24 March 2012

(★ω★。) Tokyo ・ March 2012 ・ PT5

This entry will possibly be super long and image heavy, just a small warning! March 13 - we spent the entire day at Tokyo Disney! I love Disney, and I have never-ever been to any Disney resorts! Paris is of course the closest Disney to me, but it doesn't look as magical as Florida or Tokyo. This place was MAGICAL and I loved it!
The train ride there was super long, and boring. Since I was unwell I spent most of the journey sniffling and trying not to cough too much.When arriving you are greeted by these gates, honestly the walk from the train to here was a mission alone, but filled with Disney songs. Regularly there were Disney characters on the fence posts as you walked, it was rather cute, but I didn't spot Stitch.
Once we paid for our tickets, we had a random bag check which was pointless since they just glanced at the top layer and we were on our way. The park had rules also, while I was waiting I glanced over them and noticed one rule was, 'Please cover up tattoos' - unless all Disney Parks have this as a rule, since I know how taboo tattoos are in Japan. They gave us a map in English too, the Japanese map looked cuter.
Not even into the main park and my camera was out, one shop had the cutest window layout! Stitch! We went inside too and, oh there was so much I couldn't even begin to describe. I could have easily blown all my cash in this shop alone, and it wasn't just Stitch either, but all characters. Everything from phone straps, ponchos, hats and even lint rollers for your clothes! Everything.
Not even a few metres down and we finally came into shot of the Disney Castle. There was also Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, as a statue, in which there was an orderly queue formed to have your photo taken with it. Something I was amazed at, because here in Europe there would have been several people posing and a dozen photobombing. Though Hachiko in Shibuya is the exact same, you can never get a photo without someone else being in it, so I thought this was something very well thought out. 
Straight after we entered we went for breakfast, though it wasn't very much like a breakfast - more like a sugar rush for myself. I had a Mike Wazowski melon pan, which my Mother calls 'Shrek Poop' - and Imke wanted the mug from the cheese cake, so we paid half, it was sticky and delicious!
After breakfast we moved on to go on some rides, first was the Monsters Inc: Ride and go Seek! The queues were rather long for most rides too. But we were having too much fun to really notice how long we were stood around for. Haha. The ride was a bit like a shoot 'em up, you have a gun - well it is a flashlight, and you had to activate the Monsters by flashing it at them, and they would pop up! Some parts were a little scary. The Parade that morning was at 14:00 so we quickly made our way to the Parade route and settled down to wait.
Juu got the most perfect photo of Stitch, oddly I have none - I don't know what the hell I was doing at the time either, but I do have some videos so maybe I filmed him. If you have me or Juu on Facebook you can see the rest of the photos there! We took so many.

When the Parade had finished, I'm not sure what we did next, but I think we went en route towards Stitch, he had a shop called Tiki Tropic Shop which sold tropical clothing, accessories and Stitch character items. There were cute hats, cell straps, candy, pens and - well again, so much to list! Juu bought me a pen, it's a Pinpin Stitch pen, since he has huge sunglasses on. (Well, 3D movie glasses since he holds popcorn) I love it! On our way there we saw the Monkey's from Jungle Book, and honestly people in costumes genuinely scare me - and since they were so in character I was nervous they'd suddenly run over to me. We went into Stitch's little show, which was adorable, he popped up in the middle, danced and sang his little song. Wehh, I want Stitch.
We went on Pirates of the Caribbean, which was a totally amazing boat ride! It took you through the story, with acting and at points there was Captain Jack Sparrow, who looked SO realistic, seriously. Juu and I are HEARTY, so we were making A related jokes, luckily in English because then people would think we were even more insane. At one point I just screeched Mucho, and we decided that Mucho was working at Disney Tokyo. Other comments were: "This is X vagina, it's so dark and wet." then we called a dead body Seba. All inside jokes of course.
When we got off we went on a couple more rides, we also had food by this river which was so peaceful - well not quiet but peaceful as in relaxing and watching these people row by us every so often. Then a Duck started to pester the girls sat next to us, but he suddenly decided to come bug us, again - I am terrified of birds if they approach me, so as a result I started to whine and scream silently because I didn't want it to bite me! Juu luckily chased it off, which was so funny because the duck basically waddled around our table, and another, and Juu insisted on following it till it flew off.

The temperature soon started to drop, once you were inside a ride, you didn't mind but once outside it was cold! We ended up buying (over priced) ponchos, because they didn't sell kigurumi. Can you guess which one I purchased? By now I am well aware I am showing my face too often in this blog. Sorry. The Ponchos were warm if you hugged yourself, the hoods had character heads, and paws as sleeves, in which you can put your hands in them! We had more food while waiting for the Night Parade too. Eventually we agreed on no more fries - NEVER!! We ate at a futurist place called 'TOMORROWLAND"
We had to sit outside for the night Parade and we arrived rather early for that so our asses were getting cold sat on the floor. But the parade was super magical, and it almost felt like Christmas. Here is one of the Cheshire Cat, since 90% of the others are SUPER ass blurry. Sorry.
I can't remember if we went on any more rides once the Parade had finished, since I was getting sleepy which resulted in walking around in a dazed phase and standing with Juu for a smoke is all I can recall. After we went back to the beginning where the biggest shopping mall was so we could do some last minute shopping from there. I bought my Family Chocolates, and a note pad for myself - it had a Pirate Stitch on, so it was like combining A with Stitch.
On the way home we decided to take Purikura back in Asakusa - yes we walked through Asakusa in our ponchos! I had Stitch, Imke had Minnie Mouse and Juu had the Cheshire cat! Cuteness overload!
PLANKING! We actually did planking here! Photos, I cannot find but I swear we did.
BRIDGE! Juu decided to jump along the bridge, which I wanted to do, so we both did.
ROOKIE! Casually insulting the Rooster, especially on the log flume.  We are sorry!

Well, that was it, for what I can remember. I should cut this since it ended up being SUPER long.

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