28 October 2012

(*・ω・*) 東京ディズニーシー

Oct 17 2012: After a long discussion, we finally agreed on a trip to Tokyo Disney Sea. Kanako voted it was better than Tokyo Disney Land (she was right!) We met up at the station before heading to get the Bus direct from Yokohama. It wasn't a long journey, though one of our companions fell asleep and my Boyfriend decided to stick tissue up his nose! (´∀`) Boys will be boys!
Once we arrived we headed straight towards 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' however one member of the group was too small! So we made a pitstop at the bathroom -- and well, we made him taller. ψ(`∇´)ψ We changed direction and headed to 'Raging Spirits' as always there is a queue, and a huge groups of fast pass ticket holders kept walking by!! Our smallest and youngest member of the group was so brave, we had to shield the fact it had a 360-degree loop however.
Because it is October, and close to Halloween, the entire park was themed. Sadly I couldn't find Stitch, or the skeleton Stitch either. While we were waiting around also, Kanako disappeared only to return with Birthday stickers, every time Staff saw you at the park, they would wish you 'Happy Birthday' and applaud.

The weather was a little dreary but it didn't kill our moods. We stopped off to eat, in an old New York Deli, super cute theme, and as always my Boyfriend picked up a beer token. (◎∀◎)We also went to eat the famous Disney chicken, that is so BIG you felt prehistoric eating it!! Oh, and more beer consumed!!

When the night was coming to an end, we saved the best ride until last, and Kanako and I went to fetch fast pass tickets. Our final ride was, 'Tower of Terror' and, OH MY GOD, is it amazing. Our youngest member was basically trembling, and I kept offering him my (boyfriends) jacket so he could hide. Poor thing!
Afterwards, Kanako went and purchased the photo, and actually, my face didn't look too -- bad. Not as bad as the one taken during Indiana Jones Adventure, I was literally trying to hide my face in my Boyfriends chest.. OTL
Afterwards we went to get gifts, and I got my Boyfriend and I couple phonestraps of Stitch and Angel. At first he was hesitant to accept Stitch, because I favour him more than Angel. All the gift bags in Disney Sea were Halloween themed too, SUPER CUTE. I love Halloween.
We soon had to run for the Bus because the last Train was soon, and the Bus took an hour or two to get back. Sods law that we got stuck in traffic too. Everyone slept on the bus, and I am convinced that is where I caught my cold, the driver kept altering the air-con, at points it was stupidly hot and horrible on the bus.
Once we arrived at the station, I had to say my good bye to Kanako. It didn't help the fact she was so sleepy, but it ended up being emotional as I passed her a letter. But thankfully now, we have exchanged all information to keep in touch, and I promised her I would be back soon!

 (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) かなこちゃん!ありがとうございますー! ☆

(I am a little behind on blogs. I appologise in advance for lack of updates AND spam posts)


  1. That sounds like a hand full of adventure!
    I'm not a big halloween fan - also because I tend to be a little yellowbelly. xD
    But Disney lands/seas just HAVE to be awesome! *^*

    1. I feel like I missed parts out. (*´д`*)
      My BF is also yellowbelly. During Tower of Terror his hand got sweaty, but he kept asking ME if I was okay/wanted to ride.
      Tokyo Disney Sea is MUCH MUCH better - if you love rides like roller coasters. Tokyo Disney Land is more for Children, which explains why it was over run by Children in March. OTL

  2. Take me to Disney Land/Sea and show me everything please ;u;
    Also... how did you make your friend taller? (つω`)

    1. Just be in Japan the same time as I am, then it can happen.
      (;=ー=) We tore up a map and stuck it inside his shoes under his heel.