20 December 2012

† End of the WoRLD †

Apparently, it's the end of the world "tomorrow" but it's already "tomorrow" in Japan. Shockingly enough, my Boyfriend stopped responding to me at midnight. Is he trying to scare me?! I asked him his thoughts, since Japanese people tend to be very superstitious? He doesn't believe it will end. I agreed, and told him I wanted to be with him if the world did end~ and he replied with:

How cute is that?!  But he basically agreed, and said if the world did end, he wants to be beside me. Unless I am totally mistaken orz 
Anyway~ on Monday I went shopping with my Mother! It's always stressful shopping around Christmas time. I ended up buying myself a couple goodies including a purple underwear set! It's so cute, but no way am I taking a photograph of it. I also got myself some fake "Uggs" since Primark are selling them really cheap. I feel a bit of an ass wearing them, but I'm going to attack them and personalise them (hopefully it goes well!). Primark are selling so many "Hipster/Goth" items with studs and crosses on, I kinda dislike it, but it saves me buying from eBay and waiting a millennium for them to arrive. Cute right? I'm going to wear it to the Christmas Party this Saturday along with my VW top and garter belt~ ゴスです!
While I was out shopping I took the chance to get my naval piercing changed. I'm such a scaredy cat, that I had to pay for her to exchange it, and purchase a new bar. I wanted purple, but the closest I could get was fuchsia! So, going to have to look for an 8MM purple bar on eBay, hopefully titanium too. Monday was a horrible day for piercings, once I had this one swapped it felt odd but SO much better since it now finally sits right! But then while eating I managed to loose the ball to my lip piercing, which stressed me the hell out because I had to go back to Blue Banana and ask them just for the ball - they refused, and they didn't have any rings to fit, so I had to purchase a small ring, just to use the ball. I found the ball later in my bag fmal
The Christmas Party this Saturday will be fun. I'm showing my Family (finally) the photos I have taken from Japan/Yokohama, which will be a royal pain in the ass to explain/talk about, I know. I'm also (not) ready to answer all the 101 Questions asked about my time over there. Weh! I am also hoping on the 24/25 to Skype with my Boyfriend にゃん〜好きよ


  1. I need to go to Primark again.
    Need such a head band. *____*
    Anyway... Your boyfriend really is a sweet heart answering like that and ... yeah.
    I hope you'll have a nice Christmas party and your family won't pelt you with questions. :]

    1. It's amazing! Right now there's a bunch of stuff that's glorious.
      The most obvious question will be 'How did you communicate' orz As if we don't have the ability to open our mouths and talk.

  2. I don't think the world will end today, either. But the message of your boyfriend is really sweet and cute!
    Ah the headband is so nice! I've been wanting one of these for quite some time now but I doubt the Primark here has them(ノ_・`)

    1. I don't believe in this sort of thing if I am honest.
      Aw! Really? If you let me know I will go back to the one here and pick you one up. The spikes are sewn on via a clear nylon thread but they are less than £3 (*^▽^*) You should totally check Primark out at the moment!