19 March 2012

(★ω★。) Tokyo ・ March 2012 ・ PT2

Alright, so get ready for the 'official first day in Japan' blog! It will be a little picture heavy, but nothing too terrible. Ready! Go- ミ☆ Our first day was a little crazy-busy but amazing, Juu had ordered us tickets to go to the live at 東京キネマ倶楽部. The name was familiar, and I realised I had been to the live house before when I first went to Japan. Live house is called, "kinema" and is a nice building, neatly hidden away and really easy to locate from the train station, unlike most live houses!
Before this we went to meet Juu's Friend who was going to be at the show too, she is called Ku, who was very sweet! (Again, I realised I had met her briefly before in Japan - in the same live house! It's scary at such a coincidence.) We met Ku at Ueno and went to grab a bite to eat in Hard Rock Cafe! Despite how cold it was - as always in Tokyo, I ended up with iced peach tea while freezing to death. (No wonder I am so ill right now)
This is Juu and Myself, and then Ku and Imke! (stealing pictures from Juu's Facebook!)
Afterwards we made our way to a Cat Cafe in Shinjuku! Called, 猫カフェ 新宿... at first I was a little sceptical considering I live with four cats and I didn't want to pay to sit with even more cats! But I am glad I did visit in the end! There were so many cats in the first room, and for 300yen you could buy treats for them. Since they were so used to treats, the moment they saw you with a plastic pot, you were suddenly covered in cats! Upon arrival you are given a pass, mine was No.07 and it had the cutest picture of a white persian! Not exactly like my own cat, but close enough!
Ku and Imke both had a pot of chicken, so the cats were all crazy! It was so cute. I did take a video of Juu and some cats, I should upload it, eventually! She was hand feeding them also! So cute~
After Cat madness, Ku had mentioned a Cafe which is Alice in Wonderland themed. It took us awhile to locate it, and at some points Juu and I weren't very helpful and danced around mindlessly at one point. Sorry!
The plates were so cute, and the whole Cafe inside was adorable. The Girls who served us were dressed as Alice too in small blue outfits. We ate, and spoke a whole bunch and just generally spoke about a couple Bands and stuff. We also had cute Alice themed desserts which were too adorable to eat! If you have me on Facebook - I have uploaded more photos there! We took Purikura at one point too, you can not go to Japan and not take purikura, seriously! It's a must!

After we ate, it was time to go to the live house! I was rather excited, because I was getting to see a band called N@H-ノア- and they look really fun live, and yes! They were super fun. I got to see Lycaon again, but we didn't know what they were wearing, well I was certain Yuuki was wearing white snake skin, and no one seemed to believe me until he came on stage. The first row ended up getting water spat on by Yuuki, I wasn't so amused because it happened at least four times afterwards. Mocking Yuuki seemed so amusing too, while people were headbanging I just stuck up my finger at him in which he returned it. Even though the event was an Undercode one, I wasn't so amused for Kisaki. I left around 8:30pm before him anyway to go meet a Friend in Shibuya! Pssh~
3月10日2012 @ 東京キネマ倶楽部 
凛 / Black Gene For the Next Scene / DIAURA / Lycaon / 
Megaromania / 怪奇!!動物アジテーター / N@H-ノア- / SOMATIC GUARDIAN


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