15 April 2012

(>ω<*)ノノ田♥ Japan GETS

A couple of my GETS from Japan, overly past its well earned due date. I'm sorry but here they are, as partially promised~! So this post will be picture heavy.

First I will started with the random goody bag we got handed in Shibuya 109. Sadly Juu didn't get one, but it was a new store opening I believe and they were passing out little samples of 'SKIN FOOD'  I've been told the product is very good, but I have yet to try these few samples~
Random concert ticket - the coin has a monkey on the opposite side - it was thrown out during one of the most bizarre Japanese acts I have ever witness. I can't even recall the band name, only that Ku was really excited because of one member she knew. The act basically started as Obama and his wife, casually touching each other on stage, before two masked 'bandman' rushed out and started to beat Obama, worried I took a step back considering one of them pulled up a pitchfork and started to stab Michelle - then we realised she was in fact a blow up doll -- finally the band ran through the crowd, to the balcony and scattered these coins onto us... mind fuck? Yeah -- anyway, the チェキ is a very old one of Runchu! Closet Child had a lot of old ones of his band, but mostly 23.
Next we have all the GETS from the live at AREA, which was posted here!  My ジグラット and コドモドラゴン haul. Oh the guitar plectrum is from LANDZ, somehow it managed to fly to the back of the room. みきとさん! 結羽さん! Very cute~ I did want more of them, the single are the one coin kind too, but I didn't buy.
Uggh, the best!! 大好きコドモドラゴンです!! See there is my beloved チャムさん!That is the cheki that appeared on his blog, and I received it too, spooky!?
I was so proud of my 10st as well, it's like my baby, well alongside with the A(エース) one that I own! For the price you pay, you have to baby it. Worth every yen!
The singles I got, and the amazing budget towel. I honestly hope this band grow - a little - bigger. They are releasing their first mini album in May! I was given their newest single as a bonus also, which is featured on their mini album titled CANDY MAN.
The best till last! Well here are the few things from DELeTE I was given since I helped them during a live, you may have read here! I was asking for a CD from the start of their set, but towards the end of the night we were given it, as well as an option to have photos - though using my own camera. I was given a couple extras, a two shot with my 'favourite' member, since  クロちゃん kept demanding to know.
Finally I decided not to upload photos of the clothes I got in Japan, since taking photos of them never shows them off so well, and one shirt will probably look like a blanket. So instead here is my MONOMANIA necklace. Shopping inside MONOMANIA is incredibly hard. Looking online, you can simply close the tab and leave. But in store you can touch and look at everything up close. I already own a fluorescent yellow one but the black one is much easier to coordinate.

I'm being rather trusting that no one is desperate enough to start taking photos from my blog since I do not watermark them. But I will probably hunt them down one day if you do.. so please don't.


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