9 April 2012

(o´ω`o) Easter Fun + the Seaside!

Happy Easter! 

I know, a day late however I was out all Easter Sunday. My Family decided we should go to the seaside for the day! 楽しー! Even though many of my Friends say how they are 'too old' for Easter Eggs, I always seem to find myself shying away from my pile of delicious chocolate. So did any of my readers get any? \(^▽^*)
The day before Easter, my Brother suggested we made Easter cakes! The instructions are really basic, since pre-schools will often teach Children this! There are different and additional twists into making unique 'Easter Nest Cakes' but ours were pretty basic! You only need main two ingredients! These are quick and simple to make!
- Cornflakes / コーンフレーク
- Chocolate / チョコレート
Additional ingredients but not completely necessary:
- Marshmallows / マシュマロ
- Mini Eggs / ミニエッグ
- Jelly Beans / ゼリービーンズ
- Shredded Wheat (used to make a 'nest' for the above toppings)
Then the rest is really simple and straight forward! Heat up the chocolate in either a microwave or hob (be careful not to burn it, or yourself) then gradually tip the chocolate onto the cornflakes, stirring gently to coat the cornflakes evenly. Depending on how chocolatey you want the cakes, add more chocolate!
Finally, evenly spoon the chocolate cornflakes into muffin cakes and leave to set! Depending on your topping choice, you can add whatever you want! Since it was Easter, my Brother and I added mini chocolate eggs.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (o*・ω・)ノ They are delicious too! I couldn't find any Japanese recipe instructions, the Boo seemed interested in my basic cooking abilities, but trying to put this into Japanese would be difficult. Even if I sent: 'MELT CHOCOLATE. MIX' but I promised to make some~ since it's simple enough.
On Easter Sunday the weather was pretty grim and cold, but we still headed to the Seaside, the closest beach takes around 2 hours to reach by car, as a result I ended up feeling rather travel sick. But luckily it passed. I only took a couple photos, my Brother had his camera but hasn't uploaded any yet~
It shows how grey the day was. The handrail did belong to a slope, but.. I don't actually know.. (_ _ ||)

Donkey Rides!! Most UK coast lines that are popular will have this! Children only however. No~

This is the UK version of popular Japanese UFOキャッチャー but ours are impossible!
Well, that was pretty much it for the Easter weekend, today I visited my Grandmother and Great Grandmother and received another chocolate egg from my Uncle!  Amazing~ Oh, my other Aunt and Uncle own Chickens, so our Grandmother gave us these! Since they're free range, I don't think anyone will eat them, so I'm going to attempt making 'Egg drop soup'!! So I will see you all when I am out of A&E. (。o゜)