30 March 2013

(*´▽`*) Double Date!


   My Friend suggested a double date, since my Boyfriend and her Boyfriend had a holiday. Well; I wasn't aware of it being a double date until I saw her tweets. ♥(ノ´∀`) Anyway, we met early in the Morning in order to fetch the Car before leaving.
   We stopped off to get food, and I had curry~ which is a totally healthy breakfast, honest? My Japanese reading is improving, but I still stick to the same foods. (_ _ ||) The food next to mine is actually my Boyfriends and miso soup.. traditional!

   We finally headed out to JJCLUB100 which is a fun building packed full of entertainment ranging from button smashing games, sports, karaoke and music rooms, and even manga reading and TV area!

   It felt a lot like a "Youth House" but I don't think they even exist in the UK any more? You do have to become a member, which was difficult if you do not know Japanese, and you also require ID to become a member too. Although they allowed my membership under my Boyfriends family name and address, cute. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
 JJCLUB100 is such a relaxed place full of excitement and loud games battling among one another to attract your attention! Play me! Play me!! We did indeed spend some time playing a multi-player version of Pacman.

   All the coin games are 'Free Play' which means you can play and play endlessly. \(*T▽T*)/(Excluded are the games you can win prizes from: UFO catcher etc!) My Friend and I took full advantage of: ポップンミュージック however I was surely pants at it because I had never played it before! (゜▽゜;)  We also played ワニワニパニック which is a super-super retro game in the UK; Crocodile Panic!
Below is a popular game in Japan, you will find it in most arcades - I have played it on the DS, but never like this, but my Friend was amazing at it. Weh~
   After hours we finally headed back to the 'tourist' area of Yokohama to take purikura and to do some shopping although I personally didn't buy anything - BUT I found so many Gachapin things, weh so I want to go back! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ SOON. We ventured into one shop, that was like, one 'shop' with multiple mini shops within it (regardless this shop was small enough already!) My Friend went to make cotton candy, it was amazing, why don't we have this in the UK?! Oh yeah, low level IQ bone heads who'd probably stick their head into this...
   It was really tasty, as you would expect from cotton candy, I'm not sure what the Japanese is for it, however my Friend tried to explain to me what it was and I felt rude telling her I knew already. After a couple hours, again, we headed out to eat. I will also add at this point I actually saw a TESCO in Japan. I can't get away!! We went to eat traditional ramen, and well they were telling me how oily it would be, and if I was okay with pork since I don't really eat pork. I can honestly say it was delicious, although I didn't eat it all. (´`;) ?
   I had a really fun time, despite some of the language issues, but we are all trying! It makes me happy. (。・ω・。)ノ For my next blog I am going to post some photos of the cherry blossom. I noticed today they have added decoration under the blossom which look like lighting, so I'm going to check it out tonight!!


  1. Seems like you had a great time! The arcade thing sounds like fun, even though I suck at games(*´`*)笑
    I believe the Japanese for cotton candy is 綿アメ. Not quite sure whether the last part should be in katakana, though. Anyway, it's pronounced as wata ame(・ω・)ノ

    I'm looking forward to the photos of the cherry blossom!

    1. I also suck at games, but because all games are 'Free Play' it gives you great practice! (。・ω・)ノ゙

      My Boyfriend said the little lanterns under the blossom means there will be a small row of stalls and street food, which is REALLY close to our apartment, so it's going to be super-super exciting.ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
      Although it rained last night, I haven't been to check on the blossom, but it's really in bloom.