12 December 2011

☆ German Market

Over the weekend my Brother and I attempted to do Christmas Shopping. A lot of people say they will do their shopping over the year - and never do, come December, we are all running around like headless chickens, rush rush rush. Typically, I am one of those people, I say it every year - but here I am, with only one gift.
The German market here is different to last year, we had an Ice Rink, which was pretty cute - but the line was always huge, I never understood this, because not even 10 minutes away is an indoor Ice Rink? Either way, the market is always cute to walk around, we went early in the morning, so there are no festive lights to show.
My Brother photo bombing. I am uploading this to embarrass him forever. Well - until he notices it is here. There are a couple decorations hanging from the lights - they were cute at first, maybe five years ago. Can we have new ones, please? No photos of the tree in the City, it's massive, with a huge nativity set under it.

Gets of the day! I failed successfully at getting ANY Christmas Presents. The "Letter Set" isn't even mine, but, I wanted to include it, look at that fatty goodness of snacks. But the two bubble wrap envelopes were so amazing to find, they're in Paperchase - which is an AMAZING! store. I buy a lot of gifts here, including wrapping paper, postcards and stickers. So my friend Juu will get an awesome metallic package soon! Oh - the Calbee Prawn Crackers were a must after going to the Oriental Market. I pretty much lived on them in Japan, at 105yen a pack, these were 75p - a deal in comparison to the £1.95-something in London, Japan Centre. My Brother randomly asked for some 'YanYan' Some of the quotes are so funny, please see the link, Engrish fail? But they were adorable, according to him, very tasty too!

Recently we have been having a beautiful little visitor to our garden. I grew Sunflowers over the Summer this year, and now the heads are hanging beneath a tree to dry out, but - we were going to throw them away, since it looked like they were rotting, but we soon saw they were rather appetizing for one little guest. Isn't he adorable? We do have to keep an eye on our cats when they go out, this brave little guy not last too long if he keeps being greedy and not keeping up his guard, it totally looks like he was posing too!


  1. Oh, he really is posing for you, haha, a greedy little poser in your garden, teasing your cats.
    The Christmas market in your area is a lot better than the one in Leeds XD

  2. Ahhhthat little guest you have there is too cute!! :D

  3. Oh it looks so cute (*^0^*) I'd love to go to a market like this, they look nice!
    I also really like everything from your previous entry, so many cool stuff!
    Sorry for not commenting very often on your blog, somehow I can't see your new posts on my dashboard (泣) Hopefully Blogger fixes this problem soon! (;;)

  4. @ Toni: Yes, I haven't seen him lately, but Squirrels are supposed to hibernate. ( ̄へ ̄)

    @ Aki: He is! He was very cheeky that day too, it was funny watching him.

    @ Yuzu: We get this every year for Christmas, it seems a trend in England, maybe Europe. It seems one pops up in most City centres.
    (´A`) Don't worry about not commenting very often! I think a lot of people are having this problem.(ノД`) Hopefully it is fixed.