19 December 2011

✌ Shopping + Update

How is everyone? I have picked up the habit of taking my camera with me, everywhere I go. So I have more things to show in my blog.
On the 14th December, it was my Fathers Birthday. So my Mother took us all to Frankie & Bennys which was so different to our usual restaurants. It's an Italian-American restaurant that seems rather popular in the UK, we have a couple in my City. My Father really enjoys having burgers - like, seriously really enjoys burgers - huge ones. None of that McDonalds fast food. Real beef - the real deal.
I sort of blinded him with my flash, but that is the burger - yes he ate it all too. I was hoping he would leave an onion ring however. But he needs a reward for finishing that meal! We even ate cake afterwards at home.
I had 'Sticky Pasta' with Chicken, there was a choice between shrimps or chicken, so I went for chicken. It was very nice, with large pieces of chicken, mushrooms and BBQ grilled peppers all cooked in a hoi sin sauce. My Father had a good Birthday - well I hope he did. We managed to get him the car he wanted, and my Brother and I treated him with a £20 gift card so he could buy car accessories for his new toy~ ✦

This week has been rather hectic with it being so close to Christmas, I am still not prepared at all either, I have been into the City so many times this week, and I still need to go, but the rain - seriously, British weather, I despise it. I don't like travelling in the rain, plus I actually own no Winter clothing, odd considering British people do nothing but moan about the coldness.
My accessories! They can truly make or break an outfit! I have so many, that sometimes putting on clothes is easy, it's just finding the right accessories to add.
✦ Bag - An Cafe!
✦ Bracelets - Claires.
✦ Fox tail - H&M - I added the bow myself, it was in a lucky pack from Claires.
Here is my bag and fox tail again, don't worry, this fox tail is 100% fake!
✦ Necklace 1 - Claires again. I have twin necklace with Toni!
✦ Necklace 2 - Monomania. I love this brand, hoping to get more of their line.
A full outfit shot in my Parents room, it's the only one with the best lighting. I realise now how frumpy my shirt makes me look.
✦ Shirt - H&M, again Toni and I have matching shirts. It's so cute.
✦ Leggings - H&M - total hippy alright? ☮
✦ Sneakers - Adidas.
✦ Jacket - No Brand.
I guess I must've looked crazy walking out dressed like this. I did have shorts on underneath and three pairs of stockings to keep warm, as well as 2 cami vests.So yeah I wasn't insanely cold, and having spent December in Japan for the past two years I've sort of hardened to the cooler weather, just Britain is much-much colder.

My shopping gets! Pound shops - Dollar shops and even 100yen shops, who else loves them nearly as much as I do? You can find some fabulous things in them if you are lucky enough. (I worked as a cashier in one, their stock changes almost weekly, so there is something new each week!) I came across a Hello Kitty selection this week, I am not a huge-huge fan of Hello Kitty, but I couldn't resist this box of tissues for my room. There was also some Hello Kitty mouthwash - in a Bubblegum flavour which of course I was a little sceptical about because the mouthwash is bright pink! But it tastes amazing - yes it is for Children under 6 years, but I don't use this as a replacement for my actual mouthwash. That would be crazy, considering how sweet this is too. America, you never seize to amaze me! Or my cat - she also thought it tasted rather good!

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my previous blogs. It's great to know people are reading them. I will follow back my new followers, once Blogger stops being silly, I promise!


  1. Aww, your outfit is as cute as always :) that sort of style suits you so well!

    ...Mia looks so impressed with that Hello Kitty mouthwash too, bless her.

  2. Thank you! Dress for Summer, in Winter! It's so logical~
    The other photo of her she was head butting my hand. But this was such a kodak moment, as always with her.

  3. Wow the burger is extremely huge! (笑) I never eat such things as I'm a vegetarian.
    The weather in Holland is horrible too, so much rain and wind (;;)
    I love your outfit! And the An Cafe bag looks so nyappy o(≧∀≦)o Did you go to the Budokan live? ← somehow I feel like I've asked this to you before... Sorry if I did.
    And the leggings are so cool! Why doesn't the H&M in my city have these kind of things (´д`)

  4. Ah I was vegetarian once, but I realised how much I missed so many meals.

    I did go to Budokan! This bag was from Zeppy tour, I think - it's been a long time. I also have the bag from Budokan tour too! Did you go?
    OTL Right now our H&M is really bad, nothing is cute enough. These were from Summer this year, they still sell a lot of 'Takeru' inspired clothing, it's rather amusing.

  5. Oh that's so cool! I kind of envy you (>//<) I would've loved to go but I can't afford a ticket to Japan and neither can my parents.
    I also really love the things they sold at this live but it's hard to find it on Livejournal or other sites. Guess it's pretty rare (;;) Besides, I was only 13 years old at that time so no chance I was allowed to go (泣) And I'm only a cafekko since last year so I've never seen them live. Hopefully I will someday! They probably won't perform in Holland though so I'll have to go overseas. If my parents let me go...

  6. Aww no. I missed them when they were in London, then Hiatus announcement was a horrible shock, so I begged my Parents that I would go.
    I have been a Cafekko since they released Candyholic on a single. ( ´Д`) It's such a long time ago too, I did stop listening to them after a bit, but when Bou left I came back.
    If you have faith they might go! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ I will definitely be attending Summer Dive 20XX, whenever that will be.

    What merchandise are you looking for?

  7. Ahw such a pity! But I think it's even more awesome that you got to see them live in Japan. I'm saving money now so hopefully I can afford a ticket to go to Tokyo after I've graduated secondary education (which'll be in 2013) ☆
    It sometimes does make me sad that I've only known them for such a short period as I haven't lived any of the things they did in real time. I missed a lot of things like when they released a single or something, so now it's harder to get these things.
    But I definitely believe I can see them someday o(≧∀≦)o Can't wait for Summer Dive 20XX!
    Hmm, basically just anything but especially from Budokan. I really want the BondS towel and shirt but they're so hard to find. I just want too many things I guess (笑)

  8. those burgers look so good, and especially that pasta! I love to eat pasta x) i want to steal your an cafe bag *evil laughter*

    merry christmas!

  9. OMG that is a huge burger , i wonder just how he ate it ? and that penne pasta looks really good to , and your fox tail is sooo cool , i wish i had one lol