22 September 2012

(*´ω`*) Shibuya x Harajuku

Sep 14 2012: Today my Boyfriend had the day off work, so we headed out to Tokyo for the day. Originally we were going to head to a Garden in Yokohama, but the weather is sometimes really off putting with the heat. We stopped off at Shibuya 109, though I had only two shops in mind so we didn't dilly dally around. The new CO&LU items were out, which makes me miserable because I was too big for them. Damn my ass. I was tempted to buy a shirt, but the Staff were insisting I purchased three shirts, which would have saved me around 500/1000JPY, but, I saved myself 3,500JPY by not buying. HAH.
I have a bad track record with hand mirrors, and I knew CO&LU had hand mirrors which were not the plastic folding ones, so I bought this one! I had a choice of two colours but my Boyfriend suggested this one.
After we moved on to Laforet because I wanted to check out the fliers, but they hadn't been updated, or worth bothering to pick any up. So I then dragged the Boy towards Monomania - again nothing worth buying. I was tempted to buy the dripping heart ring, however in Harajuku there is an offbrand version of the SAME ring for perhaps 1,000JPY less. We slowly made our way towards Harajuku and stopped by the first shop, 777. Everything was apparently priced at 777JPY (or more or less, tssk) I was going to buy my Brother a new iPhone case but it was so impractical, since it was the same size as a retro camera, therefore not possible to fit into his pocket. Oh, my Boyfriend purchased this keychain for us. It's disgustingly romantic and it glows in the dark.. I admit, I stared at this for a good 10 minutes waiting for a leg to twitch.
Talking about romance and all that kissy stuff, I pointed out the 10ST store to my Boyfriend and out of interest I went down to see who they had left. Not many decent bands actually - though the Staff were quick to point out my own bracelet. I noticed a sign saying you could make your own bracelet for a set price, so I nudged my Boyfriend. I only wanted him to make his own - but instead we ended up making two bracelets of the same colour.
Of course when you are in Harajuku, it is the tradition to get a crepe!! I was going to treat my Boyfriend but he rushed in with his money, but struggled with finding the 30JPY in change so I managed to pay SOME. I probably have the most boring taste to him since this is my second strawberry and cream crepe. He had a.. pizza crepe. Tuna, lettuce, tomatoe sauce and I think mayonnaise.. and.. no. A crepe is a sweet! Why?!
We visited a couple more shops, Closet Child and Pet Paradise, we ended up buying his Dog a little Stitch outfit! So cute! Since it was my Boyfriend's Mothers Birthday I was allowed to give it to her when we next met! It was getting late so after stopping off to buy Kanako some perfume we headed back home. However we got stopped by someone photographing accessories etc and taking notes? It was so odd and he spoke so fast that I couldn't pick up much of the conversation either. Eventually he took photos of our bracelets, asked where we were from, he seemed surprised when we told him 'England'. On the walk back to Shibuya, I took some photographs of the graffiti tags there, so I may do a picture blog later, since there are a couple places here in Yokohama with graffiti tags. Oh we stopped off in the Disney Store, but some fat hag of a foreigner was stood in front of the Halloween stuff.
Still, really enjoying it out here~ I was going to add another two blogs here, but it's too lengthy and I need to shower, I'm not sure if we are going out later, I'm going to hint to go out, even if it's for a walk. I love it here.


  1. I love the matching keychains! Strangely cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ sounds like you're having fun, I agree Crepes are supposed to be sweet your boyfriend is odd :') haha

    ❤ Sapphire

    1. Indeed! There were ants and these - thorny bugs? But Scorpions, well they're ~unique~ haha.
      Yes! There are a lot of odd crepe combinations trying to pass off as a 'pizza'.