popular in Japan, regardless of age - though seem very popular amongst young Women and School Girls. Occasionally couples will also go to take photos. We managed to try and take at least one or two photosets a day!
Juu and I took purikura after 高田馬場AREA, so excuse if we look a mess. The bottom photo amuses me so much, someone actually walked into our booth, thus Juu looking away. This booth was very cute, and it was perfect for showing off our ~twin~ outfit! I borrowed Juu my MONOMANIA necklace to wear so we were matching accessories wise, we also wore our own 10st bracelet!
Next is a set of purikura we took in Asakusa after going to Tokyo Disney! We ended up taking two sets in total, for whatever reason. We were all wearing our Disney ponchos!
This blog is a little short, and mainly a picture dump. I'm in the process of taking photos of my GETS from Japan, again it will be a HUGE picture dump so a pre-warning.