28 March 2012

(★ω★。) Tokyo ・ March 2012 ・ PT7

I have been trying to prepare myself for this post ever since I started with my chain of updates from, "Tokyo ・ March 2012 ・ PTX" blogs.. I still am unsure of how to correctly word this entry and keep it entertaining for my readers. So please forgive me if this feels very choppy in places..
So the day was March 16th, which was technically our last day in Japan before we left for home, and I guess this day was the day which I took over since I had work to do! We headed to Shinjuku in order to locate the building - however I forgot my iPOD which had the address and map saved, so we ended up asking staff of a shop, and he checked out the location on his iPAD for us so we found it eventually and with time to spare so we headed back to get food, though I was feeling very nervous at this point.
It was almost 2:45 so we headed back up to HOLIDAY Shinjuku, and for those who are aware of Shinjuku and it's Host/Hostess population, it was amusing seeing groups of them loitering around. We approached the building slowly, and I mentally wanted to slap Renji for having his hair styled in the most typical and common Host style, (it didn't help he wore shades and a face mask either). So we didn't approach them, and waited, though we kept exchanging glances, at one point I asked Juu what to do, but then the JP Staff approached us first and asked for my name. So it was them! We stood talking about details of the day, before the rest came out, Neu and Mio, who were in the middle of getting drinks and food. We spoke about our trip, and where we were staying during our time in Japan, just general chit chat. Though I am incredibly shy so just a couple nods from me. Finally we were taken inside - and this is where the post will get choppy.

We managed to squeeze, Neu, Mio, Juu, Imke, Myself and the JP Staff into the elevator, and we kicked Renji out - though we could hear him running down the stairs frantically while Mio kindly pointed out just how tall Juu was. Which didn't help since she stood in the middle of us all.
Inside we dropped off our bags, but soon went to retrieve them to help with the sound checking. The JP Staff gave us the rules of where we could stand, move to and general basics. Then we stood talking again about the music scene, since he doesn't really like Visual Kei however he is a Friend of the band. A Girl appeared, and we was told her name was 'Kuro-chan', at first she seemed weary of having a bunch of foreigners near her.
Juu gave me a kick as a reminder to give Renji his gift, since he was sat smoking I went to give it him. He was still amazed, though I had shown him on twitter and he was excited, but I ended up handing the gift to Neu - and Mio who was harassing Juu to look at her cigarettes.
After the sound check and letting both Staff and Band view some images, we moved backstage to the smokers area to talk some more about our free time, and what we were doing later. Basically we could go back out to Shinjuku again and return at 7:00 where the staff would meet us again. We said our goodbyes and left to do even more shopping.
Juu finally located the Closet Child, and she bought me a MONOMANIA shirt. We then went into a couple second hand music shops, at this point I wish I had more spending money. I put down two PIECElang cheki and some others because of funds. Weeh. We ventured to DONKI so Imke could buy a Kigurumi. Again my throat was being a pain in the ass, so I probably always looked pissed off at some points.
We arrived a little earlier than 7:00, and because it was evening, a lot more Hosts were out in the area. I knew that the band wouldn't be around on time, since they were running the merch stall themselves and were probably still with Kuro-chan doing make up. Eventually they came back out to fetch us and finally, Renji was showing his face off! Haha, we went back inside to just hang around, and Kuro-chan finally warmed up to us and we got to know her really well. She was absolutely adorable! We went back into the main hall - and the audience made me laugh since it was very very small. Less than 30 people! We waited for DELeTE to play and moved back with Kuro-chan to watch the end of the previous band. Then Juu and I moved in to position.
I was 'amazed' that I just had to choose to stand next to the tallest Japanese I could find, so I often got ARM ARM ELBOW SHOULDER in my photos. So I ended up crouching down for the majority of shots, and seemed to photograph Renji and Mio very well, however Neu was furthest from our given spot, and he only swapped places with Renji a couple times. Once their set had finished, we headed to the back of the room with Kuro-chan since DELeTE had moved back to return their instruments. We shown her a couple of photos, and the JP Staff also. Then we stood around, Mio came back to work the merch stall while Renji passed out fliers to people who attended the show. It was cute seeing the bond between Fans and Band, and because they're still a small band in Japan, they can have more of a one to one with people.
When the next band came on, who were rather amusing for a two man band - Juu and I decided to fake mosh, and Kuro-chan go ever so excited, so we started to talk about dancing, and difference between Japanese Lives in Japan and in Europe. Since there is a big difference! Which she wasn't aware of.
After a couple songs, we all headed backstage to thank DELeTE for the live, and sadly we couldn't hand over our photographs right away due to technical difficulties. We stood and spoke for ages, however we divided into groups, and we spoke more to Kuro-chan than DELeTE, even the JP Staff spoke to us, but he explained Kuro-chan was learning English also!
So Kuro-chan asked us where were our first Japanese words we learnt, so out came our incredibly weebish sides, belting out whatever word came first, NEKO, ARIGATO, OHAYOU!, and then I ended up rather loudly shouting 'BAKA' and that caused DELeTE to slink their way over to us and spoke again, they used a bit of English, Mio's English was -- interesting.

We ended up talking about a variety of things.
☆ Tickle attacks! Kuro-chan makes the cutest noises when you poke attack her!
☆ Finger tricks? This really amazed Renji, though he almost broke his fingers attempting it.
☆ Mexican wave - oh my God I wanted to die. They basically forced me to join.
☆ Purikura! Kuro-chan asked us if we knew of it. I really wish I took my gachapin book.
☆ Piercings; Neu spotted my piercings, since I wore a facemask, which as a result, he approached me suddenly to see them closer, so the entire band starred at me.
☆ Mosh! Mosh! This basically ended with us talking about other VK Bands we liked, and in return we asked what bands they liked, Mio's impression of Jacko killed me.

During the entire time of talking, bands were passing through the area constantly, so I saw Gicchi so many times which amused me. Gicchi is wonderful, and I am the only non-band person on his Ameba, awkward?
In the end we received a Thank You gift from the band, luckily I had a pen so I managed to get an autograph from them, and a two shot cheki. Because of how late it was getting, we had to leave for the last train, so we said Good Bye and left. But it was such an amazing night and I truly enjoyed it, of course!

3月16日 2012 @ HOLIDAY Shinjuku
DELeTE / 24thDecember / ぺんぐ☆王 / Bloody Muzzle / Rojak / I.O.T.H. / ヴィルキィ

This is my 'final' part to my Tokyo trip. I truly hope you have enjoyed these posts, though they are more of a small reminder for myself of the adventures I had!  This post has been edited HEAVILY due to privacy and copyright for the bands sake, and I will not disclose anything else.
As a side note: please do not harass DELeTE (or any other band) for the same opportunity. My chance was pure luck in which they accepted my offer, and I worked as Staff having set aside the 'Fan' and acted in a mature manner.

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