5 August 2013

☆彡 Green Fingers! ♡

I love home grown produce! This year I actually managed to persuade my Mum to agree to growing an organic garden. However with the typical British weather it was hard to find the correct time to plant as we don't own a protective shelter or green house. Meaning our seedlings were open to the elements. Luckily we managed to grow, peas, beans and an assortment of flowers, sunflowers and sweetpeas. But never managed to pot the chive, carrots or onions! I was sad because fresh carrots taste the best too.  
Yesterday I harvested the last of my peas, they're super sweet to eat raw. We ended up eating them with a Sunday dinner. To feed a Family of four I need to grow more plants, we had eight plants in total but not enough! Of all the pods I have picked I found two bad-gross-eugh ones. But no wiggly friends, good job!
I recently managed to pot my Strawberry since they are.. multiplying? Each 'Parent' pot has two plants, and two of the 'Baby' pots have twins. I have ten Strawberry plants?! Actually I have fourteen in total but they aren't pictured. Everyone should love fresh strawberry! I adore them, and so do the birds. So luckily the plants not pictured were a good distraction as the birds seem to enjoy pecking those pots in particular. There was a good harvest this year, better than last year and had some really huge fat juicy berries! Yum.
Old Man!
I grew Sunflowers!! For the third year in a row! Although these were terrible, my first attempt was amazing, they grew so tall and the stems were thicker than two of my fingers. These ones are only a little taller than me, and I'm small. Boo! But the weather didn't help at all, they were slow to flower this year and the heads are tiny in comparison to the leaves, which bugs find yummy.
Oh yeah, and very typical as the rain snapped around half of the sunflowers, I have three others in jars of water. Once these die off I will hang the heads to dry out (unless it rains) and let the birds eat the seeds. Last year we had a squirrel visiting us, he was fun to watch.
My Mum really promotes a 'wild garden' that or she's a lazy gardener?  Behind our shed is a wild garden, we had wild poppies growing with full pompom flowers which are beautiful and so delicate. Here's another gripe about the rain: it destroyed these within a matter of minutes.

I love my Garden, but I don't love rain, or bugs - especially spiders. So I suck majorly at actually Gardening once I see something move. I am also really excited because my Boyfriend agreed and said I could grow something for him back in Japan! I wonder if he will tend to them? So when I next go we will pick something fun and easy to grow! Do any of my readers grow anything in the Garden? Actually this post was slightly inspired by another Blogger who is growing so many things herself!