3 April 2012

♩(●・ω・●)ノ Update:

My computer yet again has failed me. ヾ(`д´●)ノ We think the fan isn't working correctly - or at all, since the computer has always been eerily quiet when loaded and finally it died. I hope it isn't anything too bad, but the fix is free since it's not even a year old. (My previous desktop lasted me for ten years before retiring)
Ah anyway, these past few days have been very hectic. As many people on my Twitter and Facebook noticed, An Cafe have finally ended their Hiatus - which was pretty short in all honesty. They have been previously inactive (with Bou) for almost a year, though quietly worked on a new album. But! Yes, they finally announced their Summer Dive live for September -- so guess who is going back to Japan? ヾ(≧∀≦☆) Kyaa~ yes! Me! As always there is a strong fold of determination, although there is a planned group of us going, so I feel pressured to cater for us all, already. (゜д゜;) Which is something I do not really want to do.
There are two dates, and tickets are 5,500JPY, a little cheaper than Budokan, but that was a one day show, so Summer Dive is going to be expensive! However I do not care! ♩(●・ω・●)ノ

I also told my Boo I was returning to Japan again this year, since now I know 100% I will be there. So I need to ask him a couple questions and see if he will accept my offer. ・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・ I hope so! Since my trip may be cut short, due to money issues on various parties and I don't really want to blow £600+ on flights again for one week away from home. (A little greedy perhaps?) So I will see what he says! Fingers crossed for me! It all depends really on the people I may be travelling with. Early days, but I have 20 days to pull together ticket money! (=゜-゜)(=。_。) くそくそくそ

Small personal rant, though naming no names yet covering numerous people, friends, family and acquaintances. I am getting very sick and tired of being pushed aside, forgotten and only wanted whenever the time is suitable for you. You give me no time in return for myself, you are very self centred and yet again I begin to get pissed off with your attitude - very cocky and ignorant, my critism should not be a boost to your ego. People are starting to wonder why I am becoming so secretive - and the reason is; because no one will give me the time of day to explain myself. Given the ample opportunities to post and tweet my actions, I prefer that not everyone knows my life so I disclose privately, one to one. Do you understand? Probably not.
Again I find myself needed a change, so yes it is beginning to get considerably harder day by day. Though I fear drastic changes I know that something major will have to happen in order to start new and afresh. Then I can begin to wipe the slate clean, and tuck it away safely with faint etchings of the person I was, and a reminder not to go back on myself again. Time will tell..

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