26 December 2011

❅ Merry Christmas ❣

 Merry Christmas to all my Blog Readers & Followers!
A day late but there was no time to blog yesterday! How was everyone's Christmas? Good? We hope so!
Amazingly my Brother was first up on Christmas, (unlike today, it's currently 12:30 and he has only just rolled out his cave.) He even went to wake our Parents up. (゚▽゚*)♪

Opening presents on Christmas never seems to last as long as it used to. Unless of course you have a gifts from me and since I am a serious eBayer and general seller, I tend to fall in love with sticky tape. ( ̄、 ̄;)
My Brother and I take it in turns to open, mainly due to 'SURPRISE PHOTO' and to see our reactions. I actually took no photos on Christmas Day, so I will have to go and steal one or two photos from my Brother at a later date and update this entry.
Since today is Boxing Day I had time to bring the camera into our front room and take a few photos of my gifts.
Vivienne Westwood - LET IT ROCK, oh this was such a surprise, considering I have been hinting about Chamu smell Jean Paul Gaultier all month. It has a very nice distinctive smell which actually lasts through the day, I've found some perfumes and fragrances fade after a couple hours. Then I also got a Moomin soft toy. I love Moomins, and have done ever since I was a Child.
The second photo is all Hello Kitty based, I got Hello Kitty cheki for my Camera, which will be so hard to use, but I am going to save them for when I return to Japan. A hot water bottle, which I will surgically attach to myself because I am always cold. Oh, the next thing is a travel toothbrush. I hinted at my Brother to get me this, since it was part of the Hello Kitty 'range' at our Poundstore. Handy~
It seems pretty much all my Friends got a Simon's Cat book. I ended up with two, which I can relate to so many scenes. (  ̄▽ ̄)ノ Is that a good thing? My Brother got me the other book titled 'Chinglish' - depending on your humour for spelling errors, translations gone wrong and general 'Engrish Lolz' this book is so funny - as well as worrying. If you like this sort of thing, I highly recommend going to here for more funnies.
My Parents always struggle for gifts as of recent, since this year I'm not going to Japan - so any travel essentials aren't necessary. But I got some cute bubble baths, a note pad and iPod dock~ all very useful! I needed that dock, I can't wait to test it out, since my PC speakers are crap.
This is the 'chaos' of mine and my Brother's gifts combined. He got a handful of mugs, being a tea drinker and Starbucks lover he is. He also got a Polaroid 300 camera - a bit like the Cheki Instax mini? Also some BEATS, insane jealousy since they sound so much better than Skull Candy! We also got a bunch of candy and chocolate, so I know for the New Year I am going to need to rid my pudge.

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  1. Oh you got very nice presents! The Hello Kitty cheki looks so cute (*>ω<*) I also have that toothbrush, haha (笑)