19 March 2012

(★ω★。) Tokyo ・ March 2012 ・ PT1

So there was a little hiatus from me due to the fact I was travelling to Tokyo for my third time! I hadn't told many people due to personal reasons. So I apologise now to those who were unaware. Anyway I left home on the 7th March and arrived in Tokyo on the 8th. Travelling alone is actually rather peaceful and enjoyable since I was able to do things at my own pace. (☆´ω`)ノ
Arriving at Narita, I accidentally returned my suica card and got "lost" - the only reason lost is in quotations is because I was never lost, I just never seemed to trust my first judgement and swore I was on the wrong train at least a dozen times. Haha, but Japanese residence are Friendly enough to help - despite the fact I was getting; 'sorry' and 'excuse me' all mixed up.
☆ Of course I stayed in Asakusa, it's the only place I know well enough to travel to alone. I stayed in the original hostel I stayed in during my first trip, here the Staff are very Friendly, and when I checked in for my first night, the Guy was asking if I had stayed before since I looked familiar. Totally wasn't sure how to respond. For the first night it was spent alone - my flight would have been £250 more if I was to fly with my Friend, Juu, so I agreed to meet her on the blue bridge. (ノ ̄Д ̄)ノ~ミ☆ Though the weather in Tokyo was terrible and raining, though Japan has an amazing 'umbrella system' so you always have an umbrella close by!
(*´・ω・人・ω・`*) When my Friend finally arrived - after at least four hours of walking too and from the hostel and bridge, in the rain which resulted in completely soaked socks, we got our room and freshened up before heading on straight out towards Shibuya. If I remember correctly, we went to meet Juu's Friend in order to receive some concert tickets, and then we all went for food! I was really hungry. (ノд・`)
Afterwards we returned to the hostel, expecting my Friends would have serious jetlag and needed to sleep, but we didn't sleep until almost 2am and we had a - sort of - early rise the next day for a concert. ヽ(´◇`)ノ

These blogs will be pretty choppy - I never manage to blog fully about my trips, well - it's always started but never continued to complete them! Please look forward to them, since the trip was shorter than my previous I am hoping to fit one or two days into one blog post! Right now I am pretty jet lagged and sleeping at the wrong hours. I woke at 5am so I am ALMOST sleeping correctly, just got to stop sleeping at 4pm till midnight UK time. (4pm GMT = 1am JPT) Enjoy my future posts, please!

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