7 September 2012

☆ Akihabara + Vocaloids ☆

Aug 29 2012: Yeah there is a big gap between the 16th and the 29th mainly due to an ear infection (which I still have) (_ _ ||) However despite this we went on a trip to Akihabara! Meeting up at McDonalds, we had a really satisfyingly unhealthy breakfast before locating our station - which, to get to Akihabara from Yokohama REALLY does take FOREVER. We eventually found our -- second train I believe of that day. My Boyfriend decided to fix Sakana-kun clothes, and turn him true Akihabara Boy.
Eventually, we arrived at Akihabara and I was instructed I would take lead. After being asked why I wanted to go to Akihabara, does one need a reason? They were pretty impressed however with everything they saw, from electrical products to hentai plastered all over in shops. Typical boys! We headed inside a couple arcades, of course. We watched one girl failing miserably on one UFOキャッチャー, the moment she left we dove in and won the prize, which I will never understand why because I don't know the anime either? My Boyfriend also won this HUGE hand fan that is amazing, I forgot to include it in a photo. I don't know what the T-Shirt is either, it was a one coin win. I also won a HUGE Kyary Pamu Pamu x Mameshiba pillow.. going back to the UK is going to be a MASSIVE struggle.
We went into a couple game stores. My Boyfriend came home with a PS2 and recently we started to play Lego Starwars but we have no memory card at the moment, so the excessive buzz of his PS2 being turned on is so annoying. Japanese games are incredibly expensive, Lego Starwars price tag says 5,800JPY however in the UK I'm sure it'd only be 20GBP. Ahh~ Anyway after a bit of shopping we stopped by at a Maid Cafe. Though it wasn't your over the top 'WELCOME BACK MASTER' kind of Maid Cafe, the atmosphere was really relaxed, despite being the only female customer in there. My Boyfriend and Friend tried English beer, and their reaction - well, hard to say. They certainly didn't like Newcastle Brown. Eventually we returned back to Yokohama for a concert!
Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku! It was an end of Summer event, FamilyMart are celebrating her 5th Anniversary - along with the release of Project Diva. I was super excited to see this live, it was also broadcast over nico nico too! It was great seeing such a variation of people attending, everyone of all ages and genders. Since usually the media only shows overly obsessed men engrossed in Vocaloids. There were cosplayers too, and so many things going on around you. The live was pretty amazing - as many of you may be aware Vocaloid are fictional 2D characters, however with todays technology, 2D can become 3D and Hatsune Miku was projected out in 3D goodness, dancing on the water of Yokohama Bay!!
A small collection of goodies from that night! It's so cute. Once the show was over we headed to get food since the guys were 'SUPER HUNGRY BOYS' and our little dinner date turned into a torture session of tabasco sauce and pizza. NEVER. AGAIN. It's horrendous and I lost three times.


  1. I've been following your blog for some time, and I love to read your posts! Japan is one of my favourite countries and I hope to go there one day! Such a nice experience! I'm a big fan of Vocaloid! Keep sharing your experiences in Japan C:

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! (゜∀゜)!!
      I absolutely love Japan and being here, and hopefully you too will be able to visit!!