27 April 2012

( つ゚ω゚)っ JRockers + Twitter

Coincidentally I am waiting for my Mother to get dressed so we can rush around like headless chickens claiming to 'shop' before I go to college! =≡Σ((( つ゚ω゚)っ Which resulted in me being bored out my mind so I decided to blog. I did indeed rush out like a headless chicken, and ended up being a couple minutes late for college, but no one noticed me slip in oh so innocently! Anyway - - GOOD AFTERNOON!

I'm a proud tweeter, OCD with my tweet count so I obsessively tweet and delete tweets every day. If any of my followers have a twitter, please follow me! So the point in this blog? None. But like many people who own a twitter account will undoubtedly be following at least one famous tweeter! So you will understand the buzz of having that small string of connection with him or her in as simple as a little @. What makes the buzz even better is seeing you have a reply from him or her!
Though I see a lot of serious tweets directed at their idols, I'm such a sarcastic bitch, so much that it makes the replies I get even more comical and amusing!!
I couldn't resist teasing Nimo, usually at every chance he tweets in English I will take a dig at him or his day. Usually people will be serious, telling him to 'keep warm' or they too would say it's cold. However I pretty much jumped out the box of normalities.
Amusingly after Nimo responded, my Friend Nami cut  in which resulted in a conversation about my Japanese and she explained to Nimo I was learning and she wanted to learn English. Cute right?
Though the majority of people ended up clicking 'favourite' on Renji's 'Hey!!' tweet, I couldn't help but play a game with him. Cute right? Renji's tweets are occasionally in English, but not often. He also says 'Good Morning' at random times of the day.

Another interesting treat was with Makoto. He posted such a strange photo, so I responded with it being 'really scary' however in Japanese. I am still unable to understand what he said to me.
Any idea?
"@AkihabaraMoe 繧ィ繝・ぅ繧ソ縺後ヰ繧ォ縺縺」縺溘j縲√ユ繧ュ繧ケ繝医・譁・ュ励さ繝シ繝峨r諢丞峙縺励"????"??"""!!!!!!"

I could picture dump so many twitter conversations I have with 'famous' people, though the majority would be between myself and some random Japanese musician. So do any of my followers tweet?
Keeping to the theme of 'Twitter' but digressing MAJORLY, I received a tweet from Sarah who mentioned the An Cafe concert in November - November? I was completely thrown off until she said An Cafe were doing a Nyappy Go Around the World III tour! I was so happy, I finally got the mail from Ganshin! Ahh, An Cafe know how to TRULY bankrupt me. I will see An Cafe a total of three times this year. Summer Dive II - both dates will be attended, and now in London! I cannot wait. If I get a job ASAP then I will travel further come November. Exciting news!!


  1. Ooh it's always nice to receive tweets from your idols (・ω・) I've got a few replies from Teruki and also one from Kanon, even though the conversations weren't special at all (笑)
    I don't understand a thing of the tweet either, too many kanji! orz
    I was completely shocked when I heard to are going to do a world tour. They're even coming to Amsterdam! Even more awesome is that it's five days before my birthday. Last year's kanon×kanon live was at the exact day of my birthday. I'll start a job next month, I really need money as well. I wonder if there will be another VIP thing this time as NeoTokyo seems to be organizing some things as well. Yet I doubt they will as they're a band of five but I'd love to meet them in person.

    -I'm sorry for the long comment, feel free to delete it ><-

    1. I have a lot more, like asking for 'GOOD LUCK' etc and they willingly say it! So cute that they reach out to fans!

      Wah the world tour is so sudden and soon after Summer Dive II - so I wonder if they will tour Japan before leaving? I hope you will have fun!
      I think a lot of bands are now doing VIP, I was about to suggest LM.C but they're a two man band.. hm, I'm not sure if Versailles did it or not.

      No! No! I love long comments! Short or long! (ノ´∀`*)ノ