1 December 2012


(*゜‐゜) Recently, everyone I know seems to be getting sick. It's making me nervous because I'm the only person in this household to not get a cold or similar symptoms yet either. So really, I guess taking Vitamin C  daily does help? I hope.

The other week I went shopping with my Mother, after finally deciding that it was time to buy new bathroom items. I had left nearly everything at my Boyfriend's apartment, so who knows what will be left when I go back? Unless he wants to use my face products (as they were from daiso). Anyway I really-really love 'massage sponges' with the harder side for exfoliating and it's amazing. The shower puffs are also ideal for gentle exfoliating~
When I was shopping in daiso with my Boyfriend, we were looking at toiletries for the bathroom and there was a massage sponge that was the equivalent of rubbing a house brick on your skin! Maybe I will buy one considering they're 105¥ ~(´ー`~)
Oh I also got distracted by nail varnish, originally I was going to buy the crackle type in purple, however when I was in Japan, I had given myself a cute manicure with blue glitter that faded gradually away from the tip and I loved it. So I want to try in purple! ゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
I've been bad with spending - though they are well calculated purchases! So hush. I got a replica Vivienne Westwood shirt from eBay, I love it.
Recently eBay has had 3 'Free Listing' weekends in a row, and sadly I have become addicted to listing nearly everything that is worthy enough to sell. ⊂⌒~⊃。Д。)⊃ OHNO~ although I enjoy creating space in my room and I give my belongings a good home too!

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