1 April 2012

(*´∀`*)♡ Purikura

During my trip to Tokyo, we decided to take a lot of プリクラ or, purikura. However being a little forgetful I left my book back in England, so I wasn't able to stick straight into my book. Ah, anyway, プリクラ is basically the Japanese for 'photo sticker booth', the name is actually a shortened variation of プリント倶楽部 which roughly means 'Print Club'. These machines are very popular in Japan, regardless of age - though seem very popular amongst young Women and School Girls. Occasionally couples will also go to take photos. We managed to try and take at least one or two photosets a day!
Juu and I took purikura after 高田馬場AREA, so excuse if we look a mess. The bottom photo amuses me so much, someone actually walked into our booth, thus Juu looking away. This booth was very cute, and it was perfect for showing off our ~twin~ outfit! I borrowed Juu my MONOMANIA necklace to wear so we were matching accessories wise, we also wore our own 10st bracelet!
Next is a set of purikura we took in Asakusa after going to Tokyo Disney! We ended up taking two sets in total, for whatever reason. We were all wearing our Disney ponchos!
This blog is a little short, and mainly a picture dump. I'm in the process of taking photos of my GETS from Japan, again it will be a HUGE picture dump so a pre-warning.

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