9 December 2011

♫ Gets

My parcel finally arrived from Japan. I was super excited to receive it, after months of saving to pay off my shopping service. He is lovely and totally understanding but I always feel bad owing him for so long.
I had pretty much forgotten what I had asked for, but I knew roughly a couple of the items. He did make a mistake of ordering the wrong CD, but the band was releasing a new single at the time I asked. But I can easily buy their older single again next year.
This is roughly what I had asked for. I am hiding a couple things, simply because two are gifts for a Friend. ( ´∀`)σ)∀`)

❄ チェキ! Zip.er & 春
❄ A(エース) - Black Butterfly CD
❄ Monomania necklace!
❄ GIFT: Secret.

Freebies! Everyone loves a little extra with their order! I got the PV for Black Butterfly, also another photocard with my Zip.er things. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I only wanted 2 of these, so I will be selling the other three Haruhi.

I forgot that I had bought the December issue of egg while in London last month. Although the styles aren't very appealing to me right now, it's getting a little boring and I think personally the street snaps are far cuter than what is being modelled. (メ゚皿゚)ノ"
One page was rather helpful with a couple tips for the "double eyelid" effect. Though it was rather funny to see them use actual band aids to create the look. But applying make up over the top of them was really noticeable, I'm pretty sure as well that the make up will rub off eventually too? Someone please try this out! (^∇^) As you can see they use everything from a glue to a tape. (。・ω・。)ノ~☆

I did come across something I am really curious to try out, they were slimming socks that you can sleep in. ACK! ( ゚Д゚) Sleeping with socks on is really uncomfortable, unless my toes are actually freezing, but I usually always kick my socks off eventually. But from the picture as you can see, they are footless socks - well, toeless? My thighs would have to be my least favourite thing about my body so I would consider these greatly to see if they help improve the shape of my legs. I read a lot of Gals use these to sleep in giving them slimmer looking legs and thighs. Although they stop a little above the knee - maybe they have some you can wear to make your butt and thighs smaller? (´∀`)

Is everyone excited for Christmas? I still have yet to send out gifts to my Friends who live out of the UK! Hopefully they will arrive on time before Christmas, it's cutting it so close, but I am a pro procrastinator!


  1. Owwwh you order with KaiRai too *w*
    He's extremly kind, right? And the cheapest one I know xD
    And I love your items, they are all so cute <3
    I wanna order something again too but... I have to wait =w=;

  2. Yeah! I do. He is wonderful and very kind, I have tried another service, but he was incredibly rude.
    I dislike the services where you have to pay first too - and they still take a cut!? Even if auction is lost..
    I am waiting until the New Year to ask again. At least until I have the money in Paypal!

  3. eeeeeeeee for A(エース) Black Butterfly! v.jealous of you rn D:
    and I'm kind of abusing poor Kairai atm >w< but he is very lovely indeed <3

    OMG ZIP.ER ;w;

  4. I still need the first release. OOPS.
    Haha, don't go too crazy - but - usually that is what happens with me. Then I cry at my invoice. HAHA.

    FY! Zip.er Forever a fan, even if my bias is inactive.

  5. I've asked for nine items from him so far ;-; no more! seriously no goddamn more D<

    also need more Zip.er and A in my life fhjslahfs /headdesk/

  6. oh, u have a lotta cute stuff! envy :))

  7. @Sarah I am selling some Zip.er cheki. :'D
    I also have a couple postcards, but not sure if my German Friend wants either. Oh lawd.

    @dunia Thank you! (´・ω・`)I cannot say no to cute!

  8. I saw Zip.er and I saw sale.... /zooms away/