4 April 2012

(◕㉨◕) UFOキャッチャー

In this blog I will show you the 'GETS' from these wonderful arcades in Japan. The picture is from Juu's own personal Facebook, so credit to her. We possibly did spend hundreds in here. Each go is roughly 100JPY or 500JPY for 6 tries, depending on machines, prizes and skill level. If you want an item moving closer to better your chances of winning, you can ask the Staff who will either move it, or give you hints and tips on how to win. Also depending on the machine itself, they may not move it, as we discovered in one arcade. (つд`) Uggh~

Since we visited the arcades often - almost daily for Purikura, we of course got distracted and ended up playing on many of the UFOキャッチャー!  If you can see in the picture above, 'プリクラ' is on the lower floor, so coincidentally you have to walk through the arcade. Great idea!

Here is a picture of just some of the smaller prizes that we won.  Though the majority are only small - oh and the reason why we have so many ガチャピン / Gachapin? Well, Juu really wanted the Rilakkuma Pudding keystrap, but beneath it were dozens of Gachapin straps. (o´ω`o)
But I really do love Gacahpin anyway. Although I didn't see many - if any - huge Gachapin prizes, or Kapibarasan, so that was saddening. But there was a K-ONxKapibarasan, whaaa!?
Overall we got a very cute haul of prize gets!

On the second to last day, Juu had come back with this beast of an Alpaca, seriously it was huge!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ We sat and laughed at it for sometime - and tried to work out the possibility of it fitting into Juu's case. Poor thing. But she managed to squeeze him into her case, she also won a huge Hello Kitty!
Eventually - four or something weeks later -- I finally have gotten around to taking a couple photos of the prizes I managed to claim. Weeh~ I am such a sucker for cute things. ヾ(✿❛◡❛)ノ
Juu and I got (obviously) matching Gachapin keychains, both the jelly kind and the bear/pig. I was so thankful to not get Mukku, he scares me. The little Dragon on the right was adorable, we won him in Akihabara, and Juu won the Rabbit version. We were slow to realise these are actually Sanrio characters! The title on the tag is called 'Wish me mell'. Honestly I am not a fan of many Sanrio characters but these ones are adorable. Official Blog for 'Wish me mell' - enjoy! I am struggling to find out the Dragons name, Juu managed to win the Rabbit, who is the main character called 'Mell'.
That was pretty much all to say~ once I get around to it, I will post my other GETS from Japan to save this from getting incredibly long.


  1. Ahw so many cute gets(*´ω`*)
    I didn't know Wish me mell but those characters are adorable! According to their Sanrio site, the dragon's called 二ィナ or Nina☆

    1. I didn't know they were Sanrio either, but I guess Sanrio branches out so much anyway.

      Ah! You found out the name! Since the tag doesn't say much other than Wish me mell and 'AMUSEMENT ONLY' in Japanese. Thank you!

  2. so cute,i wish i can go there also someday..◠‿◠

    1. There are so many arcades you could go to. The buildings are easy to spot too, since they are high level - just look for the little 'space invader' blob and it will no doubt be an arcade. (=´ω`=)

  3. Ahhhh you got an Alpaca! I want one of those so bad! :(

    1. Yes! It is my Friends, however I claimed the tinier Alpaca!
      The large ones seem incredibly hard to obtain on the catchers. OTL