22 April 2012

(つω`*)☆ DELeTE ニコニコ!

DELeTE @ 六本木 BeeHIVE
『Live Stream K-Station ~D.chi Birthday Voyage~』  
Today I watched DELeTE @ 六本木 BeeHIVE, via ニコニコ. The live was for D.chi and his Birthday which was previous this week! D.chi is a member of a Pirate themed band called Rojak, who I adore dearly. I discovered Rojak a little before venturing to Japan this year! But anyway, the live looked like it was super fun, even if I was sat for hours beforehand watching these weird solo artists who I have no clue who they were! However I did find out while looking at Gicchi's blog the line up for this evening!!
【出演】志信/高橋侑響永/DELeTE/Lych veilL /Rojak
Of course, Rojak were headlining the show! I had to do a  bit of research on Lych veiL but they were incredibly scary looking. Finally DELeTE came on stage, the stage was rather strangely set out, as the band themselves had to set up their own equipment, so we watched Neu and Renji set out their instruments while Mio tried to tell the female co-host how to pronounce poor Renji's name!
I took a couple screen snaps of the live! I just have to wait for permission from DELeTE Staff to upload them to the Facebook~ But of course with ニコニコ people can talk - during the live words will scroll across the screen! Amusing. (DELeTE did supply us with two other links, but I chose to stick with ニコニコ though it was jumpy at times.
After DELeTE it was Rojak next and finally, they played their set list, and I must admit, Rojak Fans are very cute! They had a theme - which possibly was only due to D.chi and his Birthday, but it was so very cute! During the 'encore' Gicchi announced he was tired! ”眠いです!バイバイ” 笑 So he vanished and D.chi did a couple solo songs. His voice is very powerful, but I prefer Mio's! After awhile Gicchi came back with a Birthday hat for D.chi who didn't see to want to wear it. I'm certain the song they sang kept saying 'SEXY' - awkward.
When Rojak's set was over, they left, only to return with DELeTE and Lych veiL and they did a little lottery for Fans. Wonderfully, a DELeTE fan won the prizes from DELeTE! I saw she got a couple of the flashing rings and a CD. Then the whole group of Bands did a song together, by this time I had stopped screen capping, but Mio had to read the lyrics from the paper, very cute! 笑

To be honest, I miss Japanese lives. I gave up the option to go to see ScReW and I put the money from that towards Japan! I mailed Boo earlier to explain something! But my Japanese still needs to improve, because it's bothersome writing in Japanese with English beneath it. So exciting though! I'll be in Japan again from August through to September! 
Today has been a very good day! Yet I feel super exhausted from doing very little. Tomorrow I get to visit my Great Grandma and Grandmother, so I will use the peaceful time to study. Since my Great Grandma usually falls to sleep and I could use the little distractions to study!

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